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   Chapter 165 Daniel and Janet Made Up

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"Take good care of yourself, and don't hurry to come back to work. You can ask Spark for help whenever you need something." said Daniel coldly.

Then he looked at his watch, and said to Janet, "Jane, we should go now. I have something else to do."

Janet bade farewell to Shirley, and said, "Shirley, take good care of yourself. See you tomorrow!"

"Okay, take care, Janet, " said Shirley. She waved her hand at them.

Janet still felt worried about her, and spoke to Spark. "Spark, please take good care of Shirley."

Spark promised her, "Miss Shao, please trust me that I will satisfy every need secretary Zheng has."

"Thank you."

Janet was still standing at the door, unwilling to leave. But Daniel grabbed her into his arms and took her out of the ward.

"Bye-bye Shirley!"

Janet pulled at Daniel's clothes, trying to stop him. "Why are you in such a hurry to leave? I haven't even said my goodbyes to Shirley!"

Daniel replied, "I asked you to say goodbye thirty minutes ago. Why did your goodbyes take you so long?" Janet cared much about Shirley.

"Humph! You're so hard-hearted!" She then pushed him away because people were watching them.

Daniel clasped her into his arms again, and teased her by saying, "Do you want me to show my courtesy to other girls?"

... When she heard that, out of anger, Janet walked away from him immediately.

Daniel of course knew what had happened. He chuckled and pulled her back, and then he whispered into her ear, "You know how much I love you. How can I ever give a second glance to other girls?"

The sweet talk made her blush, and embarrassed, she rushed into the elevator to avoid him. "Oh, stop it!" she said.

The young nurse in the elevator couldn't move her eyes away from Daniel when he entered it.

Janet also stared at the man, who invited love so easily. Daniel then turned his back on the young nurse and totally ignored her, and confined Janet to a corner in the elevator.

"I hav

u to hang up the phone."

Ella knocked the door again, and behind it, said, "Janet, I know you are awake. What are you doing! Open the door!"

"Fine, fine, fine!" Janet then buried herself under the covers, and called him shyly, "Dear husband."

They weren't even married yet! Why did he always have to force her to call him like that!

"Well, my good girl, good night!" Daniel was happy and satisfied now.

Janet quickly hung up the phone and then opened the door for Ella.

"Mother, what are you doing? It's late!" said Janet.

Ella leaned forward inside, as if she were expecting to find something inside Janet's bedroom. "Why didn't you open the door? What are you hiding?"

She honestly replied, "I was chatting over the phone."

"With whom?" Ella gazed at her daughter seriously, expecting her to say something.

"With Daniel!" finally said Janet.

Ella was ecstatic about her answer, and she had intended to ask about it. "Have the two of you made up?"

She had heard that they had been having quarrels for some time, and now having the opportunity, she hastened to ask her about their relation.

Janet threw herself to bed, and proudly said, "Kind of!"

She then said to herself, 'But first he must behave well.'

Ella sat on the edge of the bed, and asked, "What do you mean?"

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