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   Chapter 136 You Must be My Girlfriend

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With her eyes red, Shirley said, "Well, Janet, thank you. I see."

And then tears ran down Shirley's face. But why? Why did she fall in love with Daniel?

Such a perfect man… He was her best friend's boyfriend. What should she do…

Janet didn't notice anything wrong with Shirley. She was excited, and tumbled in bed after hanging up the phone.

Daniel came back home half an hour later.

When he returned, Janet was on the bed, chatting with Sally, who was asking her whether she wanted to go to America or not.

Daniel jumped on her and grabbed her phone out of her hand. He then turned her over to face him.

Looking deep into her eyes, he kissed her seductive red lips.

"Daniel, stop it! Tell me first what my father said." She was not in the mood unless she knew what her father had said first.

He didn't mention of her father's fury, and just said, "At first he was angry, but later he agreed that you go to America with me."

"And then?"

"And then nothing else."

"What? Didn't he flare up? Or… didn't he threaten you to be responsible for me?" It should not have been like that.

Watching her confused lovely face, he smiled. "Of course he got angry, but I eventually made it out. The only thing that you need to care about right now is to be with me."

"How did you make it out?" She was really curious. If she was right, this time her father should have been in a furious rage.

"I told him that if you were willing to go with me, we could skip the engagement and get married immediately."

Did that mean that he really loved her? And that he was eager to marry her?

But… He had never said he loved her. His true love was someone else.

"Janet..." He whispered.

"What?" Janet looked at him in wonder. There was something wrong, and she felt a little bit nervous. But why?

"I love you!"

After a brief silence, Janet finally took control of her fast beating heart, and replied, "Well..."

"Jane..." He called her name again, in a sweet and soft voice

upon him aggrievedly, and said, "You said you'd listen to me."

Daniel stopped his act and buried his face into her neck. "Jane, are you kidding me?"

"Yep, but you seduced me first." After she replied, she stuck her tongue out at him.

Seduced? When did he go so low as to seduce a woman!

Janet was then suddenly picked up and as she slipped her arms around his neck, she cried, "Shower! I told you to go and take a shower!"

"Yes, I know, and I'm going to take a shower right now. What do you think I'm doing?" The man said all of this in a complete make–believe confusion.

Eh… Janet felt embarrassed, and touched her nose. She said, "Of course I was thinking about the shower. Go!"

They entered the bathroom together, and Janet was put on a rest bed near the bathtub. Daniel then went to fill the tub.

Soon after, a scream was heard coming out of the bathroom. "Daniel, you promised me to have a shower, not this!"

"Well. This is shower!" His voice sounded innocent.

"Stop! Don't touch me!" The sound of running water was very loud.

"Well, okay." No touching, only kissing.

He kissed her tummy, and Janet felt helpless.

Forget about it. She didn't want to say anything more to this sex maniac.

In the morning, at sunrise, Daniel finally stopped and left alone the almost fainted girl's body.

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