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   Chapter 147 He Was Ready to Run Away at Any Time

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Ella quickly replied, "I'm not worried as long as Daniel is there!"

... Janet didn't know what to say to that. She asked, "Where are you and dad now? Were you worried to leave John with a weak woman for half a month?"

Ella refuted her without mercy, and replied, "How dare you say that you're weak? Haven't you practiced taekwondo before? We will come and pick up John the day after tomorrow."

'The day after tomorrow?' Janet wondered. Janet had stayed in A Country for nearly ten days, but Daniel had planned to stay there for half a month and then go back. She said to her mother, "You don't need to come here. We will come back soon."

"Okay. Be good to Daniel, and don't lose your temper when you are with him, okay?"

Janet hastily replied, "Mom, you know that lately I've become more calmer."

Her calmness was attributed to Daniel only. He was really good to her, and she couldn't find any excuse to be angry with him anymore. She was very happy.

But Ella didn't believe her. She had raised her for over twenty years, and she had a pretty clear idea of her daughter's temper. "Anyway, be good to Daniel. Where is John now?"

When they were back at home, Janet and her brother would occasionally quarrel. Ella thought that they must be getting along well now.

"Oh, and speaking of John... Do you know that I'm more like his mother now than his sister? Did you know that? Now I can make formula milk for him, bathe him, and I can even put his diaper on at night." Janet felt so proud of herself that she could take such good care of her brother.

Ella thought for a while, and now that John had grown up, he wasn't wetting the bed at night anymore. She said to Janet, "You don't have to put diapers on him anymore at night."

John could skip putting the diapers for now, because he was old enough to get rid of them. Ella was thinking of also helping him quit the milk completely after a short period of time.


Guided by Ella's instructions, Janet came to John's room and took his diaper off of him.

When she returned to her room, Daniel happened to be coming out of the study.

He noticed that she wasn't in the room, and he looked at her doubtful, and asked, "Where have you been?"

Janet pointed at John's room, and answered, "My mother asked me to take his diaper off."

Then they entered the bedroom together, and Daniel held her in his arms and carried her to the bed.

"Why are you holding me? I can walk fine by myself." But she didn't take her hands away from holding his neck after Daniel put her down on the bed. Daniel just remained there bowing to her and staring at her steadily, while she was still clinging onto his neck.

Then he lowered his head and kissed her lips. He then answered her, "I just wanted to hold you. There's no particular reason why I did so. I'll go and take a shower now."


Lola saw that Jane and Daniel got along pretty well with each other and felt relieved. She then returned to C Country with Harry.

The following day, Janet took John to Chinatown.

As soon as she got out of the car, the WeChat message app alerted her. It was Ferris.

"Janet, are you busy now?"

Janet had planned to ignore him, but then she thought that it was very impolite to do so. She replied, "Yes. What's the matter?"

"I'm handling some affairs in Green Cold Country now, and I'm short of money. Could you lend me one hundred thousand dollars?"

... Janet kept her silence; she thought he had seriously crossed the line now.

"Sorry, I'm abroad now. You can wait until I come back." She didn't think that she was that close to him to lend him so much money. So she refused him immediately.

She was wondering why did he want to borrow money from her? A big boss like him wouldn't lack one hundred thousand...

"Well, the case is very urgent here. Our client in Green Cold Country is in urgent need for the money, and I really have no choice. You're the only person that I could turn to. Can you help me, Janet? I will pay you back the money as soon as you come back to C Country!"

Janet stared at her phone's display in disgust. How could he be so shameless?

But she didn't want to be bothered again, and it wasn't that much of a sum. She cave in to him, and replied, "Send me your bank account."

She then transferred the money through her bank app at two inter


"Thank you, Janet, I've received the money. No words can express my thanks to your great gratitude." After receiving this message, Janet turned off her phone and totally ignored him.

She took John to the amusement park to play. After a while, her phone rang, and it was Ferris again.

"Hello! What's the matter?" She held John's hands firmly and answered the call.

Ferris faltered, "I'm so sorry, Janet, but the money was still not enough. Could you lend me some more? I guarantee to pay you back when you come back to the country."

Janet was now utterly speechless. She was wondering why had she been introduced to this man in a blind date, and she swore that she would never attend a blind date ever again.

"How much more do you want?"

"About... two hundred thousand!"

Janet only wanted to finish the conversation with him as soon as possible. So she answered him, "I see. Wait please."

She then transferred the two hundred thousand at four intervals through her cellphone banking app. She had lent him three hundred thousand in total, and she was thinking how much money was now left in her account. She calculated and thought that it was all fine. She had only lent him one fourth of her money to him.

She didn't care that much about money; she just let it pass by and continued to play around with John.

She didn't tell this to anyone because she thought it wasn't necessary. Three hundred thousand was not that big of a deal for her.

In the same day, at the SL Group

Daniel picked up the call coming from his secretary from C Country. She told him that Ferris's company had been accused of tax evasion and accounting fraud.

Ferris had spent a lot of money to bribe the officials, but he failed to avoid the investigation of the related department.

"Have we signed the contract with him about the cooperative project yet?" Daniel asked her flatly. What he mentioned was the cooperative project that he had talked about with Ferris when he had dinner with Janet.

"We're on the last procedure to sign the contract, but when Ferris got the news that his company is being investigated, he was ready to run away at any time."

"Since we haven't signed the contract, leave it as it is. It doesn't matter if we sign the contract anymore." Ferris was not only very mean, but also a very bad person.

Daniel wondered who had introduced this kind of person to Janet. If Ferris and Janet had been together, Janet would have been involved in trouble too.

"Okay, Mr. Si. And also, about the Shun Tian Project we invested in; one of the bidders, Poe is his name, wanted to see you and talk to you."

"Okay, arrange a meeting for us." The capital involved in the Shun Tian Project was huge, and it was necessary to talk to Poe face to face. Daniel thought.

The secretary checked his schedule, and replied, "I'll arrange the meeting on the third day after Miss Nicole wedding ceremony. You can meet him in the evening on that day. Is that alright?"


"That's all. I'm sorry to have interrupted you, Mr. Si, " said the secretary.

After ending the call, Daniel was wondering whether he should remind Jane to be cautious of Ferris or not. But then he thought that Jane had always been with him, and that Ferris couldn't have reached her.

On that day, in the evening, Daniel causally said to Janet, "Don't see or talk to Ferris again, this guy is not a good person."

But Janet was too drowsy after playing with John the whole day, and she didn't hear what Daniel had just said to her. She simply replied with an okay, and then fell asleep.

Time went by fast, and it was time to go back home, and Janet was happily packing her luggage inside the house.

She was doing this by all by herself because butler Park had dismissed all the maids in the house under Lola's strict instruction.

They had to hire hourly workers when they came to America again.

In C Country

Daniel appeared at the gates of the airport with John in his arms, and Janet was beside him dressed in a long Denim Jacket, while Spark followed them from behind carrying the luggage in his hands.

Jerry came to pick them up, and he took John from Daniel's arms and pinched John's chubby face. He smiled, and said, "You have gained some weight while staying with your sister. Hehe, you must have eaten a lot delicious foods."

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