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   Chapter 177 Follow the Man in A Military Uniform into His Room

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"Well, I won't force you to do anything now. Go home first and think it over, " said Lola. She helped Janet smoothen her hair and looked at Janet, whose eyes got red, with concern.

She hoped that Jane would forgive Daniel this time and give him a chance.

After they bade farewell to each other, Janet drove back to the mansion.

In the afternoon, Shirley called Daniel and told him that Janet had already gone home, so she didn't have to move anymore.

After thinking about it for a while, Daniel still asked her to move out of her current apartment.

Several bodyguards stood in front of the door of an old apartment, while Ivanka stayed inside it all afternoon, thinking about how to escape.

She was on the second floor, and it was not that high, so she decided to climb down the gas pipeline.

She moved a chair under a narrow window and climbed out of it.

After she succeeded, a man covered her mouth and took her away.

In the Sapphire Hotel

Ivanka was thrown onto the bed of Room 1809. A man followed them and entered the room.

After Ivanka saw who the man was, she jumped up from the bed and said, "Poe Yi, you're so despicable! How could you take advantage of your own daughter!"

Poe smiled and asked the bodyguard to close the door. "Tell me. Did you have sex with Daniel that night?" he asked.

He had asked a bodyguard to enter the room and check on Daniel and Ivanka that night, but since both of them were already asleep, the bodyguard couldn't figure out what they did.

Ivanka, who gritted her teeth, stared at her so-called father and asked in a firm voice, "Didn't you see the blood on the bed sheet?"

In fact, she wasn't sure whether she had sex with Daniel or not because she woke up the next morning feeling fine.

But there were many marks on her body, and it proved that something must have happened.

"I don't care whether you had sex with Daniel or not, but you have to be pregnant with his child!" Poe changed the expression on his face and looked very angry. Daniel had begun to put pressure on Poe's company in all aspects yesterday.

He even hired people to reveal Poe's affairs, starting with the fact that Poe had kept a mistress in the suburbs and that Ivanka wasn't Poe's current wife's biological daughter.

"Well, do you think it's easy being p

t. It seemed that Poe had increased the dosage.

With a solemn face, Brian walked over and opened the room's door. There was a man in his early twenties standing outside the room.

When the man saw Brian who wore the military uniform, his eyes widened with fear. But he plucked up the courage to shout at Brian, "Give me that woman!"

Brian stretched out his hands and pulled the man into the room. He did it in a swift but aggressive manner, so the man almost fell down.

After closing the door, Brian effortlessly locked the man in his arms. "Please let go of me. I won't..." said the man.

Brian beat the man up until he begged for mercy and then let him go. The man, who was beaten black and blue, immediately ran away from the room.

Ivanka felt uncomfortable and rubbed against the floor. She finally took off her coat.

Brian looked away from her. Since he often carried out all kinds of tasks, he was experienced in many situations. He had an idea about what was happening to the woman on the ground.

After he hesitated for a little while, he held the woman in his arms and placed her on the bed.

He entered the bathroom and filled the tub with water.

But before he filled the bathtub up, Ivanka climbed out of the bed and put her arms around his waist from behind.

Without hesitation, Brian drew her hands away, turned around, and was about to rebuke her, but she was naked, without any clothes.

It was the first time that Brian had seen such a scene, so he almost choked on his saliva, pulling a long face.

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