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   Chapter 173 Don't Tell her

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"Mr. Si, I have nothing else to say. It has been said that you are a bad man. Now I know for sure that you certainly are."

"Poe Yi, I will remember what you did to me, " said Daniel in a cold tone.

Poe felt regret, but he still nerved himself up to say, "Mr. Si, I sent my daughter to your bed to please you. Allow my company to join the Shuntian Project. If our two companies cooperate, we can maximize the profit."

As Daniel kept silent, Poe continued, "My daughter Ivanka was a virgin. But Mr. Si, you don't have to worry about that. I hope you had a happy night. It's okay if you don't want to take the responsibility for sleeping with my daughter. Just allow my company to join the Shuntian Project."

A happy night? His Jane was missing. How could he be happy?

"Poe, you bastard! I will destroy you, " said Daniel with his teeth clenched. After saying this, Daniel hung up the phone.

'If I don't let Poe pay for this, I, Daniel, do not deserve to be called a man.'

Until evening, there was no news about Janet. Every available person had set out to search for Janet. If they couldn't find her, they would be forced to call the police.

At around nine o'clock, Shirley walked toward home with takeout as she rubbed her sore neck.

Just as she took the key out of her handbag, she saw a figure curled up at the head of the stairs. It startled her.


The familiar voice allowed her to feel some relief.

"Janet, what are you doing here? Come on in, " Shirley opened the door quickly and led Janet who was a mess into the living room.

"Do you know that everyone went all out to find you?" Shirley closed the door and let Janet sit on the sofa.

Janet's dazed eyes fell on Shirley. She repeated, "Shirley!"

She muttered 'Shirley' again and again and didn't say anything else.

After looking at her pale face, Shirley felt very sorry for her. Then she sat beside Janet and asked, "Janet, what happened to you?"

Daniel had been angry all day at his company. Many strangers came in and out of his office.

The public relations manager of his company was busy dea

"Where is my Jane?" he raised his voice momentarily.

Upon hearing this, Shirley's heart ached badly, but continued, "I'll tell you where she is, but don't tell her it was I who told you."


"Janet is in my house now..."

After hanging up the phone, Shirley was in a trance for a while. She opened her closet, took off her work clothes, and put on a sexy nightgown.

Then she walked toward the dressing table, untied her hair, and let her hair hang loose. Finally, she picked the perfume which was given as a gift by Janet and put some on.

The door bell rang in less than ten minutes. Shirley smiled bitterly. He came so quickly.

When the door opened, Daniel caught a glimpse of Shirley, but he didn't care. He simply asked, "Where is my Jane?"

Shirley's heart sank. She stepped aside and looked toward the sofa.

Daniel stepped into the living room and squatted by the edge of the sofa, looking at the girl who was sleeping soundly.

He carried Janet and just as he was about to go out, Shirley stood in his way and said, "Mr. Si, Janet is still feeling terrible."

Pain was reflected in his eyes. He said with melancholy, "I know."

"She doesn't want to see you now. You see, she is safe in my house. You might as well let her stay here."

Shirley's words made him think. 'Shirley is right.'

He turned to look around the room and found there was only one bedroom.

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