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   Chapter 176 True Love

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Lola Li laughed coldly. She didn't trust Ivanka Yi at all, "Did you graduate from a university? Why are you trying to seduce my son?" she asked.

This woman had hurt Janet Shao deeply.

"I don't care whether you trust me or not. It was Poe Yi who framed me. Now I might be pregnant!"

The door opened again.

Janet heard Ivanka's words as she opened the door. This made her feel weak, almost collapsing to the floor.

She immediately held onto the door to support herself.

Daniel saw Janet and rushed to her. He held Janet who looked pale.

"Jane." Janet's appearance surprised Lola. She put her bag aside and walked to Janet.

However, Janet didn't talk to the both of them. She glared at Ivanka.

After taking a deep breath, she calmed down. She pushed Daniel away and directly marched toward Ivanka.

Ivanka looked younger. Although there was a red slap print on her lovely face, she still looked beautiful.

She wore light make-up, which highlighted her full, pink lips.

Ivanka wore a beige coat and an overskirt, which matched her trendy white flats.

No wonder Daniel slept with her, she looked pretty.

Sabina Fan, Kate Song, Ivanka, and all those young models were beautiful. Daniel had good taste in women.

'All those women are more gentle and elegant than I can ever be.' Janet knew the reason why she had lost.

Janet kept quiet for a long time, which worried Daniel a lot. He came closer to Janet and tried to hug her.

However, Janet pushed him away. She stared at Ivanka, "Did you sleep with Daniel?"

Lola told Janet that sometimes what you see was not the truth, so Janet asked Ivanka directly. Even though Janet heard what Ivanka had said, she was in denial. She hoped that Ivanka would say otherwise, so she still had a chance to be with D


In a flash, two men came into his office and took Ivanka away.

It was quiet again. Daniel sat on the chair, closed his eyes, and lowered his head on the desk, with his hands supporting his head. 'Jane, you belong to me.'

Many of Daniel's staff saw Lola ran out after Janet. What happened? Why did the elegant wife of their president run after Janet?

"Jane, " Lola held Janet's hand.

Janet stopped and looked at Lola helplessly, "Mother*."

Lola wiped Janet's tears. She hugged Janet, patted her back, and said, "My dear Jane, don't cry."

Janet kept sobbing because her heart ached.

"Don't think about it too much. That woman might not be pregnant." Nothing was certain at the moment.

Janet stopped crying. She looked at Lola and understood her words. Indeed, Ivanka might not be pregnant.

After a while, Janet shook her head and said, "Even if Ivanka is not pregnant, Daniel did sleep with her... and I can't accept that fact."

He cheated on her even though they weren't married yet. Would it still happen after marriage? Daniel was a highly sought-after gentleman. There would be many women around him. Who could guarantee that this would not happen again?

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