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   Chapter 158 Just Mind Your Steps

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Daniel threw her clothes on the bed, and said to her in a low and deep voice, "Janet, what Kate told you was just to stir up trouble between the two of us. If you keep arguing with me and hating me, you'll fall into her trap."

Janet took the bag and opened it. A whole set of clothes had been prepared for her, including underwear.

She crawled out of the quilt and took off the bathrobe in front of the man, and then she slowly dressed with each of the clothing items in the bag.

But she didn't utter a single word to him in reply, and Daniel grabbed the bathrobe from the ground and put it on him.

Janet caught a glimpse of his body, and her face flushed red.

Jerry hadn't brought her shoes, so she had to put on the lady slippers, already prepared for her by Daniel in advance.

Before she opened the bedroom's door, Daniel gripped her wrist again and forced her to look into his eyes. He said, "Did you hear what I just said?"

Janet lowered her head, and said, "Let me go and I'll think about it."

Daniel then held her chin and raised it, kissing her red lips. His kiss was imperious, and rude.

Then he held her tight to his chest with his right arm. If nothing had happened today, Daniel definitely wouldn't have allowed her to leave.

After a while, Daniel said, "Janet, I will give you only one night to think about it. I'll come to your house and pick you up tomorrow."

She nodded, and the man let her go and opened the bedroom's door for her.

Jerry was reading a book he took from one of the shelves in the living room. When he heard the door open, he placed back the book from where he took it.

He said, "Daniel, we should go now." Jerry casually rested his left arm on his own sister's shoulder, but the next moment his arm was pulled away by the man behind him.

Jerry was puzzled, and turned around to look at Daniel.

"Just mind your steps." The man simply spoke out four simple words.

"..." Jerry felt speechless, and so did Janet.

The apartment's door was then opened, and again, Daniel said to Janet, "I hope that you can figure things out."

Janet stopped walking, and Jerry also stopped and stood still while staring at his sister, whose lips were slightly curled up. He asked, "What things haven't you figured out? If it's about Sabina Fan, the woman who Sally already told me about, then stay here."

Jerry knew about Sabina Fan, and to Daniel she was now just an old memory. Jerry thought that it was common for anyone to have a first lover, or an ex-girlfriend.

It was not reasonable for Jane to keep haggling over these small, trivial things.

And what's more, she should face and solve these problems when she was faced with them, not try to escape from them.

Janet stared back at her brother, and protested, "I'm your sister, and I've suffered from injustice! Shouldn't you go and punch Daniel in the face?"

The man, wrapping his bathrobe lazily, leaned his body against the door, and kept his silence.

Jerry took a second thought, and again persuaded his sister, "Jane, please think from another angle. Listen, I'll analyse the whole event to you if you like. Imagine this: if you were to have a first boyfriend, and you had broken up with him and he had already got married too, and then one day, Daniel would quarrel with you because of him, what would you do?"

Hearing these words, Janet became very angry, as she thought that the key point didn't lie in whether Daniel had a first girlfriend or not. "Yes, it's not a big deal to have a first girlfriend, but last month he still allowed his first girlfriend to stay with him in his apartment in America. And regarding Kate, he still was keeping an ambiguous relationship with her, while he was hooking up with me. Brother, why don't you consider my feelings more?"

Daniel initially didn't want to say anything, but at this moment, he opened his mouth and said, "Nothing ever happened between Kate and me!"

Because of her pride, Janet had seen the relationship between Kate and Daniel only superficially, but they had no private interactions at all, which made it even more impossible for them to have slept together.

"Look, he's not even admitting to what he has done. Brother, how can I continue to go on with a mischievous man like this! Is he your brother, or am I your sister? Why are you always s

tanding by his side?" said Janet.

Janet really didn't understand why she was less important than Daniel in Jerry's mind.

"What if Daniel is already speaking the truth?" asked Jerry. Jerry coldly threw out this question, and he thought that the real problem was that his sister didn't have any trust in Daniel at all.

Hearing this question, the angry woman instantly lost her confidence, but after a moment, she managed to say, "Then why did he still live together with his ex-girlfriend?"

"I apologize for that, I'm sorry, " said Daniel. He had to give in on this problem, as he thought to himself that he hadn't dealt with it the right way.

Jerry looked at his sister, who was still wearing an unconvinced look on her face. He sighed, and asked, "Do you still want to go back home?"

'Daniel is such an arrogant man, but if he's willing to apologize to Jane, it means that he really loves her, ' thought Jerry.

"Yes!" said Janet.

No matter what they said, Janet still thought that she'd better not stay with Daniel for the time being, and that she still needed more time to think about it.

Jerry looked at Daniel, and had no choice but to say, "Daniel, we're going now."

Daniel nodded, still keeping his eyes on Janet, as he did from the very beginning of their talk. Then, when Janet moved a step forward, he again said, "Remember, I'll come and pick you up tomorrow morning, at half past seven."

Janet suddenly turned around and made a face at Daniel. She then held her brother's arm and went with him inside the elevator.

'I haven't promised you that I'll wait for you. If you can't catch me tomorrow, that won't be my fault!' thought Janet.

Daniel was looking at the place from where she disappeared, and his eyes filled with joy.

Janet got inside Jerry's car and left the Southern Garden Complex.

After the heavy rain, the city's air was filled with the fresh earthy smell. Jerry's car was driving fast on the road.

"Jane, you're my sister, and I hope that you're sure that everything I do, I do it for your own good. You should know Daniel's character better. He's a cold man, but once he loves someone, he will never change his mind again. Just take father* as a best example, and you'll know what I'm talking about, " said Jerry.

He continued, "He can tolerate all of your shortcomings, and your bad temper, and you shouldn't haggle over these petty affairs. Ask yourself, when you're together with him, does he treat you well?"

Jerry remembered that last time when Janet was in danger in Shenqing City, Daniel had immediately come to her aid.

And although Jane didn't understand Daniel's purpose for still keeping the relationship with Kate, Jerry could.

"If Daniel's really not treating you well, I won't say another good word for him, and I will even forbid you from meeting him ever again." Jerry tried his best efforts to persuade his sister. He simply hoped that his sister would not have to miss a good man who really treated her well.

Looking outside of the car's window, Janet curled her lips, and said, "Brother, I have never said that he treated me bad. Actually, he has treated me really good... Okay! Forget it! Just let me think about it!"

'But no, Daniel treated me bad today. He should have said 'up to me' today in the office!' thought Janet.

"Okay, then who told you about Sabina Fan, and how did you know about her?" asked Jerry. Jerry felt suspicious. As he already knew, no one had ever mentioned about Sabina after she had broken up with Daniel. He now wondered how his sister had come to know about her.

Janet gloomily opened her mouth, and said, "Kate was the one who told me about her. She said that Daniel had chosen her to be his girlfriend because she resembled Sabina in appearance. And Kate also said that Daniel didn't love me at all, and that he's just forced by his father and mother, and that he had no choice but to hook up with me..."

Janet didn't hide anything from her brother, and told him about everything.

Speechless, Jerry tittered and took a look at his sister, and said, "You are so stupid to let Kate's words have such a bad impact on you. You should've known that she always takes you as her enemy, and she told you about all of this just to stir up trouble between you and Daniel. Unfortunately, you fell into her trap."

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