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   Chapter 150 Make A Man Want To Conquer You

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Janet almost screamed when she saw herself in the mirror, and quickly covered her mouth!

'Daniel was indeed a wild beast!' She thought, while looking at her body.

"Whee, my brother just loves you more now. You should thank me for that!" Sally hummed while she shook the nightgown in her hands.

"But your brother didn't even say that he loves me the whole entire night!" Janet was feeling wronged, and thought that he had only wanted to sleep with her last night.

Sally was speechless for a moment, but then said, "It's said that women in love are just a bunch of fools with low IQ, and that is true. Don't you already know that my brother really loves you? If he didn't love you, he wouldn't have moved in with you. If he didn't love you, he wouldn't have taken you to America. Jane, when did you ever become so foolish?"

Janet hid herself under the quilt, and with her face flushed red, said, "He said that he loved me only one time!"

'Although, I might also have said that I love him only once... Well, we're even then!' thought Janet.

Sally was again speechless for a while, but after kept on enlightening her. "My brother is really cold, and you can't expect him to say sweet things all day long. In his mind, if he said he loves you, even once, it will last forever. So cut all of this nonsense already."

"Hum, I know! How about we have dinner together?" Since Shirley had started working for the SL Group, she had arrived home late everyday, and only replied to Janet's WeChat messages in the middle of the night. Shirley just wanted to perform better at her job, so Janet didn't dare to bother her any longer.

"You should ask my brother first whether he is free, and then make an arrangement with me." They were in passionate love, and Sally felt that she shouldn't bother them.

Janet thought about it, and said, "Maybe he's busy now. I waited for more than three hours last night for him before he got off work!"

"OK! Tell me where to meet. Oh, I heard the newly released movie is good. Should we go go see


Her words made Janet's face turn pale. She thought that it was true that she was wayward and unreasonable, but these could be gradually fixed!

"You don't have to lie to me! Daniel and I are going to be engaged, just after Nicole's wedding. If he doesn't love me, we won't get married." Thinking about Daniel pressing her to get married over and over again made Janet feel safe.

Her word surprised Kate. 'They're going to be engaged? She's just a little girl. I can fix her, ' she thought.

She then said, "Do you know why? You're unyielding and obstinate, which makes a man want to conquer you. Daniel is a man, and you know that he is powerful and bossy. He's getting engaged to you just to conquer you, and he wanted everyone to see that he, Daniel Si, can conquer the arrogant Janet Shao! Your father and brother are both renowned, and Daniel will feel great when he conquers you."

Her every word was like a hammer that was swinging at Janet's heart.

She looked at Sabina's photo in silence.

Seeing that she couldn't persuade Janet, Kate unlocked her phone and showed her another picture.

"If this is also a fake picture, I'll be cursed!"

It was still Sabina in the photo, but in it there was also a man who was cheerfully smiling.

It was Daniel, with a big smile on his face, holding Sabina in his arms a few years ago.

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