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   Chapter 151 Sabina Was Constantly in His Villa

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Janet was jealous on the girl in the photo; she didn't even have a photo of her with Daniel taken yet. She remembered that one night, when they were in A Country, she had wanted to take some pictures with him, but that he had rejected her...

Janet opened her mouth after a while, and said, "So what? Sabina is married now. It's a little too late to regret now."

Kate kept on smiling. She had came prepared to Janet, and she showed her a screenshot with a piece of news.

"Dylan Dou, the richest man of Muduo City in Green Cold Country, formally divorced Sabina Fan at the beginning of this month."

The said everything there was to know. After reading it, Janet tightly clutched one of the corners of her garment.

She took a deep breath, and sneered at Kate, "Why do you try to make me suffer when you yourself had such a hard time? Daniel is my boyfriend now and I believe in him."

Kate took a sip out of her cup of coffee, trying to cover her envy.

Her face looked normal again when she put down the cup. "Daniel stayed in America for two months, and one week during that period, Sabina was constantly in his villa. I saw her personally when I went there. But Daniel and me were in one room, and Sabina was in the next. However, that was not the point. The point is that Sabina now wanted to come back to Daniel."

Her words flustered Janet.

Everyone knew that Kate had been to Daniel's villa, including Janet; she had also been mad at him for this.

Janet recalled those days in the No. 9 villa. Daniel had went to Kate's room immediately after he was finished having sex with her.

"You and Daniel... How far have the two of you gone?"

Janet's mind went blank, and she wasn't aware anymore that Kate would lie to her.

"Whatever happened, happened only between Daniel and me." Kate lied to Janet.

And her words absolutely shattered Janet.

She told herself that Daniel had had sex with her before he had hooked up with her.

But, even after they got together, it seemed that Daniel and Kate had still slept...

"Janet, another reason for Daniel to be with you is that he is forced by his family. When we were together, his parents had called him lots of times, advising him to be with you. Daniel was so annoyed by them that he eventually accepted to be with you."

'He was forced by parents?'

Janet believed everything she said. Everyone knew that Lola wanted them to be together.

Janet didn't even notice when Kate left. After a while, Janet went straight to the SL Group.

She wanted to know what Daniel had to say about all of this.

Janet sent a message to Sally on her way to the SL Group. "Sally, I have something to deal with with right now. I can't meet you tonight, we'll meet on another day."

Sally immediately called her. "Jane, what happened?"

Looking outside the car window, Janet bit her lip, and asked, "Sally, do you know Sabina?"

Sally paused for a brief second.

Of course she knew her. Sabina was Daniel's first love, but she was not that important to him as Janet ex

pected her to be.

Sally tried to explain to Janet, "Jane, that's all in the past, and Daniel only loves you now."

'He only loves me now?' Janet had been also quite sure about this before she had her talk with Kate, but now she wasn't anymore.

"Okay, I see. I'm going to see him."

"Alright, but just talk to him. Don't argue or fight!" Janet had a bad temper, while Daniel wasn't that talkative. He didn't defend himself often.

"Okay. Bye, Sally."

After the short phone call, Janet patted herself on the forehead. She told herself to calm down before seeing him.

'Don't get angry. Don't get angry. Don't get angry.' She remind herself three times.

However, all of her reminders were quickly forgotten when she saw Daniel.

At the SL Group

Janet had previously worked there, so the receptionist recognised her. She was just about to inform Spark of her visit after she found out that she was here for Mr. Si.

But Janet stopped her, and said, "There's no need to inform Spark. I can go upstairs by myself."

Janet then walked towards the elevator after she spoke to the receptionist.

But receptionist felt a little worried and still called Spark after Janet got inside the elevator.

Spark received the phone call just when Janet had arrived on the CEO's office floor.

"I know. Don't worry, it's alright." After he hung up, Spark stood up immediately.

"Miss Shao, Boss Si is in a conference with his managers. Shall I inform him of your visit now?" Spark took a look at Janet, and saw that her face was slightly pale.

Shirley also saw Janet. She wanted to greet her, but she just waved at her, because they were in the company.

Janet smiled at her in return, and said to Spark, "Yes, please. Thank you!"

Janet then walked towards Shirley. "Shirley, you must be tired."

Looking at a pile of papers on her desk, Janet felt a little guilty. Maybe she shouldn't have recommended her to the SL Group.

"I'm fine, don't worry. Are you here for Boss Si?" Shirley squeezed a smile and spoke in a whisper.

She also found that there was something wrong with Janet, but she couldn't ask too much during office hours.

"Yes. There is something I need to talk with him." At that very moment, Daniel came out in person out of the conference room to welcome Janet.

The managers were leaving, and Janet and Daniel were looking at each other.

She walked up to him and he stretched his right hand, grabbing her and dragging her inside the president's office.

The door was then closed. One of the secretaries said, "Boss Si and Janet are really dating each other. Have you seen that? He held her by her hand into his office."

She really admired Janet for her cunning spirit to be with her boss.

Another secretary joined in on the gossip about Daniel and Janet. All of this was happening while Shirley was just blankly looking at her files in front of her.

"Honey, why did you come here?" Daniel sat on the sofa and let Janet sit on his legs.

Thinking of last night, he unconsciously gulped.

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