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   Chapter 135 I Will Talk to My Father-in-law

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"OK, I'll give her a chance to accept an interview. But I won't intervene in her recruitment, " said Daniel. Janet was the only one who had ever been employed through the inner relations in the SL Group's history.

"OK, if she's employed, please give her more chances, and let her help more with your work, " said Janet. Janet was now feeling regretful that she didn't choose a business management degree. Otherwise, she could help Daniel herself.

Although she had worked with the SL Group, it was only for a short period and she could only do minimal, basic tasks. She could hardly grasp Daniel's important commercial affairs.

Daniel looked affectionately at this innocent girl, and thought that he could never find another woman as silly as her in this world.

What kind of woman would arrange her own man to be with another woman?

Didn't Janet throw a fit about trusting Daniel? Why was she bringing her woman best friend close to him?

Perhaps she thought that the best job was to stay by Daniel's side! God! This stupid girl!

"But..." Daniel remarked, "It may not be best for Shirley Zheng to be my secretary or assistant." He tried to talk some sense into her.

Janet thought his words meant that he didn't believe in what Shirley was capable of, so she gripped his palm tight and assured him. "Shirley will be great for the job. She can endure anything! I always saw her read books until two o'clock in the morning when we were in college." Janet had the utmost admiration for Shirley and her resiliency.

"No, Janet, " Daniel explained, with a sigh, "What I meant was that Shirley is female, my beloved woman's best friend, don't you think..." Before he could speak out the words "it might send out the wrong signal", Janet curled her lips and stared at Daniel, with annoyance.

"If you're not willing to give her the chance, then forget it. I'll keep her in my cake shop!" said Janet. Janet didn't comprehend Daniel at all. She only thought that Daniel didn't like Shirley, that he doubted Shirley's skills.

Daniel could feel her frustration, so he sighed and said, "Don't get angry. We'll do as you say."

Daniel thought it best to leave it alone. He did need help, and if Shirley Zheng was so capable, then it would be good to have one more effective assistant.

After hearing those words, Janet smiled and kissed his cheek. "I'll go to America with you. Let me go home to pack my luggage."

When Daniel heard that she was going back home, he held her tighter and demanded, "No, don't leave. Stay here with me tonight."

During his two months in America, he had used up all his restraint to keep himself from contacting her.

Now, she was in his arms, and he did not want to let her go.

"I have to. My father will get angry, " Janet disagreed.

Samuel still had beef with Daniel, and Janet didn't know what to do.

Hearing her mention her father, Daniel loosened his arms off of her waist and said, "Don't worry! I'll talk to him. Wait for me in the bedroom."

He stood up from the sofa and took his phone out to make a call.

"Are you calling my father? What are you going to tell him?" asked Janet. She got tense all of a sudden.

Samuel was extremely resentful toward Daniel, so Janet was afraid that Daniel might have a hard time dealing with him.

Daniel gave her a kiss on the lips. "Relax. I will talk to my father-in-law. Go to the bedroom now, " he assured her.

When she heard Daniel call her Dad "father-in-law", Janet's face flushed crimson. She mischievously bit his hand and said, "What do you mean father-in-law?"

"Yes, my honey!" Daniel tittered.

My goodness! This shameless man! Janet, with her face flushing red an

d her foot stomping on the floor, took her handbag and walked to the bedroom.

His bedroom was clean and tidy. He must have some sort of household helper to come clean his mansion everyday. It was always spotless.

She, then, took out her phone from her handbag. Uh-oh. Her phone was off. No wonder it kept quiet the whole day.

When she turned it on, it kept beeping with voicemail alerts.

There were messages from her father, her mother, her brother, and even Shirley.

Since Daniel was calling her father, she called Shirley instead.

"Oh, thank God! You called back! I was so worried about you!" answered Shirley. Shirley was not able to reach Janet the whole afternoon, so she was worried sick.

Janet giggled and said, "Shirley, I have some of good news for you."

Ecstatic, she threw herself onto the wide bed.

"What good news? Are you getting married?" Shirley was joking.

"No! What are you talking about? It's too early to talk about marriage!" said Janet. "Shirley, I've discussed with Daniel, and he promised to set you up with an interview for the SL Group!" Janet couldn't contain her excitement as she told Shirley the news.

Shirley was speechless. After all, it is the SL Group! Daniel's company!

Regaining composure, Shirley asked, "Could you repeat your words again? Janet?" Shirley was so shocked that her voice trembled.

"I said, that Daniel promised to set you up with an interview for his company. If you pass, you can work in the SL Group!" repeated Janet. If Shirley could pass the interview, her family would be overjoyed. The salary and benefits in the SL Group was amazing.

Still in shock, Shirley covered her mouth. She choked and said, "Janet..." But she was too excited to utter any more out.

"Are you happy?" asked Janet. Janet knew Shirley must be happy. Her degree would be useful in the SL Group.

Shirley's career was ruined by Walter, that scumbag, but now, she finally had a good opportunity.

"Yes, of course I'm happy! Janet! But... Janet, what's the relationship between you and Daniel?" Shirley asked warily.

"We... we are... boyfriend and girlfriend. But no, not yet, it's not confirmed yet." This question had pestered Janet for a long time. She and Daniel hadn't put a label on their relationship yet, even though they had been together for so long.

When Shirley heard that Janet and Daniel might be in a romantic relationship, her excitement disappeared.

"But isn't Daniel with... Kate Song?" asked Shirley.

"Yes, but he promised me that he would break up with Kate!" answered Janet. Janet's requirement was simple. As long as Daniel would break up all his relations with other women, she was willing to stay with him.

"Well, Janet. How long have you... been together?" asked Shirley.

"We have been together... Let me think... for less than six months!" said Janet. Janet counted from the day she lost her virginity to him.

Shirley's eyes kept staring on her computer, without moving an inch. She remembered that Janet told her that she had nothing to do with Daniel.

She wondered how they became a couple now.

"Shirley?" She kept silent on the phone, which made Janet call her name.

"Uhm, I'm doing my laundry. I should hang up now, " replied Shirley. She was panicking, so she wanted to end the call immediately.

"Wait. I have other things to tell you. I'm going to America tomorrow, so please take good care of yourself here! If anyone from the SL Group contacts you, just go and show up for the interview. Don't worry about my shop! Keep this in mind, okay?" Janet kept on telling Shirley to go for the interview. She was worried that Shirley would miss this good opportunity.

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