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   Chapter 161 Is This What You Wanted

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There were two mourning tents not that far away from them, and two coffins were quietly put inside them.

Daniel walk towards the tents and looked at the families of the bereaved. Among them, there was also a pregnant woman, and she seemed to be extremely grieved. She leaned on the pillar and was wailing, devastated by her loss.

"Hello, " said Daniel.

The pregnant woman then opened her tear-filled eyes and looked at him. She was daunted by Daniel's manner of speaking, and in an instant forgot how to even reply to him.

"Are you a relative of Deal Fu?" asked Daniel. Daniel didn't mind the woman forgetting to reply to his salute.

The pregnant woman nodded, "Yes. Who are you?"

Shirley came forward and introduced Daniel to the woman. "This is Daniel Si, the CEO of the SL Group. He is also the boss of the supervisor of this construction site."

When she heard that the man in front of her was Daniel, the big boss, the pregnant woman immediately stood up from the ground and shouted at the protesters, who were not that far away from them, "Everyone come here! Daniel Si is here! We can air our grievance now!"

Daniel frowned.

Hearing the woman's shouting, tens of workers ran towards them, and they immediately surrounded the mourning tent.

"Daniel Si, you finally showed up! You are an unscrupulous merchant, and you are treating people's lives like dirt. You must give us an explanation, today!"

"Yes! You are an unscrupulous merchant! We want an explanation! And that sly William, he even didn't dare to show up!"

"You are not allowed to leave here until you give us an explanation!"


Daniel's appearance at the site had stirred quite a sensation here. Most of the protesters were airing their grievance against Daniel and his partnering CEO, William Zhou.

Daniel stood silently, listening to every word they said.

Finally, the protesters finished their complaints, and everyone had their eyes on Daniel, expecting a reply. Daniel asked the pregnant woman beside him, "How much money did William give you as compensation?"

"We didn't ask for money! No one stood out to apologize after the accident. My Deal can't even die in peace!" The pregnant woman suddenly became very emotional, and she stared at Daniel with fury gleaming in her eyes.

But she immediately looked away because she was again daunted by Daniel's imposing manner.

Daniel continued to ask, "What about Cedric?"

A construction worker reached out from the crowd, and griped bitterly, "That bastard Cedric only offered to give us five hundred thousand, but he refused to apologize. He said that he wasn't responsible for the tragedy."

At that moment, four cars drove into the construction site, and Cedric, William and some other supervisors came out of the cars and hastily walked towards the mourning tent.

While still panting, William ran to Daniel, and asked, "Mr. Si, when did you arrive? We didn't know that you came here, so sorry for being late." He stood submissively beside Daniel, with his beer belly bulging out of his belt buckle.

Cedric spat the areca nut from his mouth, and said, "Mr. Si, please go this way. We'll handle the protest from here." His golden necklace and golden ring were shining under the sun, and he was asking Daniel to leave and to let them handle the protest.

Daniel glanced at them with a cold look in his eyes, and asked them, "Mr. Zhou, what did I say to you before about this accident?"

William wiped the sweat from his forehead and stared at Cedric, who was standing next to him. "Didn't I tell you to offer one million to solve this problem?" continued Daniel.

One million? Daniel's look became even more colder by the minute.

Cedric thought that he was done! "Err... Well... We haven't... reached an agreement with the relatives yet."

Hearing what he had just said, several workers then immediately rose in rebellion. They became very furious, and they took up the sticks and planks beside them, and howled, "You offered one person one million, and another five hundred thousand! We don't want your money now, we want to beat you to death! You

bastard Cedric! You son of a bitch, you took our hard earned money and placed it into your own pocket!"

"Yes! We will beat you to death. And William too!"

Within just only one minute, the whole situation had skyrocketed out of control. The workers got exasperated, and they took up the tools in their hands and beat Cedric.

A couple other dozens of people also started on William. There were so many people in the riot, and Spark shouted at them to stop, but to no avail, because nobody listened.

In the riot, Shirley was pushed. "Ah!" she screamed. She suddenly leaned backwards and was just about to fall down on the ground.

Daniel happened to stand beside her, and he reached out his hand and caught her before falling.

Thanks to Daniel, Shirley didn't fall to the ground. "Thank you, Mr. Si."

She thanked Daniel, but she was still scared of what was happening. At this time, a stick was thrown at them.

All the workers had now gone berserk, with their eyes burning red with fury. They beat whoever they saw as being their enemies, and the blow was obviously meant for Daniel.

Daniel had just released Shirley's hands, and Spark was pulled by several workers. He didn't notice the stick over Daniel's head.

But Shirley saw it, and shrieked, "Be careful, Mr. Si!"

She threw herself on Daniel to bear the blow for him, and the stick fell on her neck and on the back side of her head.

When Daniel turned his head around, he saw that Shirley had taken the beating for him.

Shirley spat out a mouthful of blood, and her face became very pale. She couldn't stand anymore and was ready to fall down on the ground.

Daniel held her in his arms. She fainted.

"That's enough!" The cold scolding coming from Daniel frightened the workers around him, and they immediately stopped and became silent.

The workers who were beating William and Cedric had also stopped when they saw what was happening.

"I came here today to solve your problems. If you had any requirements or complaints, you just had to tell me about them! Now my secretary was knocked out. Is this what you wanted?" said Daniel in his cold manner of speaking. His words were powerful, and nobody dared to utter a single sound.

"When the accident first happened, I told William that money was not a problem. We should have apologized! But now it has come to this. Will you be satisfied if another person died for this?" After he finished his words, Daniel handed Shirley to Spark, and with some other people's help, Spark carried Shirley to the car.

"Now, everybody sit down, and I will listen to your complaints. As long as your demands are within my ability, I will definitely satisfy them!" Daniel's strong character shocked everyone present. They laid down their tools from their hands and they sat down to hear how Daniel would solve their problems.

Seeing that Spark had taken Shirley to the hospital, Daniel then gathered the direct relatives of the deceased, and he sat down with them to discuss a solution.

One hour passed, two hours passed, three had passed, and finally Daniel took out two cheques and wrote the same number on each one: three million.

He then led William and Cedric to the mourning tent, and they each lit candles and incense and bowed to the deceased.

After showing their respect towards the deceased, Daniel told the pregnant woman, "We are very sorry for your loss, and when your child is born, I will bear all the expenses for the child until she or he come of age."

Regardless of all the people's surprised looks, Daniel then walked to the relative of another deceased worker. He said to the mother of the son, "Aunt, we are truly sorry for this accident, and rest assured I will pay for both your pension, and uncle's. I send my deepest condolences to you."

The mother was moved to tears, and she held Daniel's hands, and said, "You are a good man, and my son will rest in peace now. Thank you! Young man!"

"We are truly very sorry for what has happened!" said Daniel again.

What Daniel did won over all the people's hearts here. They couldn't find any fault in his actions.

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