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   Chapter 166 I Miss You too

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"It's nothing, mom, don't worry too much about it. We're good now. Just go and hold your husband in bed, and have nice dreams." Janet Shao gave her a definite answer to stop her from further questioning.

But Ella Bo opened her mouth again, and said, "Tell me the truth."

Janet had no choice but to take out her phone and show her call record with Daniel. "See? It's an hour and thirty-six seconds. How could a fight last that long?"

Ella rejoiced for a moment, but then curled her lips, and said, "It may be impossible for all the others, but for a capricious girl like you, it's fully possible."

What a speechless situation! Jumping up from her bed, Janet pushed her out of her room, and said, "Mom, go get your beauty sleep, or else Samuel will abandon you!"

"He wouldn't dare!" She was forced to enter her own room by her own daughter.

Janet said hello to Samuel, who was lying on the bed. "Come on dad, " she said, "Coax your wife to go to sleep."

"Okay." Samuel, waving his hands at his wife, uncovered his quilt, and said, "Come on, sweetheart."

Ella stared at him, and said, "Be serious, Janet is here."

Janet laughed, and then closed the door.

After returning to her room, Janet thought of the love between her parents. She hoped that in the future she would get along with Daniel just like they did with each other.

The following day, Janet begged Ella to cook soup, and then took it to the hospital for Shirley.

Janet didn't go to the shop until she saw Shirley drink all of it.

With her smile fading away, Shirley looked at Janet's back, and she wished that Janet and Daniel weren't in love.

Daniel had already returned downtown before Sven's wedding ceremony.

Knowing that Daniel would go back to the company tomorrow, Shirley determined to leave the hospital in advance, and begin her work on the next day.

After seven o'clock in the evening

Janet changed her clothes, and left the shop, and she remembered that her grandma had asked her to drop by if she got off work early today.

She thought that she had no appointments for tonight, and decided to go to the old house.

After opening the car's door, she heard her phone's ringtone.

When she saw who was calling, the women cheerfully squinted her eyes, and said, "Mr. Si, aren't you working?"

"Turn around."

'Ah?' Janet looked back along the road and saw a Maybach.

The door of the Maybach was then opened, and a tall man got out of the car.

He looked at her affectionately and gave her a smile.

Janet took a deep breath, hung up the phone, closed the door, and strode towards him.

Within just a few meters left, Janet ran to him, and the man stretched out his arms to catch in them the woman running to him.

A brief separation makes a couple fall even more in love. At this moment, Janet fully apprehended what it really meant.

Holding him tightly, Janet felt the man's familiar scent, which overwhelmed her for quite a while.

Ignoring all the other people, Daniel lowered his head and kissed the woman in his arms on her red lips.

It was already dark, and the faces of the two hugging were barely visible. However, the love atmosphere that they emanated around them could be easily observed.

Their kiss was not overbearing, but affectionate and fast.

The man stopped kissing, and in a low voice, said, "Did you miss me?"

Totally immersed in his scent, the woman said with a slight breath, "You tell me first."

The man suddenly became silent, and without smiling, getting closer to her ear, said, "Jane, I've missed you very, very much."

Janet flushed, and lowering her head, she whispered, "I've missed you too."

Daniel lifted the woman to his chest and then, with a smile, placed her on the front passenger's seat and tightened her safety belt


They drove to the western part of the city, and eventually stopped in front of a restaurant.

Entering the lift, they pressed the top storey button, arriving at the 66th floor.

The lights were dim and music sounded in the restaurant. When they arrived, some ushering beauties greeted them at the entrance, "Good evening, Mr. Si. Welcome to our restaurant."

Daniel nodded gently and entered the restaurant holding Janet's hand.

'What's going on? It's dinner time, but how could it possible that no one is in here already?' pondered Jane.

Guided by the restaurant manager, they walked towards the central table of the restaurant. There was a white cloth on the table with fresh pink roses put in the middle, and with also two European candlesticks and a bottle of good red wine.

'Daniel took me here to have a candlelight dinner?' she wondered. Her favorite pink roses were there, on the table.

Overjoyed and in a good mood, Janet merrily smelt the sweet fragrance of the pretty roses.

Daniel drew back the chair for her, and didn't sit until she did.

Two gilded menus were then placed in front of them. The manager stood next to the table, waiting for their order, while the waiter beside him meticulously poured wine in their glasses.

"Hello, Mr. Si. Here is the menu, please have a look."

It seemed that this was the first time that Daniel had officially treated her with a meal; therefore, Janet opened the menu and read it carefully.

"What should we order, traditional food or western cuisine?" she asked. There were chefs skilled in both traditional foods and western cuisine in the restaurant.

"Order whatever you like. You can even order both if you want." Daniel put the menu aside and asked her to order first.

Janet nodded, and said, "I'll have the salmon and vegetable soup, paella, shrimp with egg yolk and cheese, baked beef ribs with black pepper and a chocolate ice-cream sundae." She closed the menu, and then gave it back to the manager.

"Is that all?" Daniel put the glass of wine on the table, without taking his eyes off her smiling and bright face not even for a second.

"Have a look at it. What do you want to eat?" Janet opened his menu for him.

Daniel took a quick look at the menu, and then ordered, "Foie Gras Saute, fried egg with caviar and avocado, chocolate truffle, seafood pizza, vegetable salad cup, and a French broccoli soup... That's all."

They had ordered this many dishes because the amount of each dish was small.

The waitress and the manager then withdrew, and then a stunning lady dressed in a white evening dress appeared and took a seat at the white piano.

Melodious, soothing music then flooded their ears.

Janet took a sip of wine out of her glass, touching a pink rose. Suddenly, she thought of Bill, and said, "Daniel, could you bring back Bill from Africa?"

Daniel stopped for a moment, and said, "But Bill is unwilling to come back."

"How do you know?"

'Although Bill had told me of his refusal to come back, I still don't want to see him live alone in some distant place, ' thought Janet.

The man plainly replied, "Brian has already talked with me on this matter."

'What? Brian already talked with Daniel? Why was I so ignorant of this? Do they still contact each other in private?' wondered Janet.

"Alright, Bill is a poor guy. I will pay him a visit later, " said Janet. With her chin in her hands, she gave off a gloomy sigh.

Daniel cast a sideways glance at her, and said, "You think that Bill is a poor guy. Won't you take some pity on me as well?"

"Are you kidding me? Why do you even say that?"

'Daniel leads a well-off life, and all the people around him want to please him. There wouldn't be a poor guy left in the world if he were to be pitied, ' thought Janet.

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