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   Chapter 160 Call Me Tonight

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Miss Qin explained to her, "Miss Zheng is on the business trip with Mr. Si."

Janet was surprised by her words. Shirley traveling with Daniel? She didn't know why she felt uneasy when she heard this, even though she knew it was for work.

She asked her another question. "What about Mr. Shi?"

Because Janet was different from all the others, Miss Qin patiently explained to her, "Mr. Shi also went with them. There are five people altogether." Except for Mr. Si, Mr. Shi, and Miss Zheng, there are also two public relations supervisors.

Oh! There were five people on the business trip! Janet then sighed with a sudden relief in her heart.

"Well, this is a soy-bean milk cake that I've made for Shirley. Since she isn't here, you can share it with your colleagues!" Janet handed the bag she was carrying to Miss Qin, and inside it there was the soy-bean milk cake and some other desserts.

All the desserts were made for the other employees, and it was a pity that Shirley had missed her soy-bean milk cake made specially for her, but Janet would bring her one next time.

Miss Qin was a little embarrassed when she received the cake, because when Janet worked here before, they had often gossiped about her behind her back.

"Miss Shao, it's so nice of you to do this, but this was intended for Shirley, and we can't take it!" Secretary Qin said all of this with embarrassment.

Janet then laughed, and she thought that Miss Qin was too polite, and said, "It's nothing precious here, just some cakes I made by myself. You can have a taste."

Since Janet insisted, Miss Qin thought that she would act affected if she did not receive it. She accepted the bag, and said, "Thank you, Miss Shao!"

"You are welcome. Shirley is my friend, and if she ever needs any help with her work, I hope you can do her a favor!" Janet knew that Shirley cared about her job very much. She was a new-comer there, and Janet made up her mind to make more desserts for the secretaries, so they would be more willing to help Shirley out in the future.

Miss Liu overheard their conversation, and she added, "Janet, you don't have to worry about Miss Zheng. She is very capable, and that's a fact, because Mr. Si decided to take her on his business trip. Maybe, in the future, we'll be the ones that will depend on Shirley to take care of us!"

Miss Liu had said this from the bottom of his heart. She was not flattering.

Janet felt very happy that Shirley was doing great at her work, and she also felt very proud of her. She said, "Then I am rest assured. Thank you all, and please, go ahead with your work, I'll be leaving now. Sorry for disturbing you."

"Okay. Goodbye, Miss Shao!" said Miss Qin. The secretaries then waved goodbye at Janet.

She went into the elevator feeling delighted, and after she left, several secretaries gathered together to discuss about her. "I really regret the things I said about her, she's actually very nice."

Miss Qin nodded in agreement. She took a bite off the chocolate cake, and said, "I had thought that she worked in our company just to be close to our CEO, but I heard that she quarrelled with Mr. Si and shouted at him just the other day. It now seems that it was actually Mr. Si who was begging to be with her!"

They immediately felt that Janet was lucky and happy, being chased and sought after by their Prince Charming CEO.

"Yes, you are right, she is indeed a very nice person. She is very good to Shirley, and I heard that her family is very poor. But Janet doesn't mind this at all, and she really takes Shirley as her true friend." Hearing all of this, Miss Liu then also wanted to make friends with Janet.

Miss Tan, the senior secretary put down her glasses, and said, "Janet isn't a complex girl, and she doesn't try to win people's support or friendship through false flattery or other hooks. She just acts the way she likes, and that's why many people don't like her."

"Miss Tan is right, but she is better than those hypocrites."

Miss Qin finished her chocolate cake and wiped her mouth. She said, "Her cake is really good. No wonder her bus

iness is doing so well. We should be nice to her when she come here again. It's not good to act out against her."

All the people enjoyed the desserts sent by Janet, but only Miss Tan was staring at the tiramisu cake in front of her. She didn't know if she was wrong, and she often felt that Miss Zheng was purposely showing herself in front of Mr. Si.

She didn't know whether secretary Zheng was doing it unwittingly or if she had other intentions...

Walking out of the SL Group, Janet received a call from Daniel. "Hi! What's up?" she said.

Janet smiled, but she pretended to have a sad voice.

"Jane! What's the meaning of you buying off my secretaries?" he asked. He ignored her cold voice, and there was a smile flashing in his eyes while speaking to her.

Surprised that he had already found out of her visit to his company, Janet covered her mouth with surprise, and immediately turned around to look at the SL Group's building. "Do you have a CCTV connected to your cellphone?"

She had just sent the cakes to the secretaries some minutes ago. How could've Daniel known so quickly?

"I installed a CCTV on you, " he said. Daniel waved at this informer, Spark, to leave., and he immediately walked out of the hotel room.

Daniel didn't expect that Janet would actually believe what he said about the CCTV, but Janet actually searched her clothes, and of course didn't found anything. She then asked him, "Where did you put it? Is it in my hair? Is it in the earrings or on the bracelet?"

She wondered how could Daniel be so cunning as to actually install a CCTV on her.

"Jane, you're so stupid you believed what I said!" Daniel put aside the file he was checking and focused on talking with Jane.

Jane was really very stupid and naive, but she was also really lovely. He liked the way she was.

Hearing what Daniel said, Janet realized that she had been fooled by him. She became very angry, and said, "Daniel, you bastard!"

Daniel put a cigarette in his mouth and then struck his lighter, and he then heard Jane complaining about it in a loud voice on the other end of the line. "You're smoking every day. Aren't you afraid that your lifespan will be shortened significantly by smoking?" She remembered that recently, Daniel had been smoking a lot more frequently.

Daniel smiled and put out the cigarette in his hand. He said, "We aren't even married yet, but you're so considerate with me. You'll be great wife!"

Janet blushed, and replied, "I don't care about you. Whatever, you can smoke as much as you like. I have to hang up, I'm going out for a date!"

"Who's the guy?" asked Daniel in a harsh voice.

Janet sneered, but then she heard a knocking sound coming from Daniel's place.

She thought that it might be someone knocking on his door, and she said to him, "You go about with your work, I'm driving now!"

In a gentle voice, Daniel replied, "Okay. Call me tonight." When he opened the door, he found that Shirley was the one that was knocking. She also overheard the end of his conversation with Janet.

"Mr. Si, these are the documents sent by our partner... ..."

Just before Janet hung up the phone, she happened to hear Shirley's voice, and she guessed that Shirley came to Daniel's room to talk about work.

Thinking of them staying in the same room together in private, Jane again felt a little uneasy for a moment.

She immediately forced herself to forget all those unreasonable thoughts. Shirley was her best friend after all, and she couldn't possibly think ill of her in any way.

At the four-star hotel

Daniel looked through the documents brought in by Shirley and then grabbed his coat. He said to Shirley, "Tell Mr. Shi that we are now going to the construction site in town."

Daniel put on his coat in an agile manner, and this fine move made Shirley blush. Her heart was racing...

They arrived an hour later at the construction site, and many workers protested by waving their white banners.

Daniel didn't tell anyone they were coming there; when he appeared in front of the workers, nobody there could recognize him.

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