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   Chapter 154 I'm Heartbroken

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All the secretaries outside Daniel's office had clearly heard Janet's last sentence; it turned out that Mr. Si really was chasing Janet!

In a trance-like state, Janet then walked out of the SL Group. When she saw that it was going to get dark soon, she texted Sally, "I'm crossed in love!"

Shortly afterwards, Sally called Janet. "Jane, you broke up with my brother?" she asked.

Janet, thinking, walked on the roadside and said, "Right."

Yes, indeed they had broken up.

"Why?" asked Sally.

"Your brother is such a bastard! I don't want to be in a relationship with him anymore. He still kept his first girlfriend in his heart, and what's more, he still had sex with Kate after that day. I loathe him... because he is filthy, " replied Janet. She was suffering, and sat down on a stool, and looked up at the sky.

With her eyes wide open, Sally asked confused, "Is my brother really a playboy?"

"Um, even if he didn't have any actual relationship with Sabina or Kate, I still don't want to be with him because of his decadent lifestyle!" said Janet. But, when she uttered these words, Janet felt even more heartbroken than ever!

He had once promised her that he would keep his distance from other women. But, he was just another man that couldn't help being lecherous; Janet had learned of this when she saw the eight maids at his villa in America. Janet believed that when she wasn't there, he must've hooked up with at least one of them...

"Did my brother agree to break up with you?" asked Sally.

After she remembered him saying "Whatever", Janet replied, "Um, yes, he agreed!"

"..." Sally was speechless, and was confused for a while, wondering why they had broken up.

'Didn't my brother know Jane's temper? Didn't he put up with Jane when she was losing her temper?' wondered Sally.

She thought that she needed to talk this all over with her brother. Although Jane had a bad temper, Daniel's temper was even worse than hers!

"Jane, calm down first. There must be a misunderstanding between you and my brother, " said Sally. Two days ago, her mother had just told her cheerfully that her brother was going to be engaged to Jane, but now Sally was left wondering why they actually broke up.

"Um... I'll wait and see. If he really had his first girlfriend in his heart, I can't accept this!" said Janet. She had once heard that for many people, their first lovers were unforgettable.

And she found that this seemed to be true. Daniel was her first boyfriend, who r

mbrella from the trunk, and then walked to the front passenger's seat, holding the umbrella.

He then helped Janet, who was wrapped in his clothes, get out of the car, and then entered the building's elevator together.

"Janet, tell me, what happened to you?" asked Brian. He was surprised when he received Janet's call.

When he saw Janet, who was soaked in the heavy rain, he felt very distressed.

"I broke up with Daniel, " said Janet.

She stared at the elevator's floor number, which kept changing while the elevator was going up. She had called Brian just because she didn't find any other suitable people to pick her up.

At other times, she would've called Sven, or her brother, but this time she didn't want them to see her in such an embarrassing and terrible situation.

When he heard that she broke up with Daniel, Brian wondered if he should be happy or feel sorry for her.

"Why did you break up with him?" asked Brian.

The water was dripping from her long hair, and Brian stretched out his hand and wiped the water drops from her face with the back of his hand.

Janet didn't answer his question, but instead just seriously looked at him.

Brian was stunned when he saw that she was looking at him, and asked, "Is there something on my face?"

"No. Brian, I might still bother you, and need your help!" Janet was a little shy speaking these words, but in the end she finally uttered them.

She knew that the last thing that Daniel would want to see was she hooking up with Brian. She planned to do this just to infuriate him...

However, before Brian nodded, she immediately shook her head, and said, "Nothing, just forget it."

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