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   Chapter 130 I Haven't Handled It Properly

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When the traffic light turned green, Janet crossed the street without looking back.

Daniel bit his lower lip and followed her.

On the other side of the road there was a small garden, and Daniel brought Janet inside it.

"What do you want?" asked Janet. There was no one on the trail in the garden except the two, and Janet managed to eventually get rid of his control.

"Why are you so angry? Before I left for America, didn't I ask if you would like to go with me there?"

Daniel really couldn't figure out what could've made Janet be so angry. If it's really the case, then he's the one who should've been angry.

She stared at the man taking off his sunglasses, and said, "I just didn't want to go to America. What would I have done there? Be your mistress?"

The way she puffed her cheeks and stared at him was so cute that Daniel could not help but laugh. He said, "Don't get me wrong, Jane, but you never told me what you were thinking before. If you really care about Kate, I'll break up with her right away. She only existed to protect you."

"Break up with her? Kate took a bullet for you, and saved you. You two also showcase your love to journalists every day. Are these also fake? You can't break up with her for me, a mistress!" Janet never thought that Daniel could be such a jerk. He did whatever he wanted, And never cared about what the girl thought. She remembered that at first, it was Daniel who asked Kate to be his girlfriend.

Daniel was speechless, but still clutched his forehead with his hands, and said, "Jane, it's not what you think. Before I was even with her, I told her that she was only a cover in this relationship. Even when I told her that I was just using her, she still agreed."

He had told her about that clearly, but Kate still kept throwing herself at him, hoping that things would change. Then he wasn't the one to blame!

However, Janet sneered, and said, "Daniel, you are such a scum!"

'A cover? Just used her? How could Daniel tell such a lie?' thought Janet.

'He told me that he only wanted to protect me, but look at him now, punishing me to the mistress corner. Is this the protection he had been talking about?'

"Liar! Daniel you are a rotten liar!" Janet blocked whatever Daniel was about to say to her.

The man affectionately looked at her for half a minute, then stepped forward, lifted her chin and kissed her.

She tasted like sweet milk tea, which made Daniel frown.

Janet struggled to not let him do that, but the more she struggled, the tighter her chin was glued to his. It was painful, and she didn't dare to move a muscle more!

The man's long arms surrounded her thin waist while he carefully tasted the lips he had missed for the last two months.

Suddenly, voices were heard coming from the end of the path they were on, but Janet still couldn't get rid of his overpowering control. She started worrying, and so she bit his lips.

The taste of blood spread in their mouths, but Daniel still didn't let her go.

Janet could hear the voice of the people walking by them: "Today's young people are so cheeky! They do these lovey-dovey tricks outside in broad daylight. Gee!"

"Just walk! It's not your business. They're just a young couple in love."


The old man's voice left Janet speechless.

Their breathing was getting more and more heavy. Just seconds before she was about to suffocate, the man finally let her go.

Janet hung weakly onto him, and Daniel didn't mind holding her like that.

After her breathing gradually stabilised, Janet stepped back a couple of paces and her eyes suddenly became vicious. She lifted her r

ight hand and slapped his face hard.

This time Daniel was not prepared and couldn't help being slapped by her.

Time seemed to stay still, and the air around them seemed to be condensing.

Janet rubbed her painful palm on her clothes, and didn't dare to lift her face and see Daniel. Finally, she lifted her foot and started to leave.

However, the man did not give her the opportunity to escape. Instead, he forced her into the backseat of the Cayenne that was parked on the side of the road.

The Cayenne drove away and Janet was brought to the Waterside Apartment.

Along the way, the man's face was so gloomy that she was really sorry for her erratic and impulsive behaviour.

She refused to get out of the car.

Daniel dragged her out of the car to the apartment and then threw her on the big bed in the bedroom.

"Daniel, if you dare lay a finger on me today, I'll fight you to the death!" Janet got up from bed, fixed her long hair, and warned the man with full viciousness in her voice.

Daniel just sneered, and thought that she had always been really naive. She didn't know that the more wilder was a woman, the more a man wanted to conquer her.

"First when you hit me, I didn't intend to touch you. But now, hearing you say that, I will definitely lay my hands on you!" He began to untie his belt, and the sound of the belt buckle being opened made Janet's heart beat faster.

Janet hastily climbed from the bed to the other side of the room and was ready to escape.

But the man just walked towards the bedroom's door in a couple of swift strides and blocked her way.

"Jane..." He changed his attitude and plan of attack, and held Janet in his arms and whispered to her in her ear.

Janet was stunned, and wondered, 'What does he mean...'

"Sorry, I haven't handled the situation properly and that I've let you suffer." He would take care of Kate and the reporter.

Janet wouldn't have been interviewed if Kate hadn't said what she said.

However, Janet felt wronged that she had encountered this scum.

"I'll break up with Kate when this is over." It wasn't the best time to break up with her, since Jane was involved. He could ignore the others' thoughts, but he couldn't ignore Janet's. If he broke up with Kate now, there would be a lot of people who would think that Jane had really been his mistress, and that they broke up because of her. That was not appropriate.

'When will this be over?'

Janet's thoughts were totally different from that of Daniel's. She thought that Daniel was a scum. He had just said that because he wanted to be with her and Kate at the same time.

"I'm very flattered that Mr. Si likes me! Very, very flattered! But I don't want to be in your games anymore! Bye!"

"Jane, don't be so stubborn. I really mean what I say."

"I also mean it. I'm not joking with you, can't you see? Not only that, I won't live or come in here in the future. Let's live our lives on our separate ways!" Janet's heart was filled with pain when she said that, and her eyes had also become red.

He was furious at her, and shouted, "Janet, I've been speaking to you for all this time, but you haven't heard a thing!"

"Yeah! Yeah... Wuwuwu! Let go of me..." The woman was again thrown onto the bed, the man pressed her under him tightly.

"Janet, don't be such a fool! If you really want to, I'll make you my mistress!"

"Daniel, you're a monster! Let go of me! Let go of me, now!"

"Let you go? I chose you, and I'll never let you go!"

... If Daniel's tone hadn't sounded that cold, Janet would've really thought that he was actually saying something sweet to her.

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