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   Chapter 137 Samuel, Please Don't Be So Unreasonable

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Daniel got out of bed and went to the bathroom to take a shower. He then returned to bed and fell asleep with Janet in his arms.

At about one o'clock in the afternoon, Janet, who was still sleeping, was awakened by her phone's ringtone. She felt very drowsy and reached out for her phone, which was at the bedside. Not checking who was calling her, she just slid the answer button, and said, "Hello, Janet speaking."

"Janet Shao! You're mad!" Samuel shouted at her on the other end of the line.

Janet then woke suddenly, and startled, she asked, "Father, what happened?"

"You stayed out all night and didn't even think to call me. Why are you still asking? Janet Shao, were you born to make me angry?!" shouted Samuel. It was now already late in the afternoon, but Janet was still sleeping! And Samuel had already guessed what she had done all night!

When he thought of this, Samuel really wanted to beat Daniel up.

"Oh, I thought that Daniel had already told you, " said Janet.

"Well, yes, he did tell me, " replied Samuel. But he still wanted his daughter to personally tell him about it.

... Janet, who was speechless with anger, yawned, and then said, "Samuel, please don't be so unreasonable!"

When he heard his daughter's words, Samuel felt even more distressed.

"You're going to America, aren't you? Why don't you come back and pack up your things? Do you want to go there without carrying anything with you?" asked Samuel. He thought that his daughter was about to elope with Daniel! Alas!

"No, I won't leave for America without carrying anything with me. I'll come home and pack my things, " replied Janet. After she hang up the phone, Janet, who was still sleepy, got out of bed, went to bathroom and began to wash.

When she came out of No. 9 mansion, Spark, who was waiting for her at the villa's gates, walked up to her when he saw her.

"Miss Shao, Mr. Si has asked me to tell you that you just need to carry with you a few necessities; he has already prepared clothes and other items for you in America."

"Well, I see. Thanks!" said Janet.

"Miss Shao, are you going to No. 8 mansion now? If so, I can take you there!" said Spark. He then immediately opened the Cayenne's back door and invited Janet to sit on the backseat.

At No. 8 mansion

Janet opened the villa's door and secretly poked her head inside the house. She found that someone was in the kitchen, but no one in the living room and dining room.

After she quietly locked the door behind her, Janet snuck through the dining room's door along the wall, and while looking inside the kitchen, she found that Ella was busy cooking.

She then gingerly walked out of the dining room with quick steps and quickly ran upstairs.

When she arrived at the second floor staircase, Samuel, holding John in his arms, was looking at her in the corridor.

Well... "Hi, father! Hi, John!" Janet managed to calm herself down, and pretending to be natural, she greeted her father and her brother.

"Sister!" said John. He stretched out his hands and wanted Janet to hold him.

Janet then immediately ran towards them, took John from her father's arms and then seized the chance to go to her bedroom.

John, who tightly hugged his sister, thought that Janet was maybe playing with him, so he was very happy.

Before Samuel caught up with her, Janet slammed the door.

"Janet Shao!" shouted Samuel. He was angry and fierce outside Janet's bedroom.

"Samuel, you can go and do some other things first. I need to pack up my things now, so please don't disturb me!" said Janet. She kissed John's cheek and then put him on her bed.

"Dear John. I have to pack some of my things now. Just sit here and wait for me!" Janet also gently pinched his smooth cheek.

John, who seemed to understand what Janet had just said, nodded and quietly looked at her, who was busy.

Ella and Samuel downstairs knew that their plan had succeed, so they quickly carried their luggage, which had been hidden and packed up advance, texted a message to Janet, and then rapidly left the house.

When he saw Ella and Samuel rushing out of the garage, Spark felt that something wa

s wrong.

"Ah!" A scream of despair came from the room on the second floor.

When Spark hesitated and wondered whether he should go upstairs and see what was going on, Janet, holding John in her arms, ran out of the villa, breathless.

But by now, the Cadillac had already driven away. Janet ran behind the car, and shouted, "Samuel, how can you treat me like this?"

In the airport's lounge

Daniel and Janet, who were each wearing sunglasses, were sitting in the first-class lounge, and Daniel was looking at John held in Janet's arms.

"Brother, you're so handsome. Does mother* know that?" asked John. His naive voice amused Janet.

Daniel stared at John, and flatly uttered, "Call me brother-in-law, little man."

"Brother-in-law, will I be as handsome as you are after I grow up?" asked John. John, with a pair of big eyes which were exactly the same as Janet's, stared at Daniel and almost drooled.

"If you keep in touch with me in the future, you'll surely be infected with my handsomeness, " replied Daniel. He raised the comers of his mouth, but still didn't have the courage to take John from Janet's arms.

Janet chuckled and said, "Daniel, you're narcissistic, but does your mother know this?"

When he heard her, Daniel calmly replied, "You can call your mother-in-law and figure out whether she know or not."


"I'll help you correct what you just said. She's my sworn mother not mother-in-law!" She didn't want Daniel to take any advantage of her; she wasn't that stupid.

"She will become your mother-in-law sooner or later, and you should try to get used to the fact, " said Daniel. Daniel, who slightly smiled and was in a good mood, whistled to John.

John immediately laughed and got down from Janet. With his short legs, he ran in front of Daniel, and asked him to hold him.

The sunset's light shone on Daniel through the French windows in the lounge. He seemed to be emitting the golden light himself, like a god, while he held John in his arms.

This scene was deeply engraved on Janet's mind.

When the plane took off, Janet, who acted like a mother, asked the airline stewardess for some hot water and reconstituted powdered milk for John in a tearing hurry.

But, when the water cooled down, the nursing bottle was overturned, and the powdered milk spilled out.

And when the nursing bottle was upright, the water, however, also spilled out...

Daniel sighed, and he stood up from his chair and pulled Janet to the side. After he let Janet sit down, he put John into her arms.

After that, Daniel slightly rolled up his sleeves and personally prepared the powdered milk.

To Janet's amazement, Daniel carefully read the steps for preparing the powdered milk and correctly prepared it for John.

The water's temperature was just right for drinking. John, with the nursing bottle in his hands, sucked hungry on the powdered milk.

Janet was relieved, and John, who was drinking the powdered milk, felt drowsy.

Janet tenderly helped him adjust his posture and let him lie in her arms. She then imitated Ella and patted him on his little body to lull him to sleep.

But, even if this seemed to be a simple thing, it was not easy for her to do it well.

After several minutes, Janet's left arm, on which John's head rested, began to ache.

After Janet continuously helped John adjust on several sleeping positions, Daniel finally put down the documents he was handling and held John, who was very sleepy, in his arms.

When he was in a comfortable position, John finally fell asleep.

Both Janet and Daniel were green hands in taking care of a child, but it seemed that Daniel did better than Janet.

Janet massaged her aching left arm, and said, "How does my mother actually look after John? He's so heavy!"

When she remembered that she had to take care of John for more than ten days, Janet could not help but whine at the thought of this.

"If you practice a lot on how to look after a child now, you will find it easy to take care of our own child in the future, " said Daniel. Uttering these last words, he again picked up the documents beside him and continued to read them.

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