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   Chapter 171 Where Jane Always Nibbled on

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The more he said, the less sense he was making!

Daniel ignored Poe and walked to the door.

Daniel suddenly stopped and shook his buzzed head. He drank a lot tonight.

He opened the door and walked out.

Poe dialed a number and said, "Stop him!"

A woman came out of the private room next to his when Daniel was walking out. Daniel seemed not to notice Kate and went straight to the elevator.

In order to coordinate with some banks, Kate was having dinner with bank presidents.

She didn't expect to see Daniel here, so she walked toward him quickly.

Suddenly, two men in black suits appeared and said, "Boss Si."

Daniel stood still, holding his dizzy head with one hand, trying to clear his mind.

The two men took Daniel to the elevator. He had no strength to push them away.

He realized something strange was happening.

Kate followed them to the presidential suite on the 18th floor.

Daniel failed to struggle out of their grips and was dragged into a room.

Kate walked toward them, pretending to pass by accidentally. She glanced at the room and saw a woman on a bed.

Shocked, she covered her mouth. She had planned to call people save him.

But something occured to her and she didn't do it. Instead, she smiled with an evil intention.

Inside the room

After bringing Daniel in, the two men locked the door and went away.

Daniel's phone dropped because of his struggle. Seeing someone calling Daniel, they turned it off quickly.

Daniel sat at the foot of the bed weakly. There was a woman sleeping behind him.

Her beautiful face and pink pajamas reminded him of Jane.

"Jane..." He came closer to woman subconsciously, with strange feelings overwhelming him.

'She is no

don't trust me, then why not go and see for yourself? Don't forget! Room 1806! There will be no one there if you are late!"

Kate hung up.

'Room 1806...' Janet dressed up and washed her face to calm down.

Then, she drove to Sapphire Hotel.

There weren't a lot of cars on the road. Janet continued to speed up and soon arrived at the Sapphire Hotel.

Many cars were parked, and a lot of journalists crowded into the hotel.

Janet was nervous and unsettled.

She followed in with the journalists.

Two of the elevators were already on the 18th floor. Janet was getting anxious as the elevator she was on went up.

All the journalists went into Room 1806.

Janet's face was pale, as she stared at Daniel who seemed to have just woken up. Daniel covered himself when he saw the journalists.

He realized there was a woman beside him, so he covered her too.

"Boss Si, it has been reported that you raped the daughter of Poe, is that true?" said one of the journalists.

"Considering your status, you don't need to force her!"

"Or you're just a rich, playboy who didn't care."


"Get out. Now!" Daniel was infuriated.

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