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   Chapter 152 This Was Difficult to Explain

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Janet suddenly stood up from his lap. She looked at his face, which had softened a lot from his usual cold expression. She didn't know how to tell him what was on her mind, or what she should ask him first.

Seeing Janet's strange behavior, Daniel was wondering what had happened to her.

"What do you want to ask me? Go ahead!"

He reached out his hands, trying to hold her, but she put her hands aside, avoiding his grasp.

"Sabina Fan." She blurted out the name flatly and gazed firmly at Daniel.

Daniel was shocked to hear the name, and his face became pale. Then, he said, "Why are you mentioning her?"

He was pondering how did Janet find out about Sabina.

Looking at Daniel's expression, Janet thought that what Kate said was right. She asked him, "Why do you want to be with me?"

Daniel stood up from the sofa, and while he frowned, he said, "Jane, has anyone told you anything?"

Janet looked very odd today, and she had surely seen someone before coming to his office, thought Daniel.

"I'm good at nothing, and you are excellent at everything. Why did you choose to be with me in the first place? Is it just because your mother has pushed you to be with me?" She ignored his question and continued to bombard him with her doubts and frustrations.

"Or is it because I'm just another stubborn woman, and you'll feel happy if you conquer me?"


Daniel's face now became very cold, and he was very angry. He really wanted to find the person who had told all of this bullshit to Janet. "My silly sweetheart, I chose to be with you only because I love you. It has nothing to do with any other people."

"Oh, so you like me only because you like dominating me in bed. You just enjoy making me succumb to your will." She remembered that when they were in bed, Daniel had asked her many times, "Will you stay obedient to me? Will you always listen to me?"

"Tell me, who has instilled all of these ideas and thoughts into your mind?" Daniel asked her in a cold, stern manner. He wasn't angry with her, but only with the person who had sown the discord between him and Janet.

Janet was very simple-minded, and she was easily trapped by ill-disposed people.

Janet didn't want to betray Kate, and instead raised her head and looked into Daniel's eyes, and said, "Please answer my question."

Daniel didn't want to answer her unreasonable questions, and so he walked to the desk and called through the internal line. "Come in for a moment, " he said.

Within seconds, Spark knocked on the door and entered the office. Daniel said to him, "Check all the people that Jane met before coming here."

"No!" Janet protested immediately.

Daniel glanced at Spark in a daunting manner, and ordered him, "Go check! Now!"

"I said no! Daniel!"

They quarrelled with each other, and Spark was caught in a weird dilemma. He didn't know what he should do.

He was supposed to follow the CEO's order, but he also knew that Janet weighed pretty much in Daniel's heart. Obviously, he could not ignore what Janet was saying.

Finally, Daniel cave in. He shot a look at Spark to leave the office.

Daniel then got closer to her and took her into his arms. He calmly said to her, "Janet, I don't want to know who told you all these things. What I do know is that I only want to be with you. You are the woman with whom I want to spend the rest of my life. Just forget all about that crap!"

"Yes, I want to forget, and I believe you, but Sabina is still buried deep in your heart. She's even more important to you than me. How can I rest assured to marry you?"

Janet stayed in Daniel's arms, and she was very angry.

Daniel seriously replied, "Janet, Sabina is a woman of my past. You don't need to feel bothered by her anymore."

The past is the past, and Daniel could no longer come back to her.

"But..." Janet broke free from his arms and looked at Daniel aggrieved. She said, "Sabina divorced, and last time when you went to America, she

was living in your mansion. And Kate also shared the bedroom with you. We are together now, indeed, but you have betrayed me, both emotionally and physically... You aren't faithful to me."

Janet paused here. Now Daniel knew who had told these things to her.

"I'm not and I wasn't unfaithful to you, Jane. I've always loved you from the beginning!" said Daniel. He looked deep into Janet's eyes.

Daniel was such a heartwarming person. He thought that Janet was only jealous about Sabina and Kate.

He walked up to Janet and again held her in his arms. He then gently, and lovingly, said, "Jane, don't think of it too much. I really love you."

Janet remembered the scenes in mansion No. 9. She felt furious and pushed him away, harshly. She couldn't help crying out, "Daniel! You're still lying to me! When I got out of the hospital, I wanted to beg you for your forgiveness, but I saw you on Kate's bed, holding her hand."

She took a deep breath and tried to hold back her tears; she failed, and tears ran in a stream down her cheeks. She said, "When I later left on that day, you still went into her room!"

Then she thought that she was really ridiculous. She had known beforehand that there was something between Daniel and Kate happening at that time, but she was still willing to live with him. She now really considered that she had actually degraded herself!

The tears on Janet's face made Daniel's heart ache. "Please don't cry, Jane. I deliberately did it to make you feel jealous. I had no other intentions!"

He hadn't expected this to cause him so much trouble.

At the time, he had let Kate go to his mansion, because he wanted to make Janet angry. But now this was difficult to explain...

He really wanted to kick himself in the head; he had made a terrible mistake.

It was impossible for Janet to believe him. "Apart from Kate, why didn't you mention Sabina?"

From the very beginning of their conversation, Daniel had talked little about Sabina. He even didn't explain what had happened while they were in America.

"I didn't intentionally avoid mentioning her. I only thought that this was something that had already passed, and it's meaningless to talk about things that happened in the past. We can't get back together, you don't have to worry about that." Daniel really didn't understand why Janet was so bothered by Sabina.

Was it because she was jealous?

"Something that had already passed? No. Daniel, you lived with her in your mansion for a week, and there is no explanation for that! You're fooling me!" Janet wiped her tears with her hands. She shouted at him with anger in her voice.

Daniel had also felt unhappy when Janet had simply across Brian in America. Why couldn't she ask him about Sabina?

Daniel put his arms around her neck, and said in a hard, stern voice, "Sabina was only in a bad mood, and she wanted to stay at my place for a week. Nothing happened between us." He acknowledged that Sabina had shown regret for not staying with him, but in order to draw a clear line between them, and make Sabina give up on her endeavors, Daniel had called Kate to his place.

That was why Kate was in the same bedroom with him.

"And tell me the real reason why you were with Kate..." Jane blurted out her last question.

Daniel kept silent about this question for a while. In the beginning, he was with Kate because she physically resembled Sabina. But since Jane had appeared in his life, everything had changed. He said, "The real reason was because I wanted to protect you. Because I am in such a high position, there are many people who are against me, and I was worried that you might be hurt by them."

The reason sounded ill-founded, and Janet sneered at him, and said, "But you worry about Kate, did you?"

"No. I don't care about her. You are my only concern." Kate had known Daniel's true intention, and Daniel had made it clear to her, but she was still willing to be with him, nonetheless.

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