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   Chapter 133 Sit Down and Watch Us Show Affection

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Ferris seemed to remember something. What he remembered was a report on Weibo in which he had read that Janet was Daniel's sworn sister...

Ferris now realized that perhaps he may have gotten himself into trouble.

But when he became embarrassed, and was about to explain what was happening to Daniel, Janet calmly uttered, "Leave if you don't want to hear me talk. Don't disturb me any longer, I'm having dinner with my boyfriend now!"

Daniel sneered at her words, and thought that it was too soon for her to seek out a new boyfriend. He looked at the man next to him, and said, "Mr. Ferris, I think there is a development opportunity for the project we've discussed some time ago; let's talk more about it when you're free."

Ferris was surprised to hear these words, and looked up at Daniel. "I'm free right now, Mr. Si. We can talk about it right now, " he said.

That was a pretty big project, and if the SL Group agreed with it and accepted it, it would definitely bring a considerable profit to the Fengcheng Group, but only if the two companies partnered with each other!

"No, but you can go back to your company and prepare all the needed documents. You can come to the SL Group tomorrow and ask for my secretary, Miss Ren. Tell her that I asked you to ask for her." Daniel watched Ferris put his phone and laptop back into his briefcase, and he was about to leave without eating anything that he had just ordered.

"Thanks Mr. Si. I'm going back right now!" he said. He looked at Janet, who was now stunned, and said, "Miss Shao, I apologise, but I have to leave now. I will invite you for dinner on another day."

After uttering these words to Janet, he shook hands with Daniel and left the restaurant in a hurry.

Daniel asked one of the waiters to remove Ferris's dinner, and then sat down at the table beside Janet and began to order food with the pretty woman that was accompanying him.

"Help yourself and order whatever you like to eat, " he said to the model. He sat near Janet, and he pushed the menu to the opposite side of the table. The model, who sat opposite to him, was extremely flattered, and she took the menu and carefully read what it had to offer.

The model pretended that she didn't see Janet at the table, because Spark had already asked her to do so in advance.

Later, Daniel asked a waiter to bring him the most expensive red wine they had in the restaurant.

When she saw what he did, Janet started feeling a little bit distressed. She had already wanted to drink some red wine, but Ferris didn't let her order it.

When she saw how generous Daniel was to the model, Janet became very upset and disappointed...

She thought that in the future, she would certainly not marry a man like Ferris, who was so miserly and weak!

When Janet, who was now absent-minded, cut the steak on her plate and drank her glass of fruit juice, she heard the woman sitting opposite to her say, "Mr. Si, I've already decided on what to order. What about you?"

"The same as you, " replied Daniel. He sat on the chair and swirled the red wine in the glass, lost in thought.

Later, the young model began to coquettishly express her love for him, and began saying, "Mr. Si, I've been thinking of you since last time I met you!"

"Oh? Did you?" Daniel calmly asked her.

"Of course, Mr. Si. You're the most handsome and talented man I've ever met in my life!" replied the model. She was playing with her blonde long hair and inclined forward.

Out of the corner of her eye, Janet saw that the model was deliberately showcasing her generous cleavage...

Janet then thought of her own cleavage, and realised that the model's cleavage seemed to be more obvious, and better than hers. She thought that Daniel was interested in more curvaceous women!

Janet began to think of Kate, who looked as charming as the model in front of her, and believed that what she had just concluded was correct!

Daniel had heard many such compliments before, and he just flatly asked her, "At the present time, how much do you charge for your appearance?"

"At least one million, " replied the model. The young model, who had started her career as a model only half a year ago, must've been quite extraordinary if she was worth such a good price.

"I can give you ten million, but would you like to keep me company tonight?" asked Daniel.

"Uh..." Janet began to utter strange sounds. She immediately reached for the glass of water on the table because she choked on her food, again...

But she picked the glass of red wine instead, and recklessly gulped the rest of it in seconds.

After she drank all of it, and

took a breather, Janet felt much better.

"Mr. Si, you're so nice, and it's my pleasure if you like me. I'm glad to serve you if you'd like to!" spoke the model. She just ignored all the others and smiled, her bright big eyes narrowing at this moment.

'Damn it! How dare they invite each other to a spicy night in front of me like that! How can they ignore me like this?' thought Janet, with rage slowly building up in her.

"Hey, lady! Aren't you afraid of getting any venereal diseases from him?" asked Janet. She put aside her knife and fork and seriously looked at the model who was sitting opposite to her.

Well... The young model was now stunned and looked at Daniel a bit confused. 'Does he really have...' she wondered.

Daniel, who looked even more cold and gloomy, glanced at Janet, and asked her, "Did you infect me with any?"

When she heard him, Janet exerted herself to pinch his arm, and shouted, "What are you talking about?" She thought that she couldn't have developed such a disease on her own, and if she really had any, she must've gotten it from Daniel!

Oh... "No. I have to go to the hospital for a quick check-up. What if you got the disease?" said Janet. She seemed to be in a panic, which made Daniel look very depressed and indignant.

"Sit down!" spoke Daniel coldly.

The model, indeed, now hesitated on his offer, and wondered whether she should accept it or not.

She was a young lady and didn't want to be infected with any of that...

"Why do I have to sit down? I need to go to the hospital!" said Janet sternly.

Daniel gripped her wrist and forced her to sit down again.

He then suddenly got close to her, and spoke, "Why did I ask you to sit down? Sit down and watch how we show our affection to each other! Janet Shao, all other women are far more obedient than you!"

When she heard him uttering these words, Janet's first instinct was to slap him across the face. "God damn you! You can find other women, and I will never stop you doing so!" she shouted.

'If he wants other women, he can do so whenever he likes. But why can't he let me go? He wants me to watch how they show their affection? No, I don't have such a hobby!' thought Janet.

When he heard that Janet had just swore, Daniel slightly frowned. He wanted to talk back to her, but he then felt that it wasn't a wise thing to argue with her. "Just wait here!" he said.

After uttering these words, Daniel began to have dinner.

The model opposite to them kept looking at the two in an odd way.

Finally, Daniel threw the model a sharp glance, and said, "Leave now if you've finished your dinner!"

The model was so scared of him that she left straight away, without even finishing her meal. "I have something urgent to do, so I need to leave right now. Bye, Mr. Si!" she said.

When she saw the model running away panicked, Janet scornfully smiled, and thought that the model was, indeed, just another stupid woman with big breasts! Janet had just slightly frightened her, but she now really believed what she had earlier said.

If Daniel didn't stand up to make room for her to pass, Janet couldn't get out of her seat. After she finished her dinner, she had to kill time by browsing on her phone, with her chin resting on her palm.

The dinner was now over.

They then left the restaurant, one behind the other. Janet quickly walked up to her car and got into it.

Not uttering a single word, she started the car, but at that moment, Daniel climbed in the passenger's seat and closed the door.

He switched the car's engine off, and asked, "What are you doing?!"

'Does he think he can act like a bastard just because he's rich? Why does he keep involving me in his affairs when he is dating two girls at the same time? I don't want to be a mistress. Can't he just leave me alone?' thought Janet.

Daniel slowly fastened his seat belt, and said, "Drive to The Royal Mansion Neighborhood and let's go to my house. I need to talk with you."

"No!" replied Janet.

In fact, she wanted to say that he didn't have anything to talk with her; he was just a bastard who thought only with his penis. If she agreed to go to his house, he just could then just sleep with her and not be responsible for her, without doing anything meaningful. Whenever she thought of this, Janet became very angry.

She was furious, because she couldn't defeat Daniel when they fought with each other, and didn't succeed in resisting him either. And what was even worse, her heart was softened every time she saw him.

When he saw that she was suddenly angry, Daniel just glanced at her and said, "Swap seats with me!"

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