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   Chapter 138 How to Change Diapers

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Janet blushed when she heard his words and glanced at him, saying, "I'm not going to have a baby now!" She herself was still just a child. She yearned for the free time. But in the same time, as she touched her belly, Janet thought that she would be also very happy if there was a baby growing in her body.

"I will have it sooner or later." Daniel raised his eyebrows. He would have to put a baby in her, in order to make Janet marry him as soon as possible.

It was helpful taking care of John now.

Yet he had so much to worry about Jane, who was just like a child.

Janet raised his arm and bit him gently on it. "No more talking!"

He kissed the spot where she just bit, which made Janet's face flush red.

The next severe challenge Janet had to face was John pooing...

How to change diapers? The young couple helplessly looked at each other.

Finally, Daniel handed the baby to Spark, who was sitting behind them.

Spark didn't know what to do, too. He also completely lacked the experience of taking care of a baby.

So they asked the airline stewardess for her help. She already had experience with this kind of task, and she helped to clean John's bottom and change his diaper.

After this, the stewardess explained to the little couple the whole process in detail, and told them several attentions.

"Thank you so much!" Janet smiled at the stewardess, as if she had understood what she had just said.

But in fact, she just wanted to cry.

If they weren't on a plane, Janet would've called Samuel and protested to him.

The acting CEO of the American branch of the SL Group met with them in person at the airport.

"Mr. Si, you've had a long flight." The acting CEO, Colin, who was just about Daniel's age, was appointed to the position from A Country.

He was Lola's nephew, and had been working in A Country for nearly three years now.

He was endowed with both leader-like qualities and investment expansive horizons.

"Brother, this is my girlfriend, Janet." Colin quickly scanned Janet, smiled, and nodded at her. He was confused about the baby in her arms.

He didn't ask a single question about the baby, but just stretched his right hand out, and said, "Hello, Miss Shao, my name is Colin."

Janet felt a little shy when Daniel said that she was his girlfriend, which surprised Daniel.

Daniel took John from Janet's arms when she was moving him from her right hand to her left.

She then shook hands with Colin.

"Hello, Mr. Li. I'm glad to meet you."

Daniel glanced at Janet, and said, "There's no need to be glad of meeting him. Just stay with me and you'll be happy."

... Janet rolled her eyes to him with a flushed, red face.

Colin laughed, and said, "Then it's my honour to meet Miss Shao." He was curious about the woman that could make his brother feel so jealous.

They walked up to the gates of the airport, where four Maybach were parked, and Daniel and Janet got inside the second one.

Colin and Spark got inside the third, and in the first and fourth there were several bodyguards.

They went straight to Daniel's private residence in America, which was over a thousand square meters big.

The car wa

s parked at the gates of the villa. Daniel got out of it with John held in his arms while Janet walked behind them.

But what happened next made Janet look at Daniel severely.

Eight maids, divided into two rows, were standing neatly at the door of the villa. Their boss was was probably in his forties.

They bowed neatly to Daniel, and said, "We welcome the young master back home."

Janet had already seen this kind of situation happening before.

She just gracefully followed Daniel and entered the villa, which was decorated in a western style.

Spark led two bodyguards to take their luggage up to the second floor.

While Janet looked around the villa, Daniel handed John to the butler, and said, "Be careful with him!"

The butler then said to the maids, "You, Sasha and Mary! Take good care of the little master. There must be no slips!"

"Got it, butler Park!"

John then looked at the woman who was holding him, and lightly pinched her cheeks, saying, "Hi, lady!"

"Hi, little master." The maid responded to John.

Daniel let her sit beside him, and then a maid served them tea.

Two other maids came to massage Daniel, and Janet felt a little angry at this, but she instead just took a sip of tea and suppressed her anger.

"Daniel, the materials have already been classified. Shall we now go to the company?" Colin came to him with a wedge of files in his hands.

Daniel nodded, "OK. Jane, you can put John to sleep for a while on the second floor. If you ever need anything, just ask butler Park."

When he turned his head around, he was confused about the angry woman.

Butler Park walked up to Janet to greet her, and said, "Miss Shao, I'm butler Park."

"Butler Park, she is the woman of the house from now on, " said Daniel. He then stood up from the sofa and held Janet's hand while walking up to the second floor.

Butler Park nodded at once. "Yes, Mr. Si and Mrs. Si."

Mrs. Si... Janet turned around, and said to butler Park, "Just call me Janet. I'm not..."

"Janet, go upstairs." Daniel stopped her explanation, discontented. 'Is she disassociating from me?'

Daniel's room was his innermost space.

He closed the door and then embraced Janet in his arms. "Why are you so angry?"

Janet raised her eyebrows. Was it that so obvious? Could he really tell it?

She separated herself from his embrace and began to look around his bedroom. "Mr. Si, you are really something! Eight women to serve you; that must be great!"

Every one of them had a beautiful face, a good figure and were also super talented. They should've attended Miss World instead of being hired as maids in some house.

Daniel then understood that she was jealous!

He embraced her again, and kissed her on her lips. "Jerry sent them to me, so your brother is the one to blame."

Wo years ago, when Jerry had been on a business trip in America, and when he was just about to meet with Jane, he was attacked by the families of whom he had lost a lawsuit.

Several strong men took out their daggers and attacked him out in the street.

At that time, Daniel had just taken over the American branch from Harry and stayed there. So Jerry called him.

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