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   Chapter 167 Something is Missing on Your Finger

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"No one is more pitiful than I am! Whenever I'm dating my girlfriend, she's thinking of another guy." Daniel said this in a gentle, but completely complaining tone.

'It certainly isn't appropriate to mention of another guy in front of Daniel, ' thought Janet. She felt a little awkward, but then she held Daniel's hand on the table, and giggled, "Forget about him! Let's have our dinner."

He took his hand out of hers and then held it. Thoughtfully, he opened his mouth, and said, "Jane, something is missing on your finger."

She was confused and looked at her hand. 'Is he referring to my manicure?'

"I removed my nail polish a few days ago, but I plan to..."

Janet then suddenly stopped speaking. She was too stunned to say another word more when she saw Daniel taking out of his pocket a small black suede box, and from it a ring with a pink rose stone in it.


Daniel placed the ring on her finger, and just like that, a pink rose diamond, Janet's favorite color, appeared on her hand.

"You... I... You... It's..." Janet looked at the ring and was trying to speak out some words but she couldn't utter a whole sentence.

'Is Daniel proposing to me? For the second time?'

"Janet, from now on you are mine." Daniel didn't let go of her hand, and his eyes suddenly turned red when he looked at her.

He lifted her hand and kissed it, and said, "Don't turn me down again."

It was his mistake that the first marriage proposal had failed. It was not romantic and formal enough.

He hadn't prepared in advance for this proposal either. He initially had wanted to propose to her on her birthday. But he lacked the patience to wait any longer, because the feelings between them had ripened deeper and deeper over the course of the last few days.

Daniel, who had been always calm and patient, was now eager and restless, and couldn't wait any longer to have her.

Janet took a deep breath. She stopped looking at the ring, and instead looked at the man sitting opposite to her. He was serious, handsome, and she soon became totally lost, immersed completely in his charm.

She lowered her voice, and deliberately complained to him, "I thought that we've agreed to give me three months to consider the whole thing. Have you forgotten already?"

His big hand held her small one. He said, "Jane, I can only agree that we have our wedding three months from now. This is my final concession on the matter."

Janet was surprised and happy at his childish eagerness. She raised his hand and kissed it to show her feelings.

Daniel smiled, and asked, "Jane, please tell me."

"What should I tell you?" She was so nervous that she withdrew her hand and, in an attempt to reduce the overwhelming stress that fell upon her, took a swig of red wine out of the glass.

"Dear, please tell me if it's a yes or no." He held her hand to stop her from chugging the whole glass.

The sudden surprise left Janet dazed and confused. She lowered her head slightly to the side to hide her red face. She fondled the diamond ring on her finger, and said in a low voice, "I've already kissed you."

The kiss had shown that she had agreed to marry him, but he still insisted that she say yes. What a rascal!

The waiter began serving their food, and Daniel decided to slow down for the time being. It didn't matter that much saying yes right now, and he thought that he would hear her say it later in the night anyway.

Daniel put the fried egg with caviar and avocado on Janet's dish along with some sliced foie gras and all the truffles.

"What about you? What will you have?" She looked curiously at the dishes he put in front of her.

"Eat first, until you're full."


Was Daniel going to go bankrupt? He had nothing for himself.

"You should eat, too. I'll pay for the bill." Janet then put some food on his dish.

Daniel was confused, "Why do you want to pay the bill?"

"Uh, because your company is not doing too well lately?" Janet had asked cautiously. After all, he had to pay several millions to compensate for the family of the dead just a few da

ys ago.

Daniel fixed his eyes on her face and pondered her words; he had a general idea of what she was thinking about.

He was a little frustrated at her thought, and asked, "What's on your mind? Take your time and eat as much as you want. I can afford eating here every day, if you want."


Janet was stunned. Didn't he go bankrupt?

"So why are you too mean to eat something yourself?"

... 'Too mean to eat? Jane's thoughts are quite different from the others, ' he thought.

"Can you finish all of the dishes?" He replied to her with another question.

Janet looked at the dishes on the table and shook her head.

"That's right, and I don't have the habit of wasting." He could eat after she did.

Janet didn't know what to say. This meant that she could choose any dishes that she liked to eat and he would finish eating all of the dishes that she didn't like.

Janet felt warm in her heart, and Daniel looked cool and indifferent, but was actually kind, and warm-hearted. How sweet he was!

Daniel was cutting the beef ribs for her. "What are you still thinking about? Time to eat, " he said.



"Yes! I will marry you!" She happily stretched out her hand and showed the pink diamond ring shining in the light to him.

Daniel knew what she meant, and he began to smile from the bottom of his heart.

"Yes, dear, now let's eat!" He put the sliced beef ribs on her dish and began to eat the foie gras that she gave him.

Daniel couldn't drive anymore because he had drunk too much red wine. He asked one of his guards to drive them to the Waterside Complex.

Inside the car, Janet called her grandma and mother to tell them that she wouldn't be coming home tonight.

The moment Ella heard Jane's words, she understood Jane's plans. She intended to stay with Daniel tonight, and because Nicole's wedding was on it's way, it was no wonder that her brother, Daniel, had returned from business trips.

"Well, Jane, are you planning on having babies now?" Ella suddenly uttered this bewildering quesion.

Janet glanced at the man besides nervously, her face instantly flushing red. However, Daniel's raised eyebrow showed that he had somehow overheard their conversation over the telephone.

Janet quickly put the telephone on her right ear, and while lowering her voice, said, "Mom, what are you saying?"

"You're often with Daniel. Am I wrong to ask a question like this? You girls should know the importance of protecting yourselves."

'Although Jane is 23 years old now, she's not old enough to be a mother yet. If she becomes pregnant and she decides that she doesn't want the baby, the consequence would be unimaginable. Jane should know the importance of protecting herself before some terrible thing happens, ' thought Ella.

"Mom, I know..." She spoke in a low voice. 'Every time we have sex, Daniel is the one reluctant to wear condoms. Daniel must want to have a baby. And since he wants to have a baby, I want one too. If someday I become pregnant, I will definitely give birth to that baby.'

"Well, it's good that you know the importance of it. When Nicole's wedding is over, remember to ask Daniel to decide a date for your wedding." Jane was too young to know about many important things in life, one of which was that marriage was the best protection for a relationship.

Janet glanced at the diamond ring on her hand, and with a red face, said, "Mom, you don't have to worry, he... he's already proposed to marry me, and I... said yes."

Daniel looked at Jane with eyes sparkling with love.

Ella seemed to be very happy when she heard the news from her daughter, and briskly said, "Well, well, that's good! Now I can relax from the stress of urging you to get married. I know that Daniel is a man you can rely on. Both of you enjoy your time together!"

She then hung up the phone, and Janet looked at it and didn't know what to do next. It was strange to see that her mother's attitude had changed so fast!

Daniel lifted Jane's chin; her face was still red.

This little girl got shy so easily!

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