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   Chapter 162 How Did She Die

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It was dark when Daniel had finished placating the family of the deceased with his promises. "I am sorry for all of this. We, the SL Group, unfortunately did not cooperate with a conscientious company. Starting from today, I will stop all cooperation between the SL Group and William's company, and I will find a new partner to take over this project, " said Daniel.

William turned deathly pale when he heard this. When he was just about to say something, a worker shout out, "Boss Si, I believe in you! I'll also follow you when you'll find a new partner."

Many people echoed his statement. "Boss Si, we are also willing to work for you!"

Daniel's brows became smoother, and he gestured them to be quiet. "Thank you. We'll look for a new partner as soon as possible, and you'll also have a paid break these couple of days, and your wages will be paid dollar for dollar. I promise."

They had worked here for nothing else but make a living for their family.

Daniel's act inspired many people, and some of the elder workers even shed tears.

"Thank you, Boss Si!"

"Thank you! Thank you!"

Daniel nodded at people's gratitude, and said, "My secretary is now in the hospital and her condition is currently unknown. I need to rush over now, you can go home."

Everyone stood up on their feet from the ground, but none of them went home just yet, because Daniel had also said that they could help bury the deceased if they had spare time.

Everyone helped to withdraw the mourning tent and lift the coffin. Daniel looked at the scene and then turned back to the car and drove from the construction site.

Because of the limited conditions they had in the town hospital, they only gave a simple first-aid treatment for Shirley.

She was then sent to Chengyang Private Hospital, as Daniel instructed.

Daniel let Spark go along with Shirley and then went back to the hotel to contact his new partnering company.

At eleven o'clock in the evening, Daniel got hold of his new partnering company, and he discussed some important matters with the other party over the phone.

After struggling with herself, Janet didn't call Daniel for a long time. She simply sent him a message, saying "Call me."

She had sent the message at past ten o'clock, but two hours already passed and she still didn't get any reply from him.

Janet felt depressed and then got very angry. He had promised her to call her. 'Why didn't he call me till now? Could he be with some other girls?'

At twelve thirty in the evening, Janet couldn't wait any longer, and she called Daniel to find out what on earth he was doing.

She phoned him several times, but all she got was a busy line.

'It's half past twelve. Who is he talking to? Could it be about his business? Definitely not! Who would still talk about work this late at night?'

Janet's thoughts were in a whirl.

In the end, she fell asleep at about two o'clock in the morning.

Daniel had talked about business until his phone's battery was drained completely.

After he had finished arranging the partnership at past two o'clock, he recalled that he was supposed to have phoned Janet earlier in the evening.

He started up his phone and saw Janet's messages and her dozen phone calls.

Daniel felt guilty that he was too busy to talk to her.

He thought that she

might have already fallen asleep.

"I'm sorry, Jane, I was too busy working. I'll call you tomorrow." After he sent her the message, he immediately started to deal with an urgent e-mail.

Janet woke up at about four o'clock in the morning and saw his message.

"Okay." She replied to him with one word and then fell asleep again.

Daniel had just fallen asleep when Janet sent him her reply.

The following morning

At almost six o'clock, Daniel was still sleeping when somebody knocked at his door.

It was the director of Public Relations Department. "Boss Si, we have some problems."

"What happened?" Daniel looked at him.

"Deal's wife is dead, " said the director.

"The pregnant woman?" Daniel was shocked. "How did she die? And what about the baby?" he asked.

The director told Daniel that she was already dead when her mother had found her, and that the baby had also died along with her inside the womb.

The check that Daniel had written them yesterday was also gone, and there were rumours that Daniel didn't want to compensate them with that much money, and so he had someone kill her.

Following the police, many reporters had arrived at the scene of the crime; they were all waiting for Daniel.

Daniel felt that these rumours were just ridiculous. 'Would I really think twice of giving only three million?'

"I see. I'm going there right now, " said Daniel.

The director helped Daniel pack and then they drove straight to town.

Deal's apartment was surrounded by many people, including policemen, reporters, and simple onlookers.

All the reporters came up to Daniel when they saw him arrive. "Mr. Si, are those rumours true?"

"Do you really have something to do with the pregnant woman's death?"


The pregnant woman's mother, who was crying bitterly, came out when she heard that Daniel had arrived. "How could you be so devoid of conscience? How can you do such a thing to a pregnant woman?"

Daniel frowned and looked at the old woman with her messy hair who was sitting on the floor wailing. He told himself to calm down, and then lifted her from the ground.

"It wasn't me, " he said.

"Take your hands off me! Who else could've been?" The old woman glared at Daniel as if he was her sworn enemy.

Daniel looked at the reporters in disdain. "There are rumours that I have arranged for someone to kill her because I don't want to compensate them with three million. Do you really think the SL Group and I really care about three million?"

His question made all of the reporters go silent. Everyone knew that Daniel was fabulously wealthy, and it was true, three million was just a hair off a bull's back for him.

"Would I take two lives at the same time just for three million? Do you really think about me like this?" He said this lightly, and looked depressed.

Reporters then fell diffident; they all knew that Daniel had donated tens of millions to charity.

A reporter then asked, "Then can you tell us why she died?"

Daniel looked at him coldly, and replied, "I want to know why myself. Let's waiting for the medical expertise first."

The old woman on the ground looked at Daniel, and murmured, "It wasn't you? Really?"

Daniel raised her from the ground again, and replied, "Really."

No more explanation were then requested on him.

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