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   Chapter 175 Not Just Give Up My Love That Easily

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"She is doing fine. I brought her breakfast and some soy milk when I left the apartment, " Shirley hid her disappointment and answered honestly.

"Em... Thank you. I have... I have asked Spark to find another apartment for you. If it is ready, you can move in today, " He wanted to tell her about the apartment downtown. He had changed his mind since it was a high-class one, and

Shirley couldn't possibly afford it. If she did move in there, it would arouse Janet's suspicion.

"Move? Is it really necessary to move, Mr. Si?" Shirley hesitated.

Daniel sat back on the chair and lit a cigarette, "You don't need to worry about it. I will cover the rent. The apartment would be big enough for the both of you. It will be more comfortable."

The place Shirley rented was good for one, but it was fairly small for two people.

Shirley nodded eventually and said, "Thank you, Mr. Si."

Shirley realized that Daniel had already taken Janet under his own wing. He was thanking her for taking care of Janet.

"Here is 500 grand. If it's not enough, you can call Spark anytime you want, " Daniel picked up the check he prepared and placed it on the edge of the desk.

Shirley did not reach for the check and said, "Oh no. Thank you, Mr. Si, but I have savings. It is enough for Janet and I."

Daniel was so kind to Janet. Shirley was envious.

"Take it, please. Janet doesn't have any idea what things are worth. Just buy anything she asks for, and call Spark if it's not enough, " Daniel knew Janet very well. Janet had no concept of money. Shirley actually spent more when they stayed together.

"I will make sure that all of the money will be spent for Janet. Is there anything else, Mr. Si?" Shirley eventually picked up the check.

Daniel took a drag on his cigarette, expelled the smoke slowly, and said, "Call me after she falls asleep tonight."


Shirley was on the verge of tears. Why couldn't she get someone like Daniel?

"Yes, I will."

"Umm... you can get back to work now." Daniel flicked the ash from his cigarette and started making phone calls.

Since Spark acted quickly, he got the perfect apartment for them before noon. He told Shirley r

looking for Mr. Si.

On the 88th floor

All the secretaries immediately stood up when they saw Mrs. Si. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Si." they all greeted.

"Where is Daniel?" Lola was impatient. She walked toward the CEO's office and opened the door herself as she asked them the question.

When she walked into the office, Lola saw Daniel with a woman.

The woman wrapped her arms around Daniel and put her hands on his shoulder.

Before Daniel could react to the hug, the door opened.

Taken aback, Ivanka let go of Daniel at once and stepped aside.

"Mom, " Daniel said coldly without any expression on his face.

Lola suppressed her anger, walked in front of Ivanka, and judged her from head to toe.

Seeing Lola made Ivanka very nervous. "Good afternoon, Mrs. Si, " she said in a low voice.

There was a long silence in the office. Lola did not say a single word. She was so furious with Daniel that she did not know where to begin.

"Who is this woman?" Lola said coldly, looking at her son.

"Poe Yi's daughter."

Lola understood everything when she heard the name. She slapped Ivanka in the face.

Ivanka's head shook to one side, with her face donning a big, red handprint.

Daniel witnessed all this indifferently, but there was no emotion on his face.

Ivanka took a deep breath. Instead of being angry, she looked directly into Lola's eyes and said, "Mrs. Si, you must have misunderstood. I was also setup by Poe Yi."

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