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   Chapter 164 Specific Uneasiness Overpowering Her

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Daniel held Jane tight to his breast.

When Cedric wanted to grab the pistol with his uninjured hand, Daniel violently stepped on his wrist with his foot, breaking it, and making Cedric screech with great pain.

After kicking the pistol away, he held his woman tight in his arms, and kicked Cedric in the stomach with full strength.

Held tight by Daniel in his arms and hearing Cedric screaming from the ground, Janet had no idea what he had done to Cedric.

The last thing that Cedric should've done was to try holding Janet hostage.

If he hadn't tried this stunt, Cedric would have gone behind bars without his arms and legs broken.

Two PR supervisors there were startled by Daniel's fury.

They even felt lucky that Daniel was usually inclined to punish people just with eyes, when he was in a bad mood.

But, judging from what had happened, they had no doubt that Daniel would have killed Cedric in a blink of an eye if homicide were legal.

Cedric was then taken away, and Daniel lifted Janet to his chest and placed her in the backseat of the car. He then took a seat beside her.

Before she could utter a single word, her lips were pressed by his.

His kiss was still arrogant and rude, and even more violent than before.

She had intended to please him, but ended up being tortured. Her tongue suffered a lot.

She grasped his wrists tight, with her fingernails sinking deep into his skin.

The woman kept leaning backward, but he kept pressing down on her.

She felt his kiss behind her ear, and said, "Well… Daniel, let me go…"

Hearing this, the man tried to kiss her again, but Janet immediately covered her mouth.

Looking each other in the eye, they could both feel each other's breath.

Fury gleamed in his eyes…

The woman then withdrew her hands, and asked irritated, "Why are you so angry?"

He gently touched her smooth cheek, and answered in a hoarse voice, "You should have filled me that you were coming here."

"You're mad just because of that?"

"Of course not, " he answered. He was still pissed at Cedric because he had dared to hold her hostage.

He was still

ley sick?

Having overcome her ill sentiments, Janet walked up to Shirley, and quietly and quickly, said, "Shirley. How are you feeling now? Why is your head wrapped in this gauze? Did you injure your head?"

Daniel had already pressed the bell near the bed, and Shirley smiled towards Janet with a pale look, and said, "Janet, don't worry about me, I'm fine."

"Where's Spark?" asked Daniel. He had told Spark to stay here to attend to Shirley's needs.

"He left to buy some food just a few minutes ago." The door then opened, and a doctor entered Shirley's ward.

"Shirley, tell the doctor if you're not feeling well." Janet tucked her inside the blanket.

Shirley shook her head, and said, "I'm fine, I just felt dizzy for a moment."

The doctor did a routine checkup on her again, and said, "The patient has suffered a slight concussion, which may cause her dizziness. But, if she rests for a couple of days, she will be fully recovered."

A slight concussion…

Janet couldn't help touching her forehead. She said, "Shirley, it must've hurt. You shouldn't have taken such a risk."

But Shirley shook her head and grabbed Janet by the hand, and said, "I'm okay, Janet, you don't need to worry about me."

She had done it for Daniel, and she didn't regret it one moment.

Janet nodded, and Spark also entered the ward with the food.

After he greeted them, Spark brought the food to Shirley.

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