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   Chapter 148 Why Haven't You ever Peeped in on Me When I was Taking a Shower

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John raised his little head, and said in a proud tone, "Of course, my brother-in-law treated me very well!"

Daniel was happy and satisfied with little John's words. Janet smiled, and when she looked towards the car, she asked, "Where's Sally?"

"Sally's quite busy choosing dresses for Nicole, " said Jerry. They then got inside the car.

Sven and Nicole's wedding ceremony was scheduled to be held in less than ten days, and the two powerful families were really busy.

Jerry drove them straight back to the Royal Mansion Neighbourhood, and stopped at Mansion No. 8 first.

Ella and Samuel were already waiting for them with lunch. They were quite happy to see them come back home.

"Daddy, mommy, why did you abandon me? Is it really because I'm so ugly?" asked John. He was in his mother's arms, and he looked at his mother with a discontented look on his face as he repeated what Janet had told him back in America.

Janet giggled, and thought that the kid really had a good memory! And he took her jokes on him serious.

Ella pretended to be angry, and stared at her daughter. She said, "Who's the one that said that my John is ugly? I'll punch him, or her..."

John instantly held his mother's neck, while pointing his finger at Janet. He said, "It was sister, and she even peeped on me when I was having my bath!"

John's childish words made everyone present in the house burst into laughter.

Daniel whispered to Janet's ear, "Why haven't you ever peeped in on me when I was taking a shower?"

Janet's face instantly flushed red, and she pinched the tittering man beside her. She said, "Don't be so shameless!"

"I'm not ashamed, I don't care about shame with my wife!" said Daniel.

Janet quickly covered his mouth, and then she took a glance at the other people around. Luckily, no one heard their conversation.

"No more of your nonsense!" protested Janet.

Daniel grabbed her hand and kissed it, and after that he dragged her to the living room.

At lunch time, Janet felt that it was strange that Samuel and Ella didn't ask Daniel a single question about his plans for their marriage.

Before, Samuel had kept worrying whether Daniel would take responsibility for Janet or not. They had already been to America for more than two weeks, but now it seemed that he didn't ask not even a single question.

What's more, he was now even having some nice talks with Daniel.

Janet felt it was really odd.

After finishing their lunch, Daniel was just about to go back to the company. Spark drove Daniel's car from mansion No. 9, and before he got inside his car, Daniel held Janet in his arms, and said, "Go inside and sleep."

Janet agreed and nodded her head to him. She had always stayed together with him when they were in America, and she wasn't used to being separated from him now.

Daniel understood her feelings and smiled, and whispered to her ear, "Go to the Waterside Apartment Complex tonight."

Janet's face flushed red again, and she pinched his hand. She replied to him with two simple words, "No way!"

She then ran back to the mansion.

Daniel looked at her back, his eyes filled with warmth.

Inside mansion No. 8

Ella saw her daughter coming in and wearing a happy and sweet look on her face. She then tittered at her, "What? He just left. Miss him now?"

Samuel then echoed his wife's words and let out an exaggerated sigh. He said, "As the saying goes, a grown daughter can't be kept at home!"

'But Daniel, you brat, you're lucky to have my daughter!' thought Samuel.

Janet's face flushed bright red again, and she stared at her parents, and said, "I don't want to talk to you anymore. I have to go to bed now!"

Then she went upstairs, jumping with joy.

Samuel and Ella looked at each other, grinning a reassuring smile.

In the SL Group

Hearing that Mr. Si was coming back, some of the secretaries immediately checked over their files and papers, which were used later during the meeting.

Shirley sat on her chair with her hand pressing her chest, because her heart was beating really fast.

She took a few deep breaths, and while trying to calm down, she encouraged herself in her mind, 'Shirley Zheng! Take it easy! Perform well, you're the best that'll ever be!'

The elevator's door was opened, and Daniel's tall figure appeared in front of the se

cretaries. He was walking fast, with Spark trying to keep up with him from behind.

"Hello, Mr. Si!"

The six secretaries all stood up and greeted Daniel.

Daniel gave them a simple reaction, but then he incidentally caught a glimpse of Shirley, who had already started to work there. But he didn't say anything more, and just entered his office.

Shirley became so nervous when Daniel glanced at her that she almost suffocated on the spot. Daniel looked even more handsome and attractive.

Daniel sat on his chair and thought for a short while. Then he instructed Spark, "Ask Shirley Zheng, the new secretary, to bring me the papers we're going to use for the meeting later. And also, tell her to highlight for me the important points of the meeting."

Spark was a little bit surprised, and he went out to call Shirley in.

This task was initially Miss Qin's duty, so when they heard that their boss had asked Shirley to do it instead, they were all shocked.

Shirley was nervous, and her face even turned a little pale. She was still not quite that familiar with this task, and she didn't know if she had the confidence to do it well. But it was Daniel's order, and she had to manage her emotions. She took the papers and entered the CEO's office.

Meanwhile in the office, Daniel was reading the papers concerning the Shun Tian Project. Shirley took a deep breath, and while grinning a smile, she said, "Mr. Si!"

"I'm listening!"

Daniel answered her straight to the point, without uttering nonsense. Shirley then opened her papers, and told him all the important points of their upcoming meeting.

Five minutes later, Shirley stopped her reporting, and the office was quiet for a moment. After this, Daniel said in a plain voice, "Put the papers here."

After Shirley put them in front of him, Daniel said, "You are working here by Janet's recommendation. I hope that you won't make any mistakes in your work, but remember, if you make any, I won't give you any preferential treatment!"

Shirley of course understood him. She got the chance for the interview through some inner relations, and if she didn't do well in her work, she would be fired at any time, without any second thoughts!

Feeling a little distressed, Shirley tried to smile, and replied, "Thank you, Mr. Si. I will try my very best to not disappoint either you, or Janet."

"Get out and work!" said Daniel. The man had kept his eyes on the paper he was studying from the beginning of his conversation with Shirley to the end, without even glancing at her, not even for a second.

Coming out of the CEO's office, Shirley could now hear everyone talking about her. They wondered what was the relationship between her and Mr. Si, as they heard of the news that it was Mr. Si who had given her the opportunity to take the interview.

When Shirley thought of Daniel's cold attitude towards her, she swore in her mind that she must work harder and perform the best as she could to let Daniel change his attitude on her.

At nine o'clock in the evening

Daniel closed the final file, and looked at his wristwatch. He then immediately cleared his desk and walked out of the office.

Spark was about to follow up with him, but Daniel waved his hand, and said, "You're off duty today, I can go back home by myself."

He gave his strict instruction to Spark while he kept walking towards his personal elevator.

Spark shook his head, and understood the only reason for him to rush back home so early.

But Shirley had a doubtful look in her eyes, and she cautiously asked, "Spark, why is Mr. Si in such a hurry? What's going on?"

This was not a topic that should be discussed in the company, but Spark knew that Shirley was introduced here by her friend, Janet. He said, "There's only one woman who can make our boss feel so anxious to go back home to her. Who do you think that is?"

Needless to say her name, Shirley of course understood who he was talking about. Her breathing intensified when she looked at the piles of papers stacked in front of her. She then devoted herself to the company's work for the rest of the evening.

Inside the Waterside Apartment Complex

The Cayenne stopped in the interior parking lot. Daniel locked his car, and then quickly entered the elevator, and when he thought of his woman, he grinned a big smile.

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