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   Chapter 174 I Will Find You An Apartment Tomorrow

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Shirley seemed to see through his confusion and said, "I will share my bed with Janet. When we were in dormitory, we often slept together in one bed."

"Let her live with you temporarily. I will find you an apartment tomorrow, " Daniel took Janet in his arms and went toward the bedroom.

Shirley hurriedly opened the door of her bedroom for Daniel and watched him slowly put Janet down on the bed.

Daniel was very gentle and careful, as if he was afraid of breaking the girl. It was totally different from his usual cold manner.

Daniel took off Janet's shoes and covered her gently with a thin blanket.

"If she is still sad tomorrow, don't go to work. Keep her company, "

He hadn't turned his back on Janet. All this time he rested his eyes on the sleeping woman.

Shirley pulled on her clothes and took a deep breath, "Boss Si, I can be with her and comfort her, but it is you who hurt her. You better come see her when you are free."

Her words made sense, so without much thinking, Daniel nodded, "Okay, I will."

He kissed Janet on the forehead and then left Shirley's apartment.

Daniel got back in the car and called Samuel, "Father*, I have found Jane."

"Where is she?" Samuel, who was worrying about Janet, quickly stood up from the sofa.

Daniel glanced at the third floor where Shirley lived, "She is with her friend, Shirley. I have already come and seen her. She has just gone to the bed."

"Is Jane okay? Is she all right?"

"She... is not in a good mood, but everything is okay." He would come again tomorrow. No matter what she thought, he would still explain everything to her.

He was so stupid to fall into a trap and let such thing happen. However, he didn't mean to do that. He really hoped that she could forgive him...

"Daniel! You... Never mind! I will see her tomorrow." Samuel wanted to get angry at Daniel. But things had already happened. It was no use being angry.

It was go


"Well, good girl. I hope everything is all right with you, " Melody smiled kindly, as if she had seen the face of little playful Janet.

Janet called everyone, who had called her, including Brian.

But she didn't call Daniel back. She just ignored his call.

When Janet was making calls, Shirley gave her breakfast and went to work.

When Shirley arrived on the floor of the CEO's office, Spark told her, "Our CEO asked you to come to his office upon your arrival."

"Okay. Thank you, Spark." Shirley concealed her happiness. She put her belongings on her table and went into the CEO's office.

Inside the office, Daniel was on a call and gestured her to wait, "... You must find Ivanka. Wherever Poe hid her, you must find her for me... Check the transportation stations. Once you find any trace of her, report to me immediately!"

Daniel's voice was so cold that Shirley got intimidated.

Standing by the window, Daniel casually put one of his hands in his trouser pocket. His side profile was cold, yet handsome. Shirley couldn't keep her eyes off him.

"Well. That's all."

When he hung up, Shirley came back to her senses and immediately looked away.

"How is she doing?"

She guessed right. At this time, Daniel came to her for the most obvious reason.

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