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   Chapter 145 Jane Will Be Easily Offended by Their Presence

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Colin opened the door, and it was the company's security guard. "Mr. Li, there is a woman at the gate. She is saying that she is Mr. Si's girlfriend and she insisted on coming up..."

Hearing this, Daniel immediately stood up from the sofa. There was a woman behind the bodyguard, dressed in a black, loose coat.

Janet instantly saw Daniel in the office, and she smiled at him. Then she looked at Colin, who was standing at the door, surprised. Janet thought that she might have interrupted their work...

What she didn't know was that her smile had been deeply imprinted on Daniel's mind.

He dragged Janet into the office. He frowned, and scolded her as if she were a child, "It's late. Why didn't you go to sleep yet? Didn't I tell you that you don't have to wait for me? Did you come here alone? Where is the bodyguard? Actually, how did you come here? Are you cold?"

Seeing what was happening, Colin waved at the security guard to let him leave. Then he closed the door behind him.

Janet sniffed, and said, "No, I'm not cold. It's already three o'clock in the morning and you're still not home yet. I can't fall asleep without you." When she had left the house, she had totally forgotten about the bodyguard. She didn't know whether the bodyguard had followed her or not.

Daniel's heart broke when he heard Janet's words.

"You're an adult. Are you still afraid of sleeping alone?" Although Daniel was scolding her, his eyes were filled with affection.

He took her to sit beside him on the sofa, and he held her cold hands.

Colin felt envious on Daniel, and it wasn't because he was rich. It was because Daniel was lucky to have such a wonderful woman, a woman who would get up in the middle of the night to go out and look for him just out of concern.

"I must have interrupted your work. You go ahead and continue. If I have known that you were working now, I wouldn't have come up..." Janet felt a little guilty when she looked at the files, which were spreading all over the desk.

Daniel's heart tensed at her words. Janet must have said it on purpose. What she said always made his heart ache...

"Not at all, we've almost finished. Just wait for me a few minutes." Daniel released her hands and then took up the files and continued to discuss with Colin.

After a few minutes passed, when Janet was chatting with Shirley on WeChat, Daniel and Colin began to pack up the files.

"Let's go, " said Daniel. Janet put her cellphone inside her bag and stood up from her seat, while Daniel gently held on to her shoulder.

Colin looked at them, and while smiling, he said, "Drive careful on your way back home."

"Okay. Brother, have a good rest." It was too late, and Colin didn't want to leave the company. He thought that he could sleep in the CEO lounge.

"Goodbye!" Janet politely waved at Colin.

"Goodbye. Just go home!" he said. Colin accompanied them to the elevator and then returned to the lounge.

In the elevator, Daniel pressed the button for the parking lot. While the elevator was descending, he leaned on Janet and kissed her.

Janet wasn't expecting his move. She bumbled when he came towards her and she almost fell.

Thanks to the elevator's clapboard behind her, and Daniel's firm grip, Janet didn't fall down.

In just a few seconds, Janet was almost choked by his kiss. Daniel was too aggressive, and she could hardly breathe.

When the door of the elevator opened, Daniel held Janet in his arms and walked with her towards his car.

When they arrived at the Maybach, Daniel didn't have the slightest intention to put Janet down. He placed her in the passenger's seat and fastened the safety belt for her. He then started the engine.

"You are not allowed to come to see me so late next time." With Janet around, Daniel would try his best to finish his work during the day.

Janet stuck out her tongue in a cute way, and her expression looked very seductive to Daniel.

He stepped away from the throttle and leaned closer to her. He held her head and kissed her, totally immersed in her taste and scent.

"You should feel lucky that you have your lucky charm to protect you, or I would've certainly had sex with you right here." Daniel held her tight while Janet was slightly gasping in his arms.

Daniel was such a r

ogue, and Janet pushed him away. Her face blushed, and she asked him, "Don't you feel sleepy at all? I want to go back home!"

Home - this word made Daniel feel warm in his heart. He smiled and drove the car out of the underground parking lot.

The following day, while Janet was still sound sleep, two people came to the mansion. Daniel, who was just about to go to the company, was sitting on the sofa.

"Where's Jane?" Asked the woman eagerly.

Daniel pointed with his sight upstairs. The woman put down the glass of water, handed to her by the maid, and was just about to go upstairs, but she was interrupted.

"Mom, she fell asleep late last night. Let her get some more sleep." He didn't mean anything bad or odd by saying this.

But Lola was thinking about something else. She snickered, and she pretended to look serious, and exhorted onto him, "Young people should be abstemious, you know."

Daniel realized that she must have misunderstood him. He didn't explain, but instead asked her, "Why didn't you call before you came?"

"We were just passing by." Lola had replied to his son absent-mindedly. She was only thinking about him and Janet.

"It's such a big coincidence that you're just passing by here." She was travelling from Mando Bay to C Country. How could she have passed A Country on her way?

Harry then glanced at the the maids inside the house. They were busy working around the house, and he commented, "Wow, you have a lot of girls here."

Harry wondered if Daniel realized that this aspect would easily offend Janet, now that they were together.

Daniel followed Harry's sight and looked at the maids. He took a sip out of his red tea cup, and said flatly, "Jane doesn't mind them at all. What are you thinking about?"

Recently, Jane had actually been getting along quite well with everyone in the house.

"Daniel, what are you thinking? You are already living with Jane. Do you want to be an irresponsible man?" Lola suddenly became very angry, and she stared at her son.

Daniel said, "You are thinking too much. After Nicole's wedding is over, we will go to Jane's house together to meet her parents." Nicole would hold her wedding ceremony with Sven in ten days in C Country. After that, Jane's birthday was approaching, and Daniel planned to go to her house to celebrate her birthday and also announce their engagement.

He had planned it all beforehand.

Lola sighed with relief when he heard that Daniel had already promised to go to Jane's home.

She was very happy, and she asked, "Where's John?"

"In the backyard garden." Near the back gate of the yard, there was a house, with a girl was living inside it, and John often went to the house to play along with the girl.

"How do you feel taking care of a child?" Lola looked at the maids inside the mansion, and she thought that she had asked a nonsensical question.

Daniel nodded, and replied, "It's okay. Me and Jane will also have a child soon after we get married."

"That's good. Your father and I are very supportive of this idea." Lola was very satisfied. If she had grandchildren, she wouldn't have to worry so much about Daniel anymore, and she could also stay longer in C Country.

"Okay. I need to go to the company now."

Daniel stood up and was just about ready to leave.

"Daniel, I really think that you don't need all of these maids. Jane will be easily offended by their presence, " suggested Lola. She thought that it was necessary to get rid of the maids. There would certainly be trouble with so many women in the house. Maybe it was very peaceful now, but things would certainly change with the passing of time.

But she didn't expect any unhappy incidents to happen before Janet and Daniel got married.

"Whatever. You can go and talk with butler Park about this. I'm okay with anything." Daniel followed Lola's suggestion, because he thought that she was saying this only for the sake of happiness between him and Jane.

Jane woke up, and when she looked at the time, it was already noon.

She got up from bed, still feeling drowsy. She went into the bathroom and began to brush her teeth and wash her face.

When she climbed down the stairs, she was still yawning.

But when she saw Lola in the hall, she immediately became wide awake.

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