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   Chapter 170 Get Married at a Registry on My Birthday

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What was going on? "I already ate, Mr. Si."

"Go out and ask who hasn't had breakfast yet." Daniel's order was clear, and Spark, though confused, did as he said.

Twenty minutes later, Janet showed up at the door of the office with a lunch box. Spark, then, realized what was going on.

Secretary Liu had eaten the breakfast just now. Looking at Janet, Shirley was a little surprised.

"Hello, Spark." Janet also waved to Shirley. Shirley responded with a forced smile.

Spark pointed to the closed door and said, "Mr. Si said you could go straight in when you are here."

"All right." Janet opened the door of the office and went in.

As soon as the door of the CEO's office closed behind Janet, the secretaries began to gossip, "The relationship between Janet and Mr. Si is getting better and better recently."

"Well, did you see Janet's diamond ring on her finger?"

"No. But they say on the Internet that when Miss Nicole got married yesterday, some reporters saw Janet wearing a diamond ring at the party."

"So did Mr. Si give it to her?"

"Of course! There's no one else! Shirley, you have a good relationship with Janet. Has she told you anything about it yet?"

Shirley was lost in thought when secretary Qin suddenly touched her. Shirley shook her head, "I've been busy lately. I haven't spoken to Janet yet."

'Janet got the ring from Daniel?'

Thinking of this, Shirley's heart hurt so much.

In the CEO's office

Janet opened the lunch box for Daniel and two nice fried eggs came into sight. "My mom is such a good cook!" she said, "Would you like to have one?" Daniel cuddled her and smelled her, while she sat on his lap.

They were only apart for one night, and yet he missed her so much.

"No, I have already had it, " Janet handed him the chopsticks and the spoon.

But Daniel refused to take them, "Feed me."

Janet glared at him, but she still grabbed the spoon and gave him some soy milk.

Daniel ate all the food she fed him with, like a child.

Janet wiped his mouth and cl

ve something to talk with you about."

When the others saw this, they left the room to give them space.

Daniel put on his suit jacket and fixed his tie, "Mr. Yi, what is it?"

Poe is an old fox in the business. Even though he hadn't talked about anything tonight, Daniel knew that he had something in mind.

But what he said had nothing to do with the project, "Mr. Si, do you know that I have a young daughter who has just turned 18 this year?"

Daniel frowned, but responded, "Hasn't she been abroad?"

Poe Yi's young daughter was well protected. She had always been abroad, and only a few people had ever seen her.

"Yes, my little girl came back yesterday, " Poe took the phone out of his pocket, and showed a photo for Daniel to see.

Daniel glanced at the picture of Poe's little girl. She was pretty and innocent, but he wasn't interested in her at all. He became impatient and asked, "Mr. Yi, do you only want to talk with me about your daughter?"

"Mr. Si, Ivanka is my most precious daughter, and I want to send her to you!"

"Mr. Yi!" Daniel said coldly. He had never thought that Poe would sell his daughter for a project.

Poe saw his expression, but he didn't worry about it. He knew Daniel wouldn't say yes that easily.

He kept on saying, "If you think my little girl is right for you, please just let her be with you!"

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