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   Chapter 157 When Your Attitude Improves

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Touching her hungry belly, Janet opened her eyes and then sat up in bed.

'What? Where am I? In the Southern Garden Complex?' wondered Janet.

She then confirmed that she was indeed at the Southern Garden Complex, but she remembered that she should actually be in Brian's apartment, and wondered why she was now in Daniel's apartment.

She was alone in the bedroom, with a soft light turned on. She then got out of bed.

She also found that she was naked, but she remembered that she had been dressed in Brian's shirt. 'Where's the shirt? Why's it gone? This must be Daniel's work! Right! It surely must be him!' thought Janet.

Janet then got out of bed and found his bathrobe inside the wardrobe. Holding Daniel's long bathrobe, which almost touched the ground, Janet went out of the bedroom.

There was nobody in the living room, nor in the other bedroom. Then, when she opened the study room's door, she saw him working inside it.

"Daniel! Why did you bring me here?" The woman confronted him in an unfriendly, hostile tone.

The man then raised his eyes from his papers, and said, "When your attitude improves, then you can come and talk to me!"


"You mischievous wicked man, you have the nerve to tell me to change my attitude! No way!" replied Janet. Janet didn't want to listen to any of his words; she only wanted to leave his apartment and never meet with him again!

But Daniel kept his silence, without uttering another single word.

"Let me go!

I have to leave here!" yelled Janet.


Janet was so furious that she turned around and violently slammed the door behind her.

'Do you think that I can't leave here naked? I am Janet Shao, and you are really looking down upon me!' thought Janet.

She then went back inside the bedroom, and while grabbing her handbag, and holding the long bathrobe in her hands, she walked towards the apartment's door.

When she opened the apartment's door, she heard footsteps coming from behind her, and Janet reacted fast and ran out..

However, it was a tragedy! She had stepped on the long bathrobe, and her whole body had been thrown forwards. She fell.

"Ah!" she screamed. Janet was frightened, and she immediately closed her eyes. 'Oh, shit!'

At that moment, her arms were gripped and pulled, and she was dragged into the man's arms.

The bathrobe on her had slipped off a little, and some parts of Janet's body were now exposed.

Daniel glanced at the security camera looking at them in the short distance, and he immediately covered her body and dragged her back inside the apartment.

Feeling frustrated, Janet got free off Daniel's grip, and tidied the bathrobe on her. She then took out her

it for someone else, not for Daniel...

She silently turned around and walked back to the bedroom, and when Daniel came in again, he also brought her handbag. He then went in the bathroom.

Staring blankly at her own handbag, Janet took out of her phone and called her brother. "Brother, are you busy now?" asked Janet.

"Jane, what's up? I'm just leaving my company, " answered Jerry.

Janet took a glance at the bedroom, and said, "I'm at the Southern Garden Complex now Can you please come and pick me up?"

"Sure, I'm coming right now." Jerry could feet that Janet's voice sounded unhappy, but he didn't ask more and promised that he would come and pick her up.

"Okay. Oh, and also please bring me a set of clothes. My clothes are all wet because of the rain, " said Janet.

"I got it, you just wait for me there, " said Jerry.

After she hung up, Janet just sat on the bed, with her mind blank, and holding her phone tight in her hands.

When Daniel finally came out of the bathroom, the apartment's doorbell rang. Janet initially wanted to go and open the door by herself, but when she took a second glance at her body wrapped in the bathrobe, she gave up.

The man looked at her and his face became stern. He then went to open the door, wrapped in a bath towel.

"Daniel, I've come to pick up Jane, " said Jerry. He showed up at the apartment's door with a bag in his hand.

Daniel had only a bath towel wrapped around him after his shower, which made Jerry misunderstand the moment.

But he didn't say anything more, and Daniel nodded to him, and he entered the apartment.

"Give it to me, " said Daniel. Then he grabbed the bag from Jerry's hand and went back inside the bedroom.

In the bedroom, Janet was hiding in the quilt and was waiting for her clothes.

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