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   Chapter 140 Why are You Pressing on My Sister

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"But I'm not sleepy!" John protested to her sisters while he was trying to struggle out of her arms.

"But I am!" yelled Janet.

"Then you go to bed by yourself! I'm not sleepy, and I must play with my toys. I want my Transformers, and my remote controlled plane!" demanded John. He finally managed to get rid of Janet's grip, and he sat on the pillow beside her while he was staring at her and protesting.

Janet had no choice but to call butler Park again. "Mr. Park, please go and buy something for me!"

"Yes, Miss Janet, anything. Please tell me what you need!" said butler Park.

Janet then said to her brother, "Tell uncle Park what you want." Janet threw a glimpse at John, who was now very excited.

John spoke out a list of toys' names, Park understood, and then left the bedroom.

"Now, John Shao, you must go to bed! If you don't, I won't be giving you any toys!" Janet had already taken out her phone and was ready to call to Samuel.

Hearing Janet's warning, John had no choice but to lay well on the bed beside her. He said, "I'm going to sleep now, but remember to keep your word!"

"I will, sleep tight now! My dear brother."

The bathroom was soon cleaned and tidied up, and the whole bedroom returned to its peacefulness.

They didn't wake up until six o'clock in the evening.

John woke up first, and the moment he opened his eyes, he slapped his little palm on Janet's belly, and Janet suddenly woke up startled from her dreaming.

Staring at her slyly giggling brother, Janet nearly came to a breakdown point.

Without uttering a single word, she dialed Samuel's phone number. "Dad, why did you have to play this evil game on your daughter?" protested Janet over the phone.

If she didn't find a way to release her anger out, she would keep on feeling more and more uncomfortable. She didn't have the slightest experience in taking care of a child, but she was left hanging with a two-year-old baby.

But when Janet took a second look at her giggling brother, who was actually pretty lovely, she felt a little bit better.

"Sooner or later there's no doubt that you'll become a mother. It's good for you to have some practice in advance, " answered Samuel. Samuel was then about to hang up and hold his wife and sleep; he had been expecting Janet's anger.

"I want to hit him!" said Janet. She then made a face towards her brother.

"That's your own brother, and if you can bear to hit him, then do as you like!" temporised Samuel.

... 'Right, that's my own brother, and he always calls

ll, " replied Daniel.

"Brother, get up now. Let me take you to the hospital and see a doctor!" John put aside his transformer toy and attempted to drag Daniel by the hand.

Daniel closed his eyes tight, but he still hadn't calmed down.

"No, I don't need a doctor."

"Oh, brother. What's so hard and bulging here? Can I touch it?" asked John.


While she was brushing her teeth, Janet thought better and realised what they were talking about.

She then burst into laughter.

"Janet, just finish washing. I'm going downstairs with John, " said Daniel. He stood up from the bed with a stern face and then went out of the bedroom, holding the curious John in one of his arms.

On the ground floor, some of the housemaids were placing the dishes on the dinner table. Daniel and John had whispered to each other while they were on their way downstairs. John nodded his head, and seemed to have a hazy understanding of Daniel's explanations, while he sat back at his table seat.

When the housemaids saw Janet come down, they all greeted her, and Janet smiled back at them. She then sat opposite to Daniel.

"John, come here and sit next to me, " asked Janet.

But John shook his head, and drew even closer to Daniel, and said, "I like brother better." John now looked upon Daniel as being his idol, thinking that he was truly great.

"I'm your sister!" Janet protested to John.

"I know! My sister!"


All of the dishes were now placed on the table, and a housemaid began to pick some food to John's plate.

There were some dishes specially cooked for John, like the cheese corn, the vegetable soup, the dumplings and also the lettuce and shrimp porridge.

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