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   Chapter 153 Register Our Marriage

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His explanations didn't convince Janet, but instead made her feel that Daniel was maybe too cold.

"I won't trust any of your words! We're breaking up!" Janet blurted out these words, and got free of his grip. She then walked towards the office door.

Daniel had explained so many things to her, but she was still angry at him, and she even threw out the words "breaking up" to him, which really irritated him.

He strode a few steps and dragged back the woman who was trying to leave. Again, she fell back into his arms.

He then lowered his head to kiss her red lips.

It wasn't just a kiss; he was actually biting on her lips.

Janet felt pain, and she put her hands on his strong waist and pinched hard on it.

After a long while, the man finally let her go, and watched her gulping for air. His eyes were burning with intense rage, and he said, "Janet, don't you remember how you treated me in bed last night?"

He continued, "I remember that you were really active and passionate about me last night. You called me brother Daniel, and what's more, you also called me your husband..."

Daniel's words made Janet's face instantly flush a bright red. She covered his mouth, and yelled, "Shut up! Don't say one more word!"

'You even have the nerve to mention something like that! You're the one who forced me to call you husband last night!' thought Janet.

The man pulled off her hand, and while gritting his teeth, he warned her, "Janet, I don't agree breaking up with you! Never mention these two words before me ever again!"

"No way! I must break up with you! I won't be with such an evil and mischievous man!" protested Janet. While she was crying and yelling at him, Janet was also struggling to get rid of his control, but the man wouldn't loosen his grip not even a bit.

"It's not up to you to decide whether we'll break up or not! You just wait for me. I'm going to soon ask for your father's blessings, so behave well, and just marry me!" said Daniel. But then he suddenly corrected his words, and said, "Actually, no!" Daniel appeared to have changed his mind, and he stared at the stubborn woman with a meaningful look burning in his eyes.

"What?" asked Janet. She felt scared under his piercing gaze.

"We're going to the Civil Affairs Bureau right now to register our marriage!" said Daniel. Pulling her by the hand, Daniel strode towards the door.

'The Civil Affairs Bureau?' Janet was shocked, and her eyes instantly became bigger. 'Is he crazy?' thought Janet.

"No, I'm not going! I want to break up with you!" She tightly gripped the sofa in the office, and kept struggling to escape from his hold. She thought that she would rather die than go with him.

'You dared mention about breaking up again!' thought Daniel. His rage skyrocketed again, and he just placed the woman over his shoulder and went with her towards the resting room!

Janet was thrown ruthlessly onto the big bed, which made her feel dizzy for a brief moment.

When she finally came back to her senses, the man pressed on her. "What're you doing?" she asked. "Daniel, this is in your office! Don't act rashly!"

"Jane, I warned you not to mention about breaking up with me! But you wouldn't listen to my words!" He raised her hands over her head, gripping them with his big palm.

Janet was all of a sudden under his full control. She became frightened, and shouted loudly, because the door wasn't closed yet. "Help! Help!"

Unexpectedly, someone was knocking at the door, which made Janet feel happy, and relieved.

"Daniel, someone's knocking at the door!" said Janet.

This was the CEO's office, and no one would ever dare to knock at his door if they didn't have something important to tell him. Daniel had to stand up from her, with his face all darkened up.

Daniel seriously warned her, "Janet, this is your last chance! If you ever dare mention those two words to me again, I won't let you off so easily!"

He then furiously tidied up his clothes and tie, and went out of the resting room.

'Why? Why is he angry? He really has the nerve to be angry with me! I'm the one who should have the right to be angry, because he's such a bad man!' thought Janet.

She jumped out of the bed, and also hastily tidied up her clothes.

Standing in the resting room, J

anet could see that it was Shirley who had entered the office. She heard Daniel speak in a cold voice, "You'd better have something important to tell me, or else you have to get out right now!"

His angry and cold voice startled Shirley so much that she even dropped on the floor the files she was carrying in her hands.

When Janet saw him treat Shirley in that unfair and unkind way, she strode out of the resting room, and greatly angered, she confronted the man who was just about to light his cigarette in front of his desk. "Daniel Si! Are you always treating Shirley like this?"

"Janet, no..." Shirley spoke in a low voice to stop Janet. She then bent down to pick up the files and papers from the floor.

But when she bent down her body, Daniel incidentally caught a glimpse of her working uniform. He frowned, and his eyes were filled with contempt.

'When did the neckline of the SL Group's working uniform become so low?' wondered Daniel.

"Daniel, say something!" urged Janet. She walked towards Daniel, with her cheeks furiously bulged up. The man lit his cigarette and put it between his lips.

He didn't seem to want to answer Janet's words.

Janet was so furious that she took away his cigarette, and put it out in the ashtray, while she kept murmuring, "Are you ignoring my words? Break up! Break up! We must break up, now!"

Shirley picked up the files from the floor, and put them on the desk. She then said, "Janet, no... Mr. Si is actually nice to me!"

'Nice to you?' wondered both Janet and Daniel.

Her words made both Janet and Daniel fall into different thoughts.

In Janet's mind, she wondered whether Daniel was nice to every woman in the company.

But in Daniel's mind, he wondered if he had arranged not enough work to her.

Daniel then instructed Shirley, "Report to me!"

"Yes! Mr. Si... It's about the project we have with the Xingchen Company. The project is running, but two people are dead because of it. Also, the director of the Xingchen Company has arrived here, and he is waiting for you in the meeting room on the 22nd floor!"

The words "two people are dead" dumbfounded the people in the office, and the atmosphere became tense all of a sudden.

Daniel got up from his chair and stood in front of Janet. He said, "Please go back first, and don't ever mention about what happened today again. I have to go and work!"

'Don't mention about it?' thought Janet. "Are you afraid of talking about it? Okay, as you wish, I won't mention it anymore. Because we'll go on our separate ways from now on!" said Janet. Janet then put on her backpack, and waved to Shirley. She strode fast, and was just about to leave the office.

But her backpack was suddenly caught, and Janet couldn't move forward anymore.

Daniel dragged the disobedient woman into his arms, and warned her, "Janet, if you really want to challenge my patience, we'll go to the Civil Affairs Bureau tonight!"

'Go to the Civil Affairs Bureau?' wondered Shirley. She stared at the two quarrelling people with an unbelievable look gleaming in her eyes.

"What a pity! The Civil Affairs Bureau is closed at night!" said Janet sarcastically.

The man grinned a pretentious smile, and answered her, "Whenever I ask them to go back to work, they go back to work!"

... Janet was infuriated, and she eventually got rid of his control. She then spoke in an impulsive manner, and said, "Daniel, are you selling yourself out so cheap?"

At that moment, the office fell silent. Shirley was shocked by Janet's courage to disobey Daniel's words in such an aggressive manner.

Daniel glanced at Janet, with his face now completely darkened up. He plainly said, "That's up to you!" He then strode away.

Shirley gave a meaningful look to Janet, and then she also quickly went out and caught up with Daniel.

'Up to me? He should say that it's up to me!' thought Janet.

She looked towards the direction to where he disappeared and curled her lips, feeling even more aggrieved.

'Why didn't he have any more patience to coax me? He must've backed out because he was afraid that I discovered his lies! That's it! Daniel's having a guilty conscience now!' thought Janet.

Believing that Daniel was actually a bad man, Janet shook her head and then left the CEO's office.

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