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   Chapter 155 She Even Hangs Out with Brian

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Janet thought that she shouldn't do this, because it would be unfair for Brian!

When the elevator stopped on the 9th floor, they got out of it.

"Janet, please tell me if you need any help!" said Brian. He tucked her wet locks of hair behind her ear.

"It's all right, Brian. Thank you, " replied Janet. She smiled with a bad grace.

Brian then opened his apartment's door and let Janet enter it first.

He had lived there alone for a long period of time, so there were no any lady slippers around to give her; this time, he had to let Janet wear his slippers.

"If you don't mind, you can wear my slippers, " said Brian. He felt a little embarrassed when he saw Janet wearing a pair of slippers so big that her feet fitted only two thirds of them.

Janet smiled and shook her head, and said, "That's okay. Thank you, Brian." When she had been in trouble and had decided to call Brian, he had come to her aid straightaway, without even asking what happened.

The apartment was big, and even if it was a little smaller than Daniel's house, it still covered an area of about two hundred or even three hundred square meters.

The decorative style of it belonged to the black-grey-brown series. On the wall there were a lot of photos of the army, and also a group photo of Brian and his comrades.

There were many trophies and medals placed on a bookshelf near her, and all of them were victories that Brian had gained over the years.

"There's no need to thank me. You should take a shower first, " said Brian. He took her to one of the bedrooms and opened its black door, and when she saw how the room was decorated, Janet guessed that this must be Brian's bedroom.

There was a photo on the wall, and in the photo Brian was wearing his military uniform and was solemnly saluting.

He had a four-piece bedding set with black grey stripes on his large bed, and even the floor was decorated in black and grey stripes.

The whole room was filled with a strong masculine atmosphere. Janet stood at the door, and didn't dare take another step forward. "There are rain drops dripping from my hair..." she said.

Brian smiled, and said, "That's why you have to take a hot shower immediately. Don't let yourself catch a cold!" Janet stood motionless, but Brian grabbed her arm and took her to the bathroom. After he showed her where soaps and shampoos were placed, he closed the door behind him.

However, there weren't any clean clothes for Janet to change into...

This was a very serious problem, and Brian looked around his closet for some clothes and finally found a casual white shirt.

He then couldn't help but picture Janet in his shirt, and felt a warm burst of liquid flowing down from his nose.

Brian immediately wiped it away...

He threw the shirt on the bed and then rushed to the adjacent bedroom to wash away his nosebleed.

When he remembered that the woman he liked so much was taking a shower in his bedroom's bathroom, Brian began feeling really anxious.

Finally, after he did dozens of push-ups, he started feeling better.

He took a deep breath and knocked on the bathroom's door. When he heard that the shower had been turned off, Brian's heart started racing again. "Janet... I'm going to buy you a new set of clothes... There's a shirt on the bed that you can wear for now, " said Brian.

Janet, who was still inside the bathroom, replied to him in a gentle voice, "You can go later, it's still raining outside now."

"That doesn't matter. I'm leaving now, and don't forget about the shirt on the bed!" After uttering these words, Brian ran out of the bedroom and stood in the living room. He badly wanted to slap himself over the face.

'Brian, enough already! You're 29 years old! You're not a 19-year-old teenager anymore! Don't act so childish!' thought Brian.

After he reproached himself, Brian walked towards the apartment's door and changed his shoes before going outside.

At that moment, the phone in Janet's handbag rang. After Brian hesitated for a moment, he grabbed the handbag from the sofa and returned to his bedroom.

He then knocked on the bathroom's door again, and sai

d, "Janet, your phone is ringing."

Janet was applying shampoo to her hair, and she said, "Help me and tell me who is calling!"

Brian opened her bag and took out her phone, but the caller displayed on the phone disappointed him. He had been happy earlier, but now he just felt morose.

"Daniel..." he said.

Silence fell inside the bathroom, but after half a minute, she said, "Brian, help me answer the phone."

"What should I say after I answer it?" asked Brian.

"... You can say anything that makes him unhappy, " replied Janet.


When the phone rang the second time, Brian slid the answer button and heard a man speak in a domineering, cold voice. "Jane Shao!"

"It's me, " said Brian. He looked towards the bathroom again and found that it was very quiet inside. Perhaps Janet wanted to know what Brian would say to Daniel.

After Daniel heard Brian's voice, his eyes suddenly opened, and rage seemed to be gleaning and burning in them. He then coldly asked, "Where's Janet?"

"She's taking a shower now!" Brian answered him honestly.


Later on, he felt a little frightened, and couldn't help but shiver, as if he felt a blast of cold wind accompanying Daniel's voice over the phone.

"Tell her to answer the phone!" After another moment, Daniel spoke coldly.

Brian smiled, and said, "Daniel Si, do you really want me to pass the phone to Janet this moment?" asked Brian.

His words irritated Daniel, and said, "If you dare to even touch a hair on her head, I will make you disappear forever!" said Daniel.

Disappear forever... Daniel was ruthless. Although he knew that Daniel could indeed do what he said, Brian still provoked Daniel. "It will be great if I can die for Janet!"

After Brian said this, Daniel suddenly hung up the phone.

After the call ended, Brian looked at the phone with confusion in his eyes. He shook his head and put the phone back in Janet's bag. After this, he placed it on the desk.

"Janet, you take your shower first. I'm leaving now!" After finishing these words, Brian closed the door behind him.

Janet, who was absent-minded at that time, rubbed her long hair and wondered if Daniel was angry.

She didn't know that Daniel was at that time in Sven's presence, and that he was so furious when he heard Brian that he threw his phone to the wall.

He still didn't manage to work off his anger this way, so he stood up from his chair and kicked it aside.

Sven was really stunned to see Daniel losing his temper and wondered what was going on.

He then watched Daniel pick up his phone and call Samuel. Daniel put the phone near Sven's ear, and said to him, "Tell father that Janet is staying with Brian now, and that she wants to break up with me and that she's at his place."


Sven was confused. He had nothing to do with this; he had just come there to take shelter from the rain, but he had now learned that Daniel and Janet didn't seem to get along too well with each other. But why did Daniel still involve him in this and asked him to act like a bad guy?

They got through to Samuel on the phone very soon, and Sven didn't even have the slightest chance to refuse Daniel.

"Sven, what's up?" asked Samuel.

Sven looked at Daniel who was staring at him, and spoke in despair, "Father*, Jane wants to break up with Daniel."

"Uh? What happened?" asked Samuel.

He was very confused. Jane had broken up with Daniel, but why did Sven call to tell him about it?

Sven wanted to say that he also had no idea... "Perhaps they broke up because of Brian. Jane is in Brian's house. Just now... when Daniel called Jane, Brian answered the phone, while Jane... was taking a shower, " replied Sven.

After he heard Sven, Daniel changed his expression and looked better. He then lit a cigarette and sat down in front of Sven.

"She's so unreasonable!" Samuel instantly became furious. He then immediately hung up the phone on Sven and tried calling Janet.

However, Janet was still taking her shower, and no one answered the phone.

Sven kicked Daniel, who was smoking his cigarette and asked, "Hey, what happened between you and Janet?"

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