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   Chapter 149 Jane, You're So Amazing

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When he reached the 16th floor, Daniel unlocked the apartment using his fingerprint. However, he found that it was dark and silent inside.

He felt a little disappointed, because he had asked Jane to come and spend the night with him there.

He switched the light on and entered the bedroom, but it was empty.

Daniel felt depressed, and with a cold face, he took out his phone out of his pocket and was just about to call Janet.

But at that moment, a figure, walking barefoot, got close to Daniel from a corner.

When she was just one meter away from him, Daniel vigilantly turned around and backed away. Janet was stunned and stood rooted to the ground.

He was always vigilant...

Although Janet was barefoot, and walked without making any sound, Daniel still felt her getting close to him.

When Daniel looked at Janet, who was in front of him, his pupils suddenly shrank. Janet was actually there, and she even...

Had dressed up sexy for him.

"I... I..." Daniel fixed his eyes on Janet with intense ardour, making her too nervous to utter another word.

'Don't I look pretty? Sally told me that a man loves a woman dressed up like this. Should I be more proactive?' thought Janet. She scratched the back side of her head, thinking that she shouldn't let Daniel leave her this time since she was dressed up like that.

"Daniel..." Janet called out to him in a gentle and alluring voice, and gradually got closer to him.

She put her fair arms around Daniel's waist...

"I'm a little cold..." What Janet was saying was true, because spring had come, and the heater hadn't been turned on yet and the balcony's window was still open.

Daniel's breath intensified. He plucked his tie and then held Janet in his arms.

Janet stood on her tiptoes and gently kissed his perfect lips. Daniel lowered his head, and tasted her sweet red lips.

When he was with her, Daniel wasn't feeling restrained or indifferent anymore!

Janet almost couldn't resist Daniel's temptations or bear his passionate reaction towards her tonight. She giggled and bit him for several times in a kind of mild, playful retaliation.

Both of them threw their clothes on the floor, and with his forehead covered in beads of sweat, Daniel laughed naughtily at her, and said, "You seduced me first, so now you have to bear the consequences!"

He kissed her wildly, covering her fair skin with a thous

who did brother had a romantic affair last night! My brother seemed to have heard them talk about him, and he even didn't stop them! Jane, you're so amazing!" said Sally. She smiled while looking at the adult pajamas she wanted to give to her sister. However, her sister was pregnant for three months, so she changed her mind for the moment.

'Or... Could I wear them?' thought Sally.

"Ah! I understand!" said Janet. 'That's too bad! Oh, what a shame! Why didn't Daniel hide them?' thought Janet.

"It doesn't matter, they don't know that the one who stayed with Daniel last night was actually me, " said Janet. She also grinned, thinking that she was very lucky. However, after she heard what Sally later said, Janet was so shocked that her smile froze on her face.

"What you're thinking is completely wrong! In this well-developed Internet era, you can't hide any secrets anymore. The news that you and my brother went to America some time ago has already spread, and many people know of that. Everyone concluded that the one who spent the night with my brother could be only you! Janet! Hey, hey..."


Janet's face then twitched a little and thought that the people of the SL Group were so awesome that they had even revealed the fact that she had went to America together with Daniel!

"It's all your fault. Why did you have to give me that bare midriff pajama..." Janet, with her face flushed, complained to Sally in a low voice. The pajamas, however, had a strong magic power over Daniel, making him act like a passionate beast when they had made love to each other last night!

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