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   Chapter 168 You Are Always the Most Attractive and Elegant Woman in C Country

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"Is there anything on my face?" She asked and touched her face.

The man let go of her but said nothing.

At the Waterside Complex

Janet closed the door and changed into her slippers. When she reached out to switch the light on, Daniel suddenly pounced on her and pushed her against the door.


"Sorry, but I can't wait anymore, " Daniel kissed her so hard, without giving her a chance to finish her sentence.

Janet was totally overwhelmed by his passion. She had no choice but to circle her arms around his neck and kiss him back.

Their clothes were stripped away one at a time, slowly being scattered all the way to the bedroom, filling the room with distinct passion.

"Jane, I love you."

Even though one shouldn't trust what a man says during sex, she was tempted to reply, "I... love you, too..."

He hadn't had sex with Jane for a long time after having been away on a business trip in America. Moreover, Jane had been angry with him. That night he finally had an opportunity that was too good to miss, so both of them tirelessly made love to each other.

In the morning after, the man carried his sleeping lover into his arms and walked into the bathroom.

The wedding of Sven and Nicole had finally arrived. The Si family first allied with the Shao family through marriage. Then, their daughter married into a family of doctors. Undoubtedly, the Si family secured a stable economic and social position in C Country.

The two families were both old and well-known clans, whose fame rose as each generation passed. A large number of guests were invited to the wedding ceremony held in a hotel garden.

When Daniel arrived the hotel together with Janet, all eyes were on them.

The huge, pink diamond ring on Janet's hand grabbed all the attention.

When one of the reporters asked her whether the ring was presented by Daniel, Janet flashed a mysterious smile and said nothing.

Today was Nicole's wedding day. She should not steal the spotlight, so she tried to keep a low profile.

It had already sparked a lot of s

s will be the most attractive and elegant woman in the C Country. And I, a random girl." Janet was telling the truth. She could never have the same grace and manner as Nicole, who perfectly matched her reputation as the top celebrity in the whole of C Country.

Nicole touched her hair and said, "My reputation is nothing but flattery. You are not a random girl. You are someone who carries herself well. You are just as good as anyone else who can act like a fair lady."

They had a comfortable and honest talk, and they both enjoyed it a lot.

"Sister, you better stop praising her. Otherwise, she will get cocky, " Sally waved her hands, pretending to be serious.

Janet pinched Sally and said, "You are just as annoying as your elder brother. We are no longer friends!"

"Haha. Well, you better be careful. My brother would punish you then, " Sally talked with tongue-in-cheek.

Janet blushed at once, "Let him try! I think your brother is afraid of me!" Hearing her bold words, the men outside the room couldn't help laughing.

"Well, how could you talk about me behind my back in less than three minutes!" An indifferent voice was heard from the outside.

"Oh no, " Janet murmured and looked toward the doorway. There were Daniel and Jerry! The two men, wearing black and white suits respectively, were leaning casually against the door and watching them.

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