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   Chapter 142 I Can Chase after Them

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Daniel and Janet went inside John's bathroom. When he saw Janet, John, who was standing in the bathroom, immediately covered the intimate part of his body.

Janet was very surprised, and pointed at the two maids beside her, asking, "You're just a kid but you already feel bashful. These two are also sisters, but why aren't you shy in front of them?"

"They are different from you. I can chase after them, but I can't chase after you, " replied John.


'Does John share a common character with Samuel?' wondered Janet.

To get her answer, she had to ask Ella.

Janet couldn't stand him anymore! She dragged Daniel by the arm, who looked very happy, and left the bathroom. "Be nice and I will take you out tomorrow!" she said.

"Okay. You can also take me to meet some girls." John replied to her while he stooped in the tub again.

When Janet looked back at him, he immediately sat back down in the bath.

Janet then waved her clenched fist in front of him, and angrily warned him, "Shut up!"

Daniel then wrapped her fist in his large palm, and said to him, "John, be obedient, and girls will like you if you're well-behaved."

John, who seemed to understand Daniel's words, nodded and blew a kiss to Daniel and Janet, saying, "Brother and sister, good night!"

"Good night!" Daniel closed the bathroom's door and returned with Janet to their bedroom.

When they had just entered it, Daniel pressed Janet against the wall and passionately kissed her lips.

What was going on?

Janet, who was stunned, looked at Daniel in front of her and thought that he had been normal a minute ago, but now...

Daniel put his hands on her slender waist and gently spoke out her name in her ear. "Jane..."

When she heard him calling her name, she thought that his voice was very deep and attractive. It had even made her legs loose.

"Jane, do you think that we should get married first and then have a baby? Or do you think we should have a baby first and then get married?" asked Daniel. He then took off her coat and threw it on the sofa on the far side of the room.

He, of course, wanted to marry his beloved woman first and then have a baby.

But Jane didn't want to be married, and this annoyed him.

After staying with John over these last couple of days, he couldn't wait to have his own baby with Janet.

"Um... Get married first, " replied Janet. Daniel then kissed her neck and Janet's mind suddenly went blank.

"Well, I will visit father* after we return to C Country then, " said Daniel. He finally stopped kissing her, and Daniel clung tight to her body, with his hands constantly keeping busy.

The words "visit father*" shocked Janet.

She then put her hands on Daniel's chest, and asked him, "Did you break up with Kate?"

Daniel, while he was kissing her lips, took out his phone from his pocket and searched for a live online telecast.

He played the middle section of the live telecast, and Janet heard the journalist saying, "... Miss Song, is something good going to happen between Mr. Si and you?"

"No. Due to all kinds of reasons, and also because my character is not suitable to his, I have broken up with Mr. Si, " replied Kate.

When he heard Kate's words, Daniel locked the phone and continued to be absorbed in what he was doing at the time.

... Janet then sweetly smiled and put her arms around Daniel's neck.

There were still many things that Daniel hadn't told Janet yet, such as that reporter who quarreled with Janet before. He had figured out that the reporter had been hired by Kate.

Daniel had already asked people to put the reporter behind bars in prison. As for Kate, he had just withdrawn all of his investments from her company because, after all, she had actually taken a bullet for him. And he also didn't do anything bad to her company, but without the SL Group's investments, it was unlikely that the Changsheng Group would survive...

Daniel, with Janet still in his arms, took h

er to the sofa and pressed on her body.

And when Janet's phone rang, both of them chose to ignore it.

When it rang a third time, Janet pushed Daniel, who was on her body, aside. Daniel then took out the phone from her coat.

It was Shirley who had called her...

Janet pressed Daniel's hand, and said, "Wait a minute. I need to answer the phone." After she cleared her throat, Janet slid the answer button, and answered, "Shirley."

"Janet, I want to tell you of the good news. The Director of Personnel at the SL Group called me and informed me that I can start work on Monday!" She was so excited that she even screamed on the other end of the line.

Janet resisted Daniel when he kept pressing hard on her, and tried to make her voice sound normal. She said, "Congratulations! My dear Shirley... Well..."

"Janet, what's wrong with you?" asked Shirley. She wondered why Janet's voice sounded so strange, as if she was uncomfortable.

"I'm fine, Shirley. There's just something... Later I'll... Well, I'll contact you on Wechat!" replied Janet. 'Daniel Si, you're such a damned man!' she thought with rage. She then tightly bit Daniel's arm.

"OK, but are you really fine? Janet?" Shirley was worried about Janet and asked her again.

But, the sounds which came from the other side of the line made Shirley first blushed and then turn pale.

"Shirley, I'm busy right now. I'll call you later!" said Janet. She then quickly hung up the phone, but before she put down her phone, Daniel had begun to kiss her lips, neck...

Shirley, in C Country, was stunned and stared at her phone. She was joyful because the SL Group had employed her, but now all of her delight had suddenly disappeared.

She had some experience herself, and of course she knew what had happened to Janet.

And according to Janet's character, the man could've only been Daniel...

Shirley, who was almost suffocating, felt it difficult to breathe, and felt very sad...

She tightly held her phone, and told herself, 'Shirley! Daniel is Janet's man, so you can't love him!'

But this seemed to not be working, and she was still in pain.

When she gawked at the apartment that Janet had rented for her, Shirley struggled in her painful feelings.

In America

To Daniel's disappointment, Janet's period came on their third day after arriving in America.

When he looked at Janet, who weakly laid on the bed, Daniel asked the servant to prepare some brown sugar water and also to work out a way to relieve her pain.

"Leave me alone. I just don't feel well today; I will be all right tomorrow. You need to go to work now, " said Janet. She looked a bit pale, and Daniel held her hands.

She was not that effeminate and weak, and she had already been used to this kind of pain before.

Daniel, who had just returned to the villa from his company in a hurry, took the hot-water bag that the maidservant brought and helped Janet put it on her lower abdomen.

"I called my mother on my way back here and she told me that she also was in pain, but that she got rid of it after giving birth to Sally and me. So..." said Daniel. He suddenly got closer to her.

There was a slight flush on Janet's pale face. "Who told you to call mother*?"

Janet was really painful, and if he didn't come back to check on her, he couldn't be in the mood to work at all.

"I asked her because I have no idea of this and, after all, she has already gone through something like this before." Daniel flatly replied to her and then gently kissed her on the forehead.

"Um, you should go to the company now. I will be fine after I get some sleep!" said Janet. She withdrew her hands and didn't want to delay his work because of her.

There was a client that was waiting for him in his company. After Daniel looked at Janet's pale face, he took out his phone and called Spark. "Take Mr. Smith to the villa."

"Right. You should also bring all contracts and materials, " replied Daniel.

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