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   Chapter 172 I Must Make You and Poe Yi Pay for What You Have Done to Me

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The reporters were all scared and dared not to go on asking any more questions. But they didn't leave, and they just kept taking photos of them.

"Didn't you all hear what I just said? Anyone who dares to expose what happened today will forever be my enemy!" warned Daniel furiously.

The reporters exchanged glances with each other; they didn't know what they should do next.

Right at that moment, Daniel noticed a figure at the door. Though she had already turned her body around, Daniel could still recognize who she was. Instantly, Daniel panicked.

"All of you guys get out! Now!" shouted Daniel. The reporters were frightened by Daniel's erupting shout, so they all ran out of the hotel's bedroom right away.

The bedroom turned quiet. While the woman beside him was still sleeping, Daniel quickly put on his clothes.

He then gripped Ivanka's wrist and pulled her out of the bed.

But Daniel saw marks on her body and a red stain on the bed sheet. He was totally dumbfounded!

He knew what the red stain meant, as he still kept the bed sheet with Janet's stain on it in his mansion.

When Ivanka saw the man in front of her, she screamed and hurriedly covered herself with the quilt. She asked, "Who are you?"

Daniel's eyes were burning with rage, which made her step back in fear.

He kicked her away. As she rolled on the ground, Ivanka was extremely hurt by his kick that she couldn't even utter a single word.

"You bitch! I must make you and Poe Yi pay for what you have done to me!" yelled Daniel furiously.

"I have nothing to do with this... I am the victim..." Ivanka managed to squeeze out these words, but Daniel had already left the room.

Daniel's car was parked outside the hotel, and when he went out of the hotel, the reporters, who hadn't left yet, surrounded him.

Daniel scanned around, but he couldn't see Janet anywhere. He then randomly dragged over a reporter and demanded, "Give me your phone!"

The reporter was so frightened that he hastily took out his phone and handed it to Daniel. He dialed a number, but nobody answered the call.

After his fourth try, Daniel called up Spark and asked him to go to the Waterside Apartment.

He gave the phone back to the reporter, looking at all of them there with his sharp, piercing eyes, and warned again, "Listen, I repeat. Anyone who dares expose and report what had happened today is declaring a war against me!"

Then, he fou

eabouts, please do tell me!" said Daniel. He then left the mansion.

Samuel made a call to Jerry and sent for more bodyguards to search for his daughter. What's more, he also contacted Brian.

When Brian heard that Janet had gone missing, without a second thought, he immediately took several soldiers with him to look for Janet.

When Daniel went back to his company, he saw that there was already a new phone on his desk. He then dialed Jane's number again, but the call could still not be connected.

He then called in Shirley and inquired, "Miss Shirley, have you been in touch with Janet today?"

Shirley was puzzled and answered, "No, I just arrived at the company and started to work. Where is up?"

Daniel lit a cigarette and said, "Okay, nothing then. If she contacts you, please do tell me first!"

Shirley nodded her head and went out of the CEO's office.

On that morning, the photos of Daniel and Ivanka Yi in the hotel were still exposed and posted by the media.

Daniel went berserk in his office and ordered the PR department to handle this matter at once.

Soon enough, a lot of people had known about the news that Daniel had slept with the Yi family's daughter in a hotel.

Then, Poe made a call to Spark. Daniel answered the phone, as he tried hard to control his anger.

"Mr. Si, I have given my dear daughter to you. Now, don't tell me that you won't take responsibility!" said Poe on the phone.

Hearing his shameless and vicious words, Daniel said in a scornful voice, "What if I don't take any responsibility? I'm Daniel Si! It's my free will to play with any woman I want!"

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