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   Chapter 159 Was She Trapped by Him

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What her brother said now echoed with Daniel's words, and only now did Janet realize how cunning Kate really was. She felt stupid that she had been hooked like that.

Janet gritted her teeth, and said, "Next time I see Kate, I will give her a beating to remember!"

Janet sighed, and said, "Brother, what should I do now?" She was drawing circles on the foggy window and didn't know what to do next.

"Don't worry, this isn't that big of a deal; you just have to get along with Daniel."

"Okay, you're right. I'll think about it."

... Jerry wondered what else his sister was thinking about; he had already given her his suggestions.

On the next day, Janet got up as soon as her alarm clock rang.

She quickly finished brushing her teeth, and the housekeeper that Samuel had hired was just about to start her work for the day. She saw Janet hastily walking out and, almost in an instant, the door was already closed behind her.

"What happened?" she wondered.

At the gates, Janet put on her shoes and ran to the garage; she got inside her Mercedes and drove the car out of it.

It was about seven o'clock in the morning when Janet drove the car out of the neighbourhood. She smiled with delight, and planned to eat breakfast first and then go to the shop.

It was still early in the morning, and the traffic on the road was flowing smoothly. Janet was driving very slowly.

But, after a couple of minutes, a car accelerated from behind and overtook her. Janet glanced at the black Cayenne with an unsatisfied look. She wondered who was driving so fast in the morning.

Wait! It was a black Cayenne!

Before Janet even realized, the black Cayenne had already stopped in front of her.

A man dressed in a black suit walked out from the back seat of the car. While firmly gazing at Janet, he plucked his hands into his pockets and stood next to the car.

Janet was about to bump into the car, but the man still stood at his place, motionless.

At the last moment, Janet immediately pressed her foot on the brake.

Her car stopped right behind Daniel, with only half meter between them, and the sudden brake made Janet bump her head onto the steering wheel.

Janet rubbed her forehead, and as she pushed down the window, she shouted at him, "Daniel, are you trying to kill me?"

The road was very broad, and although they had stopped in the middle of it, they didn't cause any jam. All the people that passed by them had stuck their heads out their windows to look at what had happened. Their cars were, after all, Mercedes and Porsche, and they certainly had caused a sensation by stopping in the middle of the road.

Daniel lit a cigarette and then walked slowly towards Janet's car. He flatly blurted out his grievance, and said, "You dared to not show up!"

After Janet had left the previous evening with Jerry, Daniel had predicted that Janet would be disobedient to him, and so he also went to The Royal Mansion.

Although he had arrived at Mansion No. 8 20 minutes more earlier than usual, he found that Janet had already left.

Janet sneered and backed up, but Daniel already knew what she wanted to do. He threatened her, "If you dare to run away from me again, I will put you on today's headlines!"

Janet's car then stopped. She sticked her head out the window, and asked, "And how will you put me on today's headlines?"

"You've abandoned me! You've slept with me and didn't want to take up the responsibility for it!" Daniel blurted this out in a loud voice. He seemed very confident in himself, without even the slightest feeling of shame.

... Janet was speechless now. She stared at the shameless man, and asked him in a cold voice, "Daniel. Don't you care at all about your face?"

Daniel blew out his cigarette smoke and walked towards her with his polished shoes. He then clearly said to her, "I have no face!"

He opened the door of the driver's seat and leaned towards Janet, as she stared at him with wide eyes.

They were in

the middle of the road, in broad day light... What... was he doing?

Daniel dangled the cigarette in the corner of his mouth and laughed at her when he saw her flabbergasted face. He untied the safety belt for her and then dragged her out of the car.

He also took her handbag and went towards his Cayenne.

Daniel tucked Janet in the front passenger seat, and told Spark, "Drive her car to the shop."

Daniel then drove away with Jane in his Cayenne.

He found a nice restaurant and took Janet to eat breakfast before they went to the shop.

He didn't speak to Janet, and Janet also kept her silence.

After they had breakfast, Daniel stopped the car across Jane's Cake Shop. Janet untied the safety belt, and Daniel asked her in a low voice, "Have you decided?"

"Yes." She answered him straightforwardly.

"Tell me!"

Janet raised her chin in arrogance, and said, "If you don't hook up with any woman in the next three months, I promise to start over with you again."

"Okay, but I have conditions."

Did he have demands? Janet pouted in displeasure, and said, "Okay, go ahead."

"You will live in the Waterside Complex in these three months." Although she didn't agree to continue their love relationship, he had to do something to have her near him.

Janet was puzzled. If she continued to live there, then Daniel would visit her frequently, and nothing would be different or would have changed.

"Okay, but you are not allowed to come there!"

"No, that's impossible. But I can promise you not to sleep on your bed." They were playing word games again, and they even didn't realize it.

Not sleep on her bed? "Okay, it's a deal!"

Janet got out of the car and closed the door. She then turned her head and saw Daniel's smug face. She was puzzled by his smile.

Was she trapped by him?

"Wait, Daniel!" Janet had just realized something. But Daniel ignored her, and drove away.

Janet looked at the car vanishing in the distance, and she stamped her feet in anger.

Why was it so difficult for her to break up with him. It seemed so easy for others, but when it came to her, there were so many rules!

She had lost the advantage to him; Daniel was such a cunning man!

Her phone beeped, and it was Daniel texting her on WeChat. "I have never agreed to break up with you, so technically you are still my girlfriend now! And Jane, don't play smart with me. Remember to go back to the Waterside Complex at night."

What? He denied that he had agreed about their breakup. "Yesterday you said 'whatever'!"

"Yes, I have indeed said that word. But did I say that I agree on the breakup? Did I utter a yes or no?"


It seemed that he was right.

Janet thought for a while. Indeed, he did not say that...

This rotten egg!

Janet was so furious that she wanted to throw her cellphone away.

In the afternoon, Janet received another message in WeChat from Daniel, that said, "I will be leaving for a business trip out of town for the next several days. You take care at home."


Why did he have to travel so suddenly?

Janet was a little upset at first, but then she felt delighted for the news. She didn't want to see Daniel now, and it also happened that now she had some space for herself to be alone for a while.

The next day Janet had to deliver the mango mousse cakes for the SL Group employees. She thought that they might have grown tired of this flavor, so she changed it from mango to cinnamon on her own free will.

This time she took the cakes to the company all by herself, because she had also brought Shirley a soy-bean milk cake.

When she reached the 88th floor, she directly walked to the secretary division. But she didn't see Shirley at her seat.

Miss Qin saw Janet, and she immediately stood up from her seat, and said, "Miss Shao, Mr. Si has gone out on a business trip."

"I know that, but I'm looking for Shirley. Where is she?" With her eyes, Janet scanned around the division for Shirley.

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