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   Chapter 139 Wait for Me at Home

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Daniel had already saved Jerry once, and at Sven's suggestion, Jerry had sent over to his house several maids to work for Daniel.

It had been of no concern to Daniel at that time, and those maids knew their place, and were experienced, so he had decided to keep them for the time being.

"Humph!" Janet groaned with discontent.

Sitting face to face, Daniel said, "Jane, if you really want to, I will fire them."

"Of course I do! But... Maybe later. I can't take care of John all by myself now!" she said, while in the same time sighing.

'I can be really clumsy sometimes!' she thought.

"As you wish, and you can fire them any time you want. Are you happy now?" asked Daniel. 'If I can't make my hot-tempered girlfriend happy, how can I go to work then?' he thought.

"No!" she replied. She stared at him again and said, "They couldn't keep their hands off you and you just turned a blind eye to it. Daniel, you have absolutely no respect for me, do you?"

For a while he was confused, but he eventually realised what she was trying to say. He replied, "It's no big deal, I will talk to butler Park."

His eyes then overflowed with a cheerful light gleaming in them. 'It had never occurred to me that she could be so jealous, ' he thought.

"That's OK!" replied Janet. He had given his word, so she eventually stopped before going too far.

She then gave him a kiss on his cheek, and said, "Go to work now. I will catch some sleep along with John."

"OK, " he said.

Daniel put his right arm around her slender waist and walked out the bedroom together.

Downstairs, they saw that John was running outside the villa, followed by three maids.

Surprised, Colin looked at the young couple coming down. He could tell that they were in a good mood from Daniel's bright eyes.

'Should the poker-faced Daniel really have a look like that on his face?' he wondered.

Daniel gave some orders to butler Park and then was about to leave with Spark and Colin.

Suddenly, something occurred to him. He turned around, walked towards Janet, and after he kissed her red lips, he said, "Wait for me at home."

He kissed her in fr

himself under water.

Janet rolled her eyes at John, and said, "Wimpy kid, chop-chop, hurry! We have to sleep after your bath!"

John had gotten used to playing with toys while taking a bath. But, right now, there were none in the tub. He complained to Janet, "Sister, I want toys! I want toys!"

"Take a bath first. I will take you to buy some if we have time later this evening, " replied Janet. She was still watching the two maids gently and expertly bathing her little brother.

"Jane, I'll tell on you if you still keep treating me like this!" said John. He crossed his arms over his chest and looked up at Janet.

The time difference between A Country and C Country was twelve hours, and Janet had been utterly worn out by now. In a daze, she said, "OK, go and tell dad then."

Although he was just a little child, John was not that stupid, and replied, "No! I'll call mommy, not daddy!"

'Everyone knows that dad dotes on Jane. It is of no use if I call dad, ' thought John.

"John, we have the same mother. She will be more rational with me!" replied Janet. She couldn't help but picture the real situation to him.

John humphed and frowned. He had his dad's brows.

At the end of the bath, Janet went to the wardrobe and unpacked a suitcase to take out an all-in-one pajama for John.

She then took him to the bedroom, placed him on the bed, held him tightly, and demanded, "You must go to sleep now!"

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