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   Chapter 134 You Have Nothing to do with Cleverness

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Daniel unfastened his seat belt and got out of the car.

As soon as he got off, Janet immediately stepped hard on the gas and turned her car around.

But Daniel suddenly appeared in front of her car. Startled, Janet hastily hit the brakes, bumping her forehead on the steering wheel in the process.

"It hurts!" yelled Janet. Gritting her teeth, Janet placed her palm on her forehead.

Before she knew it, Daniel opened the car door, unfastened her seatbelt, and carefully brought her out of the car.

With his left arm supporting her slim waist, their two bodies pressed tight together. Then, Daniel held up his hand and brought it on Janet's forehead, tenderly massaging it.

"Shit! If I end up having a concussion, how are you going to replace my clever brain?" protested Janet.

Clever brain? Daniel burst into laughter and teased, "You have nothing to do with cleverness." If Janet was really clever, why couldn't she understand that Daniel did all of these to protect her?

Although, no matter how silly she seemed, Daniel still thought she was cute.

"Are you sure? If I'm not clever enough, how was I able to get you?" Janet said. Meanwhile, she was thinking of a way to get rid of him.

Daniel didn't object her words. Instead, he agreed. "Okay, now that you have me, why do you want to throw me away like this?" he asked. She seemed more irresponsible!

Humph! She pushed him away and went into her car again, but Daniel dragged her out by her waist.

He took her hat off, and threw it into the backseat. "I hate seeing it!" he said.

Of all the colors, why did she have to choose that? She really meant to torture him with a green hat!

(TN: Wearing a green hat in Chinese has the metaphor meaning as being disloyal to the husband.)

Janet coldly remarked, "You bought me this dress."

"Of course, I know that!" said Daniel.

"Then you should have known that the dress and the hat came in a set." said Janet.

Daniel felt embarrassed.

He brought Janet to the passenger seat, where she reluctantly sat. Daniel took the wheel and drove her Mercedes Benz toward the Royal Mansion Neighbourhood.

At Mansion No. 9

Janet couldn't do anything as they both drove past her own mansion and into the garage of Mansion No. 9.

She then had no choice but to follow Daniel into his mansion. She changed her shoes and climbed up the stairs.

Janet set aside her frustrations and decided to go with the situation. If Daniel wanted to talk, fine. They would talk.

At the study room

Daniel casually sat on the chair behind his desk and demanded, "Come here!" He patted his lap when he noticed that Janet was about to sit on the other side of the

dded her head and said, "Can I offer you some help when you're busy, and when you're free, we can go out to play around?"

Janet understood that Daniel was very busy with his work.

Whenever she went to his company, he was always busy working. All of his cars had piles of documents so he could always have access to them.

And if he didn't have Spark to manage his work phone, he would have endless phone calls to answer every minute of the day.

"You don't need to help me there. You can just go out and have fun, but remember to come back to me in the evening, " said Daniel. His palm gripped her pale, white hand, which was smooth and soft, as if she never had done any tough work.

He hoped that Janet's hands would stay like this forever, even when she got old, when her hair was all white and her teeth was all lost.

"Ah, yes! Shirley's major in college was business management, and she was one of the most exceptional students in college! What about giving her a position in your company, so that she can help you with your work? What do you think?" Janet suggested. Janet thought that it was a waste of Shirley's talent if she worked in her cake shop. Shirley would be better off using her college degree in SL Group.

When she mentioned Shirley, Daniel frowned, but he considered, "If you really want her to work in my company, then I'll make the arrangement."

Daniel understood Janet's worries. Shirley Zheng was her best friend, and if she could have a good and stable job, Janet would be more relieved.

"Yes, she should be a talented person, as her scores in college were so great. Let her work as a trainee. Just give it a try, " said Janet.

Janet was confident about Shirley's talent, and she believed that she would be of help to Daniel with his work.

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