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   Chapter 163 How Could It Be Daniel

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The news that Daniel had killed a pregnant woman had already gone viral on the Internet. And also, many netizens had reposted the picture of the pregnant woman, making things worse.

By the time Janet awoke, the news articles on Weibo were in a full frenzy.

She hadn't seen the news until she had overheard the customers in her shop talking about it.

She opened her Weibo and saw that "Daniel" was one of the top searched items.

She read one of the posts, and it said that Daniel had killed a pregnant woman and her baby.

'What happened? How could it be Daniel? It's impossible!'

Janet dialed Daniel's number immediately.

But there was no answer.

She dialed Spark's number. Spark was with Daniel. But there was no answer, either. And Shirley's phone was power off as well, and by this time, Janet started getting worried.

At that very moment, she saw that the official SL Group account released a press statement through their lawyer, saying that the news that Daniel had killed someone was just a rumour and that it shouldn't be taken seriously.

"If anyone continues to repost and spread any other false rumours, Daniel Si will solve the matter through legal means."

The statement made Janet feel a bit more relieved; she knew that Daniel couldn't be a murderer.

She didn't know whether she should call him again, or not; she was afraid of bothering him.

But she was in the same time really worried about him.

Finally, Janet decided to personally drive to town.

Two forensic doctors had come in town soon to examine the body of the pregnant woman.

She was found dead on the bed, and there were no signs of struggling or any kind of injuries on the surface of the skin.

She seemed to be asleep.

Several police officers were collecting footprints or fingerprints, but the murderer was so rigorous in his attack that no clue had been found.

The results of the victim's blood tests came out an ho

ers away from him, a man rushed out of the alley and stood in front of her.

Daniel then clenched his hands into fists.

People all around them were all scared, and were shouting. "Weapons! He has weapons!"

"Ooh! Run! Everybody run!" The crowd broke up in a hubbub, fearing that they would be hurt by his weapons.

Janet felt a gun pressed on her head and stood still.

Cedric Xu was threatening Janet with a weapon right in front of Daniel.

Three policemen and Janet's bodyguards immediately took out their guns and pointed them at Cedric.

Daniel was furious.

"What do you want?"

Cedric loaded the gun, which made Daniel's heart jolt for a second, but he had to make himself look calm.

"William ran away and left me here to bear the blame for him. You let me go and I'll let her go..." Cedric was then stopped by Daniel's yell.


And then Cedric was thrown up into the air. His gun flew out of his arm and then he fell on the ground.

While he was speaking, Janet had given Cedric a perfect shoulder throw with all her strength.

Cedric's weapon discharged on the car window. And one of Janet's bodyguards shot Cedric on his wrist, and his weapon fell to the ground.

"Ouch!" Cedric screamed out in pain; he was in too much pain to say anything else.

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