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   Chapter 131 I Will Never Yield to a Bastard

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"Get off of me or I will never forgive you!" She said this in a pretty serious and grave tone.

Daniel then threw his jacket away, and said, "Will you forgive me if I'll let you go?"

"... No!" She was now whispering.

He gently touched her face with his fingers. "Your skin is a lot finer than before."


"It's just two month. Maybe it would've felt as smooth as a baby's if you had touched me after two years."

Her words made the both of them think about only one question. They had not seen each other for just two months? It had felt more like two years...

"You've been thinking too much. Janet, you are mine for this and the next life..." Daniel showed a wicked, but fascinating, smile.

And Janet smiled back, too. She draped her hands around Daniel, and said, "Mr. Si, it is you who has thought too much. I will never yield to a bastard like you, ever. I will marry another man in the future, I promise."

Daniel felt irritated by her words.

She was the only one to blame for his anger, and she had to pay the price. "You want to marry another man? Huh, in your dreams!"

He kissed her hard on her lips and gripped her hands over her head.

Janet kicked him on his legs, but he only snorted a little and pressed her even tighter.

"Be quiet!"

"For what?"

"Because you're my woman!"

"Don't bet on it." Her attitude made him even more desperate.

He bit her ears gently, and said, "Do you know how the story ends if you still stick to resisting?"

"I don't care ... Let me go! Damn you..."

"Beg me first."

... "No way! Go to the hell!"

"I will help you find the way." Daniel said that in a flirty, dirty tone.

He was all hands on her body as he was speaking to her. Janet was so annoyed by him that she threw him off of her.

But her efforts were in vain, and he pressed on her again before she even had the chance to get up.

"Do you really want to resist me? Are you taking a deaf ear to my warnings? Huh? My dear!" As he said this, Daniel took off her coat and threw it to the ground.

The more disobedient she was, the more he wanted to overcome her and dominate her. He must make her be obedient!

"Prrrt!" Her dress was torn.

Janet uttered a distressed cry. The view in the room was beautiful.

An hour later, Daniel got up and looked at the embarrassed woman on the bed. "This is the end! Janet, you will get a name when you are obedient to me."

After he finished speaking, Daniel went inside the bathroom.

Janet was still grinding her teeth on the bed.

Daniel! That damn bastard! He had dared to insult her like this. She must get back at him somehow!

After he took a shower, Daniel found his clothes in the corner of the wardrobe.

He found that all his clothes had been bundled up into a case.

At that very moment, Janet rushed to the wardrobe and carried the case outside of it. "Daniel, get out of here!" she said, "This is my house from now on."

She wouldn't let him treat her like that without paying a price for his actions. She wanted the house.

Daniel simply ignored the crazy woman and dialed a number on his mobile phone. "Buy me a suit in the Waterside Apartment Complex."

His case had long been packed, and it seemed that she had thought of driving him out of the house for a long time now.

Janet was still disobedient. "From now on, you just stay here and don't go anywhere."

She looked at him, and said, "Who do you think you are?"

The man with a towel wrapped around his waist then stepped forward to her, and said, "Who do you think I am? Do I really need to tell you the answer again?"

"No, Mr. Si." Janet also went to the bathroom, wiped her angry face, and returned to the bedroom with a smile on her face. She soon got sleepy.

An idea popped in her mind when she was lying on the bed.

Daniel knew that she wouldn't stay there like he ordered her to. He also didn't want to make her unhappy for forcing her to do something that she didn't want to do.

What Janet did next made him very unhappy.

Daniel went back to the company while Janet was sleeping.

Janet had called her mother immediately after waking up. "Mom, find me a date, right now."


"Are you crazy?" Ella's question lowered Janet's spirit to some degree.

"Yeah, maybe I am. I'm going to have a blind date, right now." Janet had forgotten all about the pain that Daniel had inflicted on her, and she got out of bed so fast that she actually fell to the ground.

"Hiss..." She felt a sharp pain and grimaced. If it weren't for the carpet, she might have gotten injured on her knees.

"What about Daniel if you date someone else?"

"Mom, please don't mention that jerk again. I will punch him every time I see him... We don't know each other, and that's how it'll gonna stay." Didn't he say that she was his woman? Then she would get him cuckolded.

She tried every possible way and finally persuaded Ella to finally introduce someone to her.

Janet had her hair styled and her make-up applied in her uncle's shop.

She thought of something and sent her mother a message. "Tell Lola I'm having a blind date right now."

It was meaningless if Daniel didn't know about it.

Ella read her message silently. Should she let her run wild like this?

In the Garfield Restaurant, at night

A red Mercedes stopped in front of the restaurant, out of which a woman got out, immediately attracting everyone's attention.

Her claret long hair was wavy and was casually scattered on her shoulders. Her clothes and hat were both dark green. She wore heavy make-up, something which she had never done before - more exactly thick eyebrows and mascara, A blue eye shadow and bright red lips.

She was dressed in a dark green double-faced coat and black long boots, holding in her hand a limited edition black bag that Daniel had brought for her a while back.

She looked very fashionable and mature.

A mature man had been waiting for her at table No. 8 inside the Garfield Restaurant. Janet walked to him gracefully.

In the president's office of the SL Group

Daniel's mobile phone rang over and over again and he finally answered it from the pile of documents it was in. "Daniel! Son! Go to the Garfield Restaurant right now!"

Lola's flurried voice was heard coming out of the phone. Daniel put down the pen and rubbed his brows. "Mom, why are you so disturbed?"

"I have my strong reasons! Jane is having a blind date right now. Don't you feel disturbed by that? I order you to take her back, now!" Lola was the first to scold him if he ever avoided his responsibility for Jane.

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