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   Chapter 141 Keep a Distance from Him from Now on

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Daniel picked up some Australian fried beefsteaks onto an empty clean plate and then asked one of the housemaids to place it in front of Janet.

John learned from Daniel, and he picked up a dumpling to a plate with his spoon and then passed it to Janet.

Janet looked at her brother with a smiling face. She praised John, and said, "Good boy!"

Hearing her praising to John, Daniel raised his eyelids, and looked at Janet with a meaningful look in his eyes.

'Why is she treating us differently? I'll have to ask later, ' he thought.

After their dinner, Daniel took Janet and John for a walk nearby.

But when they went out the door, Janet's phone rang, and she saw that the call was coming from Ferris Xiao.

"Hello, Mr. Xiao, " answered Janet. The name she called caught Daniel's attention, who was holding John's little hand.

Ferris said something to her over the phone and Janet grinned an embarrassed smile. She replied, "I'm sorry, but I'm not at home right now. Maybe on some other day!"

"No, I've got a boyfriend, " said Janet. The man on the other side of the line was asking whether Janet was willing to be his girlfriend, but Janet refused him straightforward.

And Daniel was very satisfied with her reply.

"Yes. Mr. Xiao. At the moment I'm kind of busy, but let's talk again some time later, " she said. She then hastily hung up the phone.

When she placed her phone back in her pocket, Daniel reminded her, "Ferris Xiao is well known as being a very mean guy in the business circles. He's not reliable, keep a distance from him from now on."

"What? He's not that bad. He treated me with a meal last time!" replied Janet. 'But I was a bit disappointed that he didn't let me order a bottle of red wine.'

Daniel then threw a glance at her, and spoke in a discontented voice, "That was my treat!"

'What?' Janet was perplexed, and while looking at Daniel, she thought, 'Was the dinner I had with Ferris also paid by Daniel?'

Daniel nodded to her and confirmed her thoughts exactly.

'Well! I've never met such a mean man ever before, ' thought Janet.

In the small garden, only a few people were present there. Daniel and Janet were each holding one of John's hands as they strolled around in the garden.

"I'm kind of busy for the next couple of days, and I can't come with you. What are you going to do tomorrow?" asked Daniel. He had a lot of business affairs to handle, as his company was in a tough period of job transferring as well as in the economical boom season.

The free time he had with Janet had been squ

anet curiously looked at Daniel, and he explained, "It's my mother's order. My father had bought a batch of first-rate bird's nests in Malaysia for my mother, and she had made sure to leave some for you too."

'Oh!' Janet felt warm in her heart, and said, "Then I'm drinking it now!"

Daniel watched her finish the bowl of bird-nest soup, and asked, "What do you think about it? Is it good?"

"It tastes quite good!" she answered. Her mother had also cooked some bird-nest soup for her from time to time because her tummy always hurt during her period. But she stopped drinking it when it wasn't that effective anymore.

Daniel took a tissue out and wiped her mouth, and then he held her hand and walked upstairs.

"Where are father* and mother* now?" asked Janet.

'They are just like my own father and mother, always roaming about in the world. It's hard to know of their present whereabouts. Luckily for us, we now have advanced communication tools nowadays, and a phone call or an on-line message can get us instantly connected to each other. If we were living in ancient times, it would've been really hard to contact them, ' thought Janet.

"Mando Bay." Daniel told her of a place with which Janet wasn't familiar with.

"Where's Mando Bay located? And why are they staying there?" asked Janet.

"Uncle Joey's son is getting an engagement, so they went there to attend to it, " said Daniel. Joey had settled down in Mando Bay over the past few years, and Daniel had seldom seen him around.

Janet nodded. When they entered the bedroom, they could hear the laughter coming from the room next to theirs. Janet said, "I want to take a look on John." Then she freed herself of Daniel's hand.

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