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   Chapter 129 You'd Better Go Out Through the Back Door

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Janet just wanted to walk around freely when she was in a bad mood; she didn't want to be recognized by people everywhere she went.

When she heard Daniel's name, Shirley, with a gleam shining in her eyes, asked Janet, "Are Daniel and you... really..."

It was quite clear what she had meant. Janet was a bit depressed, and replied, "No. I have nothing to do with him."

She thought that at most, he was just a friend who had slept with her!

When she heard her, Shirley seemed to feel more relieved. "Oh, I see. Well, you need to get down to work now, and I also have to check the sanitation first."

Janet waved at her and entered the back room.

The whole morning, Janet kept making Tiramisu, one after another, and she was silent, and looked very morose.

Of course, not one of the salesclerks dared to ask her what had happened to her. Shirley wanted to ask her, but when she saw that Janet was so concentrated on her work, she finally gave up on the idea.

She had to tell the salesclerks to recommend the Tiramisu to their customers.

At noon

Shirley said to Janet who kept making Tiramisu this morning: "It's time for lunch now. Would you like to have lunch with me?"

"I'll have lunch later, you can go first!" replied Janet. She didn't even look up when she spoke with her and just went on working.

It was obvious that Janet was very sad; she didn't even talk as much as she used to in the morning. Shirley wanted to cheer her up, but she had no idea how.

"Would you like me to bring you a cup of milky tea?" asked Shirley. The Grand Slam was Janet's favourite milky tea.

"Yes, that would be nice. Thanks!" said Janet. Yes! This time, Janet didn't refuse her.

Shirley slightly smiled at her, and said, "Please wait a sec."

When she got out of the shop, she saw that a red Cayenne was parked at the curb nearby. Since it was a luxury car, Shirley kept looking at it for the moment.

A man got out of the driver's seat and quickly walked up to Shirley, and said, "Hello, Miss Zheng. Is Miss Shao in the shop?"

After looking at the man in front of her, Shirley began to glance at the Cayenne's backseat windows, but she couldn't see anything through.

"Miss Zheng?" said Spark. He was confused, and looked at Shirley who was lost in thought.

Shirley, who had heard Spark call her name, now realised that someone was talking to her, and nodded. "Yes. She's in the shop, " she replied.

"Would you please help me and ask her to come here?" asked Spark. On his way there, Daniel had called Janet for several times, but had found that her phone was powered off.

He didn't know where she was, so he had to go in front of he

o?" Spark immediately asked Daniel, who was busy working on the backseat of the Cayenne.

A moment after, he coldly ordered, "Catch up with her!"

Janet was still holding on to her milky tea and kept drinking it slowly. She saw a row of restaurants on the roadside, but didn't want to eat lunch in any of them.

'Well, what should I eat now?' she pondered.

Suddenly, a car stopped on the roadside with a screech. When she heard the brake's sound, Janet, with a well-conditioned response, looked towards the roadside.

The Cayenne's back door was then opened, and a tall man got out of the car, which made Janet's heart race wild at that moment.

After her rapid heartbeat, Janet felt very sad.

She pretended not to see him, picked up her pace and went straight forward.

Daniel put the pair of sunglasses that he held in his hand on his eyes and followed her.

When she was just about to cross the street, the traffic light turned red.

"Get in the car, " said Daniel.

He gripped Janet's elbow with his large palm. Janet had her left hand tucked deep into one of the dress's pockets while she was carrying the milky tea with her right.

"Let go of me!" shouted Janet.

She reacted violently, disengaging herself from his grip and also ferociously staring at him with a look in her eyes that could've melted stones.

'Does he think that he's more charismatic when he's wearing sunglasses? He just wants to look handsome and cool!' thought Janet furiously.

Daniel's hand left Janet's elbow, and he finally put it into one of his wind coat pockets. Because they were so good-looking, Janet and Daniel attracted more and more attention coming from the pedestrians.

"Stop, I want to talk to you, " uttered Daniel in his specific, cold tone of voice.

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