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   Chapter 143 The Man in Camouflage Clothing Was Exactly Brian

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After Daniel hung up, Janet felt dissatisfied and pouted. "I told you that I'm fine. Why don't you never listen to me?" she said.

He had even asked her to be obedient to him, and she thought that it was unfair to her!

"I'm worried about you!" After Daniel uttered these words, Janet was so moved that her eyes were starting to get red.

She didn't argue with him any longer, and said, "I'm going to get some sleep now."

"Um, " replied Daniel.

To let Janet sleep in peace, Daniel had asked the maids and some of the bodyguards to take John to the amusement park.

Ella knew that her daughter was having her period, so she called Jane in the evening.

Daniel answered the phone and told Ella that Jane was sleeping.

Ella asked him when they would return home and if John needed to be sent back first.

"No, mother*. You can relax and have a good time with father*. John is fine here and we will send him back the moment he wants to go back, " replied Daniel. If John was unwilling to go back, he could stay here with them all the time, and Daniel could take good care of him.

John had stayed with Janet for the last couple of days, happily playing in the villa.

"Well, Daniel, you take good care of Jane, and also don't forget that your marriage needs to be arranged soon. Otherwise, the others will talk behind her back." All of what Ella spoke to Daniel was in accord with what Samuel had told her.

"I know, mother*, don't worry. After I return home, I will pay you a formal visit to you and father*, " said Daniel. Janet had already agreed to be with him, so he had to marry her as soon as possible.

After he ended the call, Daniel looked at Janet, who was asleep. He then returned to his study and continued to discuss business with his client.

Like Janet had predicted, on the second day of her period she felt much better, and she almost even recovered to her normal condition.

She also took John to see the Statue of Liberty, and they played all day long and had a good time.

In the evening, Janet was holding John's hand and were aimlessly wandering around on the streets.

"Sister, I want to eat that!" said John. He pointed to a small shop not that far away from them. It was a shop where an old lady with grey hair was selling hot dogs.

Janet took John to the shop, and she saw that there was a steamed bun shop near it, decorated with the Huaxia national flag.

When she saw the Huaxia national flag, Janet smiled as if she had seen her own country.

After she stopped for a littl

elp and kicked the man away from her.

Janet looked at him and found that the man, dressed in camouflage clothing, was actually Brian.

Brian and Janet looked each other in the eye and smiled. He also didn't expect that he could come across Janet here.

After Janet's short excitement from seeing Brian again, the man who had been just kicked by Brian stood up from the ground and raised his hands behind him.

"Brian, watch out! He's behind you!" shouted Janet.

Brian immediately stretched out his right elbow and heavily hit the chest of the man behind him. The man spat out a mouthful of blood and almost knelt on the ground.

The bodyguards that Daniel had dispatched to protect Janet were also very great. They were not common, untrained ordinary people, and quickly managed to subdue the several ruffians.

Janet sought after the man who had trod on the flag earlier, and found that one of his wrists had been broken by one of the bodyguards. She walked up to him, grasped him by his collar, and pointed towards the shop owner who had freezed on the spot. "Apologize!" she shouted.

The man wanted to struggle against her, but Brian quickly caught hold of him in two or three movements, and the man was finally forced to kneel on the ground.

With a stern face, Brian took the national flag and then put it in front of the man. "Apologize!" he shouted.

At that moment, the man clearly saw Brian's military uniform, and guessed that he must be a powerful man. So he eventually said, "Sorry."

When she saw his attitude, Janet was so angry that she wanted to beat him to a pulp. She then tapped him on the head, and said, "Fix your attitude, and be more sincere!"

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