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   Chapter 146 The Si Family Carried the Twin Gene

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'Is that mother*?' wondered Janet. She looked carefully at her, and found that the woman was, indeed, Lola!

"Mother*!" shouted Janet. She happily ran downstairs to the dining room.

When she heard Janet, Lola was also very happy. While seeing Janet run to her, Lola stretched out her arms to wrap them around Janet in a warm hug.

"Jane, tell me, aren't you surprised?" asked Lola.

"Um. I'm really surprised, and also glad to see you!" replied Janet. They hugged each other tightly.

After they finished greeting each other, Janet asked, "Didn't father* come with you?" She was confused, because Harry was always with Lola, wherever he went.

"Jane!" There was a slightly solemn voice coming from the living room, and Janet grinned and walked towards it.

She saw Harry sitting on the sofa, and said, "Father*!" After Janet greeted Harry, she sat beside him on the sofa.

"Um, Jane, does Daniel still bully you these days?" asked Harry. He put down the newspaper he was reading and looked at Janet with affection drawn all over his face.

"No. He is really nice to me now!" Janet immediately replied to Harry in a firm tone.

Her father was as serious as Daniel was but, of course, like father, like son!

"Well, that's great. If Daniel ever bullies you again, you can tell Lola and she will help you punish him, " said Harry. Lola then came out of the dining room, and walked towards them and sat down beside Jane on the sofa.

Janet smiled sweet at her and held Lola's arms. "Sure! Mother*, have you dealt with everything back at Mando Bay?" she said.

"Um, yes, I've done everything. Jane, listen to me! You're the only daughter-in-law in my heart, and you should marry Daniel as soon as possible. Please do this so I can feel finally relieved!" said Lola. She patted Janet on the back of her hand, and thought that if Daniel and Janet somehow didn't get married, she would never feel relieved ever again.

Janet, who was a little shy, lowered her head, and said, "That's fine with me. If Daniel and my mother and father reach an agreement, I will marry him."

After she had come to America, Janet only cared about Daniel. She didn't want to get married to him before, but now she was actually looking forward to marry Daniel.

"Daniel has promised me that after Nicole and Sven's wedding is over, he will discuss about your marriage with us. Jane, you should try your best to give birth to babies, so that I can have grandchildren to keep me company when I'm old!" said Lola. The Si family carried the twin gene, so J

and couldn't do anything else during her period, which made him feel very unpleasant.

"I'll finish my work right away. You can return to the bedroom and wait for me there, " said Daniel. If Janet had stayed with Daniel in the study, she would've distracted him from his work. It was better to leave him alone to deal with all of his work quickly.

After Janet went back to the bedroom, she checked her phone and sent a message to Shirley on WeChat.

Shirley had just started working at the company, and the secretary, Miss Qin, who was working on the same floor as the CEO was, was teaching Shirley what the workflow was.

When the secretary heard that Shirley's phone rang, she cast a sideways glance at her and said, "Our CEO will come back in two days, and your phone must be set on silent mode. Since you are now working here, you should devote yourself to your work. We need to work hard for our CEO and make sure that everything is all right."

"Um, okay. Thank you, " said Shirley. When she learned that Daniel would come back in just two days, Shirley's heart raced. She thought that after Daniel returned to the company, she would come into contact with him at close range every day.

But, when she thought of Janet, who had just sent her a message via WeChat, Shirley became upset.

She now had to put all of her muddled thoughts aside and devote herself to her work. She had to work harder and better than the others in order to gain Daniel's trust and be in Daniel's good graces.

Janet thought that Shirley was busy working, so she sent a message via WeChat to Ella, saying, "Your son is eating well and is sleeping well. You and Samuel don't have to worry about him."

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