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   Chapter 132 This is Janet Shao, My Girlfriend

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'That woman should have known better than to go to a blind date with another man!' thought Daniel. His eyes were now burning with an unimaginable rage.

'I knew that she won't stay still in the apartment, but I never expected that she would act so wild and go to a blind date! If I don't do something to punish her, she's still not going to be well aware of who her man is!' thought Daniel.

"OK! I know it, that's it!" said Daniel over the phone. He hung up the phone, and after a moment's meditation, he asked Spark to help him.

He then grabbed his coat from the hanger, and said to Spark, "Go and find a pretty young model and send her to the Garfield Restaurant in twenty minutes."

Spark was puzzled, and said, "Yes, Mr. Si, of course."

In the Garfield Restaurant

At table No. 8, a man dressed in a white shirt was quietly sitting there, texting on his phone; it seemed that he was quite busy.

A greeting was suddenly heard. "Hello! Are you Mr. Xiao?" It was Janet, and she courteously stood aside, grinning a smile.

When the man moved his eyes from his phone up to the girl's face, he was instantly shocked.

"Hello, are you Mr. Xiao, Ferris Xiao?" Janet asked once again, with patience.

Ferris Xiao immediately put down his phone and stood up from his chair. Stretching out his right hand, he said, "Hello! Yes, I'm Ferris Xiao. Are you... Janet Shao?"

"Yes, I am. Nice to meet you!" said Janet. She sincerely greeted Ferris and shook his hand.

Then, when their hands parted, Ferris Xiao pulled her chair for her in a gentlemanlike way, and said, "Miss Shao, please sit down."

"Thank you!" said Janet politely.

Ferris Xiao waved to the waiter, and he put a menu in front of Janet. "I don't know what dishes you like, as this is our first meeting. Please order anything you like, " he said.

Then Janet took the menu, and ordered herself a set of familiar dishes.

Ferris also decided on what he would eat, and then the waiter took their orders and went away.

"Miss Shao, please excuse me if I speak too honestly. You're such a pretty and young girl, with a wealthy and famous background, and I bet that there must be a large group of men chasing after you. So, why did you come to a date arranged by your own parents?" asked Ferris. Actually, when he found out that he was about to date Samuel Shao's daughter, he could hardly believe his ears.

He wondered why Samuel's daughter would need to have a blind date with another man.

He initially thought that maybe his daughter was an ugly girl, or had some defects. But then he recalled Janet's photos that he had seen on Weibo, in which she was incredibly beautiful.

Now the real portrait was unveiled in front of him, and she was even more beautiful than he had seen her in any photo or video.

But, he was also reminded by the person who had arranged the date for him that Janet Shao was just a childish girl and was acting rashly; he was told that she had kept badgering her parents to arrange for this date all of a sudden, and so he just came to give it a try, but tried not to be too serious about it.

After Janet finished ordering her meal, she just kept her silence and didn't seem to want to talk about anything, which made Ferris understand the current situation now.

"Uh, in fact, only a few men are chasing me, as I'm not always trying to speak with other people, and I have only a few friends, " said Janet. Janet felt embarrassed, and didn't know how to explain herself for her impulsive actions.

Ferris smiled and took out his business card, and handed it to Janet. "Miss Shao, here's my card. It was my pleasure to meet with you."

Janet took the business card, on which it was written, "Ferris Xiao, CEO of the Fengcheng Group."

"You're great, you've already been named a CEO at such a young age, " said Janet. She delivered her sincere compliments to him. Janet really admired this kind of people, who were capable of becoming the CEO of a Group at such a young age, just like Daniel.

"Thank you, Miss Shao! I'm actually not that young. I'm 29 years old, and soon I will be in my early thirties. That's why I showed up for this date. I plan on settling on my marriage, " said Ferris. Ferris spoke out his intentions to Janet straight away; he thought that Janet's appearance had really met his standards for a wife.

"Uh... But I'm just 23 years old, and we h

ave a gap of six years..." replied Janet. Janet took a sip out of her glass of juice, trying to hide her embarrassment.

Ferris felt that the age factor was not that of a big deal, so he said, "Age is not a problem. Have you heard the news that Sven Si, the successor for Chuck's Hospital, has been engaged to the eldest daughter of the Si family?"

'Of course I know all about it!' thought Janet. Janet nodded her head.

"The woman is about six years older than he is! So if they can be together, why can't we?" asked Ferris. He continued, "Miss Shao, you are still young. You need someone that's right for you, someone that can take care of you." Ferris didn't try to hide his content with Janet.

Janet smoothed her hair near her ear, feeling even more guilty and embarrassed. She didn't dare to look at Ferris, and she stammered, "Your words are... right, but..."

"You're not having the sincerity for this date." Ferris cut in her words in an affirmative tone.

Janet felt pretty embarrassed, and wondered whether she had shown it too obviously. He had already known that she was not serious with the date.

"We can be friends at first, " said Janet. She took a quick look at him, and then instantly moved her eyes away.

"Fine! I'm okay with that."

Then Ferris took out his phone to add Janet's Wechat account, and also her phone number.

The waiter soon came and placed their dishes on the table. Janet had ordered a dish of beefsteak, well done.

She thought that it would be a good match to have some red wine go along with the beefsteak, so she called the waiter again.

"What's wrong?" asked Ferris. He looked at her curiously.

"Well, I want a bottle of red wine!" Answered Janet, casually.

But a meaningful light flashed through Ferris's eyes, and he spoke in a low voice, "I've tasted the red wine in this restaurant, and it isn't that good. If you like red wine, I have some, and I can give you two bottles later, if you want."

Janet's eyes became bigger and glanced at him, and she said, "Well, then forget about it."

She then apologised to the waiter, and started to slice her beefsteak.

The atmosphere between them was kind of strange, but then Janet actively asked him questions this time, such as, "Mr. Xiao, have you ever had any girlfriend before?"

"Yes, twice or three times, but we broke up. What about you?"

Janet didn't like the man in front of her, so she decided to tell him the truth, and said, "I just came here to..." But before she could even finish her words, a man's voice cut in on her.

"Mr. Xiao, I have the strangest luck to find you here!" This voice was familiar to Ferris; surprised, he turned around, and saw that the man really was Daniel Si!

A pretty girl was holding the handsome man's arm, and they stood right next to their table. The man was emanating a strong aura, which attracted many people's attention.

Ferris hastily put down his cutlery and stood up to make his greeting. "Mr. Si, long time no see! I'm honoured to be meeting you again!"

"Yes, are you having your dinner here?" asked Daniel. He threw an undetectable glimpse to the woman, who was now focusing on her food.

And the rage in his eyes began to rise up, too. 'You dressed up pretty well for a date, Janet, you... really have done a good job, again!' thought Daniel.

Ferris was of high-esteem towards Daniel. He took a look at Janet, who was keeping silent, and then he introduced her straightforward. "Mr. Si, this is Janet Shao, my girlfriend. I'm dating with her here! Janet, come, let me introduce you to..."

Janet nearly choked on a slice of beef in her mouth. 'When did I become his girlfriend?' thought Janet.

The man next to them cast her a sharp glance, which made Janet feel scared.

But his reaction was exactly her purpose of her coming there so, thinking of this, Janet drank a mouthful of her juice, and calmed her breath.

Then she slowly wiped her red lips, and while still sitting on her chair and smiling, she said, "Mr. Si, I have heard of your name long before. It's my great honour to meet you here."

'My honour? Bullshit! You wicked man, you dare to come here together with another woman!' thought Janet.

"Janet, are you really enjoying playing these tricks on me?" He stared at her with a cold, stern face, and then spoke out the words that dumbfounded all the other people around them.

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