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   Chapter 156 Am I That Kind of Woman in Your Eyes

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"What you heard!" said Daniel. He patted the dust shoe print off his trousers, and then returned Sven a heavy kick, which made Sven feel painful and grit his teeth.

"Daniel! I'll be your brother-in-law very soon! But you still dare to treat me like this!" yelled Sven.

While he was falling into deep thought, Daniel blew out a cloud of smoke.

He initially wanted to find out Brian's address, and go and retrieve Janet himself. But this would have made things worse, because she was stubborn.

Daniel had thought it would be better to let her father know about the matter at hand and let him deal with it.

Sven saw that Daniel was silent, and he couldn't help himself to say something more. He said, "You should have been well aware of Janet's character from the start. She's just angry and acting rashly, and you just need to be more patient with her."

Daniel squinted at him, and flicked his cigarette's ash. He then said, "Call father* again later. If Janet's still not home, I'm going to bring her back myself!"

While he spoke, he went to his desk and pressed the internal company line and called Spark, and instructed him to find Brian's address.

Hearing Daniel, Sven raised his eyebrows, and asked, "Do you want to make Jane hate me as well?"

'It was me who called her father and told him about the recent event! Jane will surely hate me!' thought Sven.

"No, she won't." Daniel spoke in a confident tone to assure Sven that everything's going to be alright.

At the Southern Garden Apartment Complex, Building No. 2

After Janet had finished drying her long hair, she opened the bathroom's door. She first stuck her head out of the door to see if there was anyone in the bedroom. When she saw that no one was there, she came out of the bathroom, wrapped in a bath towel.

There was a white shirt on the bed, and Janet quickly wiped the water drops off her body, and put on the white shirt.

It wasn't that bad a fit. The shirt's length at least covered her thighs.

Her phone inside her handbag rang again. Janet got out her phone and found that there were a dozen missed calls from her father. She wondered what had happened to her family.

"Hello, dad!"

After Samuel had called his daughter for a dozen times or more, the phone was finally connected. He was so angry that he gritted his teeth, and said, "Janet! Where are you now?"

"Um... I'm at... But what happened? Dad?" stammered Janet. After a second thought, Janet thought that it might be better not to tell Samuel the truth. In case that Samuel might misunderstand her actual relationship with Brian.

Samuel tried to calm down, and asked, "What's wrong between you and Daniel? Are you breaking up with him? What the hell are you doing?"


Janet resentfully stared at Brian's photo on the wall. She then thought that Brian had nothing to do with this, and she moved away her eyes, and yelled over the phone, "Daniel Si, you mean man! Why did you tell on my father!"

Speechless, Samuel closed his eyes, and patiently told his daughter, "It wasn't Daniel who told me about this. Now, tell me, are you staying together with Brian?"

'Since you already know that I'm staying at Brian's place, if it's not Daniel who told you, then who else could it be? Oh! No, maybe the bodyguards who followed me told him!' thought Janet.

"Yes, but I'm coming back very soon. Isn't it pouring outside?" answered Janet.

"OK, but Janet, please remember, don't do any stupid things!" tried Samuel stressing out.. He agreed that his daughter could come back home later, when the rain stopped.

'Stupid things?' wondered Janet. Janet felt distressed, and asked, "Father, am I that kind of woman in your eyes?"

Samuel of course trusted his daughter, but he again asked her to come back home as soon as possible. He then hung up.

Janet put her phone back inside her handbag. Brian hadn't returned yet, and she was wearing only one shirt, and felt a little bit cold.

She saw the bed with the quilt over it, and laid on it under the quilt straightaway.

She kept rolling her eyeballs, and still wondered if Brian was living there all by himself.

After a couple of random thoughts, Janet dozed off.

A long while later, Brian came back home and knocked at the bedroom's door, but Janet was sound asleep and didn't wake up.

Brian became anxious when no one answered, and said, "Janet, if you're not opening the door, I'll come in!" 'Could it be possible that this silly girl has done something to hurt herself because her breaking up with Daniel?' thought Brian.

Brian couldn't wait any lo

nger, and he took the spare key from the drawer beside him. He then opened the bedroom's door.

After he opened the door, he rushed straight to the bathroom, without noticing that someone was huddled on the bed. The bathroom's door wasn't closed, and Brian tried to call out her name. "Janet!"

But he still didn't get any reply, and Brian entered it.

No one was inside the bathroom, and the windows were all closed, too.

'Has she already left?' wondered Brian.

When he thought of this, Brian felt a little sad when he went out of the bathroom, but then he suddenly saw her handbag lying on the floor.

'Well! Her bag is still here...'

Then Brian burst into laughter, when he saw that Janet was actually sleeping. She not only had huddled herself on the bed, but had also completely hidden herself inside the quilt.

He dragged the quilt away from her head to let her breathe. At that moment, Brian was so drawn by her lovely sleeping look that he couldn't move his eyes away any longer.

He was well aware of who the man that Janet had fallen in love with was, and he had seldom contacted her, afraid that he might bring her trouble if he did.

Even if he missed her, he could only hold these feelings inside his mind and heart, never showing them on his face.

When he had received her phone call, he was surprised. But at the same time he was also very happy, because Janet had always thought of him when she was in distress.

And he was also excited to hear that she had broken up with Daniel, but he knew Janet's childish character, and understood that she would be getting back with Daniel soon enough, when her anger had cooled down.

Thinking about this, he again felt morose.

But if Janet was happy, he too, of course, would be happy.

Brian then gently kissed her forehead, turned around and walked out of the bedroom. He then closed the door.

Outside it had already stopped raining, and Janet hadn't come back home yet. Daniel stubbed out his cigarette and, together with Spark, went to the parking lot.

"Drive to the Southern Garden Apartment Complex, Building No. 2! Full speed!" ordered Daniel. Daniel had never expected that Brian's apartment was in the same neighbourhood as his, but that was good, because he knew the place well.

When his apartment's doorbell rang, Brian grinned a slight smile, and thought that Daniel had arrived a littler later than he had initially expected.

He opened the door, and there stood Daniel and Spark. The moment when Daniel saw Brian, his eyes gleamed with a cold light inside them.

After he opened the door, Brian didn't say a word, and just turned around and sat back on his sofa.

He then continued to smoke his cigarette. Daniel scanned Brian's living room, but then his eyes fell upon the closed bedroom door.

He strode towards the bedroom, and when he put his hand on the doorknob, Brian opened his mouth, and spoke, "Janet said that you've broken up with her. Don't you think that it's not that nice to take her away from me now?"

Daniel grinned a cold smile, and said, "We've just had a common couple's quarrel. As you already know, Jane can be kind of wayward. And I've already forgiven her."

Finishing his words, the man then pushed open the bedroom's door, and he instantly saw the woman sleeping on the bed.

Spark didn't enter the room. Daniel moved away the quilt with his big palm, and when he saw that the woman was dressed in only a shirt, his eyes started burning with rage.

He threw her on the thin quilt, and then wrapped her tight in it, and carried her out of the bedroom.

"What have you seen?" Daniel asked Brian. Carrying the woman in his arms, he then stopped in the middle of the living room. The woman's long hair was falling down like a waterfall.

Brian drew the last smoke of his cigarette, stubbed it out in the ashtray, and answered, "It's okay if you don't trust me. But if you don't trust Janet, then that's your mistake."

Brian felt even more distressed when he saw that Daniel was protecting her so well.

"Mr. Han, thank you for taking care of Jane. We'll be sure to send you our wedding invitation card one day later, " said Daniel. Finishing his words, and without turning his head around, Daniel left Brian's apartment, carrying the woman wrapped inside the quilt.


Brian's face now completely darkened with sadness.

After a long while, Brian went back to his bedroom, and randomly threw the clothes he had bought for Janet into the wardrobe.

At ten o'clock in the evening, Janet comfortably turned in bed and felt hungry.

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