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   Chapter 169 Your and Daniel’s Wedding Ceremony

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"Daniel Si, how could you eavesdrop on our conversation? It's a girls-only talk." Before Daniel could speak, Janet Shao stopped him by complaining.

Daniel entered the room and teased, "We were not eavesdropping. We just heard you guys talking."

'The door was open. It's not fair to be accused eavesdropping.' He thought to himself.

He took Janet in his arms tightly and didn't let go when she tried to free herself.

"Let go of me. Everyone's looking, " she whispered.

"Ignore them, " Daniel comforted Janet. 'What's wrong with hugging my girl in public?'

"Ouch, my tooth aches, " Sally Si suddenly yelled. Hearing these words, Jerry Shao looked at his wife with concern and asked, "What's the matter? Open your mouth and I will check your teeth."

Sally loosened her grip on Jerry's hand. With a serious face, she complained, "They're so sweet with each other. I just can't stand it."

Jerry stood silently.

Janet blushed with embarrassment. She pulled herself free from Daniel and unhappily said, "Sally, I hate you."

The onlookers all burst into laughter. The atmosphere in the bridal lounge was light and easy.

After a few minutes, Jerry pulled Sally outside to the corridor and trapped her with his arms against the wall. Sally, whose heart beat faster, asked in perplexity, "What are you doing?"

"The bride is beautiful, isn't she?" Confused about the question, Sally nodded without hesitation.

Jerry kissed her on the lips and asked, "Do you want to be a beautiful bride?"

Sally was stunned, but she hid her true feelings and replied indifferently, "It's up to you! I don't mind."

Jerry lowered his head and thought, 'She never shows weakness, just like my stubborn sister.'

"Okay, Sally, I surrender. We will take wedding photos after Jane's birthday."

'Never mind. Since I am a man, I should take the initiative.'

Looking at Jerry with a joyful twinkle in her eyes, Sally asked, "Why?"

His face fell because he knew she asked intentionally. 'You are as cunning as my sister. It's hard to win your heart. How could Daniel bear Janet? I am really ea

y attention to her health. She gets tired easily."

Sven replied with affirmation and added, "Looking forward to your and Daniel's wedding ceremony!"

Looking at these words, Janet smiled and answered, "You just wait. It will happen soon." After breakfast, she was about to go to the store, When Ella stopped her and said, "Come here, Jane."

"What's wrong, Mommy?"

Ella handed over a lunch box to her and said, "Here, bring Daniel some breakfast."

"Huh?" Janet was confused.

"What 'huh'? You don't know how to cook. You are too inconsiderate if you don't send him some breakfast." Ella stuffed the lunch box into her hands.

"Okay. Okay. I'll go!"

After leaving home, Janet called Daniel. He answered, "Jane."

"Are you up yet?" Janet asked. Last night Daniel had a lot of work to do and slept in the office, but they chatted on WeChat.

Daniel wiped his face and asked, "Yes, I'm up. What's the matter?"

"My mother… She made breakfast and asked me to send it to you. Would you like to eat?" She stared at the lunch box and thought about taking cooking lessons from a chef.

Daniel replied with a big smile, "Yes."

After hanging up the phone, Daniel called Spark. But Spark had already arrived at the office, so he knocked on the door instead of answering the phone, "Boss Si."

Daniel ordered, pointing at the breakfast Spark was holding, "You, finish the breakfast."

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