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   Chapter 128 Open the Door

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Actually, she did not really know how much pain he had really caused... She did not know, indeed. She didn't even dare to question what she was feeling this moment.

"Give up? No way, I'll call him!" said Samuel. Daniel had dared to tease his daughter in such a horrendous way. He would beat him to death!

Janet couldn't persuade Samuel, and he called Daniel.

"Sorry, the number you have dialed is unavailable..."

Both father and daughter were now looking at each other.

When such an event happened, Daniel's cellphone was always powered off, which clearly showed his attitude...

Janet loosened her grip on Samuel's arm, and said, "I told you not to call him. Why did you have to call him? Now he's gone!" She then furiously climbed upstairs to her room.

Samuel remained speechless, and while staying downstairs, he looked at his cellphone.

Daniel's phone was powered off. Had he just gone away like that? Samuel did not give up and called Harry instead. "Harry, where is your son?" he said, "Tell him to answer his phone, I need to talk to him!"

Harry had also just found out what happened through Weibo, but the message was gone when he wanted to look at it again.

"I can't get in touch with him, but all the info about Jane on Weibo has been deleted." In the balcony, Lola tried calling her son, but to no avail.

"Why delete all of the information? Doesn't this prove that Jane is indeed your son's mistress, the one who broke the relationship he had with Kate? When your son comes back home, ask him to contact me. He's ran away after teasing and fooling around with my daughter. How irresponsible can he be! Let me teach him a lesson!" When he was angry, Samuel didn't care anymore about the strong ties of brotherhood, and instead spoke his rough mind.

His son had done some wrong things, and Harry couldn't refute Samuel's accusations. He just said, "Samuel, please calm down. As soon as I get in tough with Daniel, I will ask him to contact you."

After hearing Harry's assurance, Samuel then gradually calmed down, and said, "Don't pity him when I'll teach him his lesson." Daniel had dared to tease his daughter. No matter who he was, he will let him bear the bitter fruit for his act

e never did, actually." He wanted to talk all about this with his sister last time they met, but didn't get the chance.

"Jerry, you don't need to pity me. I understand now. If he doesn't love Kate, why does he still say that she is his girlfriend?" Although she wasn't that clever, she wasn't that stupid either.

"Jane, don't worry, just talk to Daniel and ask him to break up with Kate as soon as possible. He will agree, you'll see."

"Jerry, don't speak for him. I know..." She yawned and tried to open her eyes, and while looking at the other side of the bed she realized that she wasn't used to seeing it empty anymore.

Jerry asked her again and again whether she wanted to sue that lawyer, but Janet refused him every time.

Because of the charity award, Janet's store was now even more popular. Early in the morning, there were lots of people queuing in line, even though the store wasn't opened yet.

Some of them indeed wanted to buy desserts, while some others were attracted only by Janet's fame.

Acting low-key, Janet came in through the back door. Shirley was checking the store's sanitary conditions, and looking at her, she said, "Why did you come in through the back door?"

"I heard that lots of people were talking about me when I came close to the store, and I was afraid that they were all Daniel's fans. They would've killed me." This was not the life she wanted. Her ideal life was one in which she could make desserts whenever she was happy.

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