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   Chapter 144 You're Calling Him in Such an Intimate Tone

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The man was the leader of a group of gangsters, and he had never been humiliated like this in his life. He closed his mouth and didn't utter another single word.

When Janet came up to him and dragged him by his collar, two black Maybach cars stopped right behind the crowd of curious onlookers. "Please get out of the way, " said one of the bodyguards.

Some other bodyguards got out of the cars and stood in two rows, which attracted a lot of people's attention.

The backseat door was then opened, and a man dressed in a black British-style coat, and wearing a pair of expensive hand-made Italian leather shoes, got out of the car.

He gracefully walked towards the group of people.

As soon as Daniel received the phone call from one of the maids, he immediately rushed there. When he got out of the car, he saw that Janet was dragging a man's shirt collar, while wearing an angry expression on her red, flushed face.

Then he caught sight of Brian, who was standing beside her, and he slightly frowned his eyebrows.

"What's going on here?" Daniel pulled Janet into his arms, and asked the bodyguard with a cold, stern voice.

The bodyguard gave him a brief explanation about what had happened. Daniel looked at the national flag, and ordered the bodyguards behind him, "Punch them until they're willing to apologize."

There were about seven or eight bodyguards there, and Daniel was emanating a cold and powerful aura, which really frightened the gangsters. They were very scared of him, and apologized immediately.

Daniel didn't show any care to their apologies. He threw a glance at the maids and indicated them to first take John back to the car.

When hysterical screaming sounds were heard coming from the gangsters, some of the Huaxia people in the crowd began cheering for them.

Daniel caressed on the woman's frowned eyebrows with his big palm, and he changed his cold voice to a tender one, saying, "Have you been injured?"

"No, I'm quite well, thanks to Brian; he's the one that saved me!" said Janet. She pointed at Brian, who was standing near, at a short distance from them. Brian was focusing on what was happening on Janet's side, when he suddenly met eyes with Daniel.

They nodded to each other, without uttering a single word.

Then there was the cracking sounds of bones and screaming coming again. After that, Daniel finally ordered the bodyguards to stop punching them.

The men, who had been punched pretty hard, were now all wearing miserable looks on their faces, and before Daniel could speak another word, they immediately apologized to the national flag. They also apologized to the shop's owner as well. Then they heard the waili

e unfinished work.

"Okay. How about I come with you?" asked Janet. Janet leaned herself against his chest, feeling her heart ache. Daniel was so busy that he was working for almost twenty hours a day these last couple of days.

And on some nights he was even drunk, being driven back to the villa by Spark.

"No, because I don't know when I'll finish work and come back. You should have an early good rest, " said Daniel. He would try his best to come back as soon as possible, because Janet was waiting for him.

Janet nodded and stood on her tiptoes to kiss his lips. "Don't burn out, " she reminded him.

Daniel smiled, and gave her a deep kiss. Then, he left.

At two o'clock in the morning, Daniel still hadn't come back home. Janet was so worried about him that she couldn't sleep, but also didn't dare to call him, afraid of interrupting his work.

She wanted to go and see Daniel, but she didn't know his company's address. The housemaids were all asleep at that time, and she also felt it wasn't nice to wake them up at that hour of the night.

Janet didn't know what to do.

In the end, she called her own brother and asked him for the address. Then she got out of bed and headed out to stop a taxi to go to the company.

In the SL Group

Colin took out the final papers and put them in front of Daniel. He said, "This is the last contract, and it's from the famous company, Basharadi; its CEO is Louis Coy. Because in the project a huge fund was involved, they have insisted that they need to talk with you first. That's why it's not settled yet..."

"Rat-a-tat." Someone knocked at the door. The knocking sound made Colin stop his words. They exchanged suspicious looks to one another, and wondered who was still in the company so late at night besides them.

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